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Groomer Takes Woman's Instructions For Husky's Haircut Way Too Literally

It's that time of year again for owners of long-haired dogs: the weather is getting warmer, your doggo is shedding like there's no tomorrow and, well, it's time for a haircut.

Sometimes, though, dog haircuts don't go as planned.

Dog groomers are a godsend.

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If you've ever tried to give a dog a haircut, you know just what an ordeal it can be. In many cases, it's well worth paying a professional groomer and saving yourself the hassle.

This groomer went rogue.

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Twitter user Hannah Gomez recently shared her story of woe. She sent her husky in for a spring haircut, but when she got the dog back...things were a little off.


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You can practically feel the angst emanating out of this dog's eyes. Stripped of his identity, all he can do is stare straight ahead and remember a time when he had a coat.

This reminds me of something...

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Remember when we all asked our moms for haircuts in the 90's and they LITERALLY put a BOWL on our HEADS and CUT AROUND IT, creating this monstrosity of style??? Yeah, we all suffered through it.

It happens.

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Some of you are probably reading this and thinking about a time when it happened with your dog. I guess some groomers just shave the body, leave the head alone and call it a day.

Misery loves company.

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For anyone who has a newly derpy-looking dog following a recent haircut, they can at least take solace in the fact that they — and their poor, bald dog — are not alone.

It's pretty funny.

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There's something about a shaved dog with all of its head and face fur untouched that makes it look like a bobblehead. The dogs might not laugh, but that doesn't mean we can't.

At least the glorious tail is intact.

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Ultimately, these haircuts are for the best. They'll cut down on shedding during the warm summer months and help the doggos stay cool. But the growing-out phase is an awkward one for sure.

That's quite the hairline.

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This one literally looks like a human haircut. Unfortunately for this dog, it means walking around with a rich head of hair...and a weirdly bald neck and back.

A teachable moment.

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This sounds right, even if I'm not sure of this person's qualifications. Still, if you can't trust an anonymous Twitter user with "Dr." in their name, who can you trust?

There was some salt.

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I mean, I get it, @uraweenieman. Maybe Hannah gave shoddy instructions to the groomer. But, as @Avbyy points out, it's a funny pic of a dog. It doesn't have to be anything more.

Hannah defended herself.

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I feel kind of bad for Hannah here. First, she tried to do her dog a solid. Now she's a got a bald dog and a bunch of people on Twitter yelling at her.

I believe it.

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I mean, the dog might look derpy with his new haircut, but it's not a big deal. Dogs have gotten goofy haircuts before.

It always grows back, and it doesn't stop them from doing their doggy deeds.

Tis true—dogs don't really have to look any certain way in order to go on with their daily doggy lives.

Final update from Hannah.

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Yeah, it's pretty easy to see what a beautiful doggo he is — and from this pic, he looks pretty secure in his surroundings, even if his coat is a little bit too shaved.

Take note dog moms and dads.

Maybe try to bring a photo of the kind of haircut you want your dog to have to the appointment so there isn't any confusion.

Share your stories with us!

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Dog parents, tell us about a time that the groomer didn't quite listen to your instructions carefully enough. Also, be sure to check out Hannah's Twitter for more adorable husky pics.