19+ Genius Designs That Should Be Mainstream

Look, this list means no disrespect to the genius stuff that's already all around us.

But sometimes, there's room for improvement on an existing invention, or just a new way of approaching things. Either way, these rarely-seen designs should be more mainstream.

A driver's best friend.

Reddit | tomoblob

Nobody wants to smash up their car, but parking garages can be dangerous in that regard. Hanging this nifty pool noodle contraption up might not stop all dents, but it'll at least stop a few.

Why isn't this standard?

Reddit | Rynos98

When it comes to hot tubs and swimming pools, we're all about knowing the precise temperature.

So why do our showers and baths — things we're bound to use more often — not feature temperature gauges like this?

Form meets function.

Reddit | Naco88

Public spaces like libraries usually need to have seating options that are plentiful, but portable. This solution, where stools can be stashed away in the wall, looks so much better than the standard folding chair situation.

Just big enough.

Instagram | @modpools_official

It might look like a normal above-ground pool, but this pool is actually made from a re-purposed shipping container.

Not only is it a great way to recycle, it also comes in enough sizes to fit any deck.

It just makes so much sense.

Reddit | 1NC3PT10N

If all buckets had one flat side, they'd be a lot easier to fill. Considering that this style shouldn't really cost any more than a conventional bucket, it's weird that we don't see this everywhere.

All shared printers need this.

Reddit | p50cal

This printer — one of the heavy-duty ones used in libraries and so on — makes sure to rotate each print job 90 degrees as a way to easily separate everybody's stuff.

All in one.

Reddit | dwbrick

I love products that streamline a task by limiting the amount of tools needed, and this butter packet is a perfect example. The lid breaks off, turning itself into a functional butter knife.

I never knew I wanted this.

Reddit | Kotaay

Yeah, it's functionally no different from a standard blanket. But go ahead and try to tell me that wrapping yourself up in a giant, warm tortilla doesn't sound at least a little bit tempting.

Such a courteous plug.

Reddit | Lessedrone

Our world is full of electronic plugs and adapters that have no consideration for nearby outlets. It's nice to see a design that actually goes out of its way to keep other outlets free.

When you don't like your roomie that much.

Reddit | FourAM-Throwaway

Bunk beds are a common space-saving solution in dorm rooms. But why are they never structured like this? It has the same footprint as a standard bed, but creates two discrete spaces.

This awesome tax form in Australia.

Reddit | heapsgoods

"My Australian tax return shows where my money went," wrote Reddit user heapsgoods.

We all run into this problem over overlapping sockets.

Reddit | thegibsongirl03

"In Switzerland there are sockets that fit 3 plugs in at a time," writes Reddit user thegibsongirl03.

Speaking of Switzerland, they also accommodate plugs from different parts of the world.

Reddit | bide1

"My hotel in Switzerland has different plug sockets for guests from different parts of the world," wrote Reddit user bide1.

Who needs air?

Reddit | naf536

For heavy work equipment, it's not like a smooth ride is ever really expected. With that in mind, why not do away with high-pressurized tires and go with an airless solution?

So many corners...

Reddit | 666moist

Brownies are always good, but everyone knows the absolute best brownies are the edge and corner pieces. This weird-looking pan makes every single piece an edge piece, with eight corners to boot.

When you really love your cats.

Reddit | citadelinn

Sure, this would take a bit of work. But it looks a lot better, and would be easier to dust and clean than a standard, ratty cat tower in the corner of your living room.

On another level.

Reddit | Missingyourjoke

Every utility hole cover I've ever seen has been flat and circular, but fabricating different pieces would allow urban planners more flexibility when they're figuring out how to get infrastructure and architecture to coexist.

What an interesting experience!

Reddit | VobraX

This clever space-saving design (you can even see storage happening under the stairs) will definitely pay off for this restaurant.

Smooth move.

Reddit | jlespins

When you chip a bowl at home, you can keep using if if you like to live dangerously, but restaurants will usually throw them out.

This place smooths out the chips and keeps the bowls in use instead, giving them a unique look and an extended life.

Brewing up good things.

Reddit | catdust

This coffee shop uses empty beverage cartons as its takeaway trays rather than those flimsy cardboard deals. Just one step less in the recycling chain, and it looks like it works just fine.

Cold comfort.

Reddit | DwightCharlieQuint

What's better than a water dispenser in your fridge door? How about a water pitcher in your door?

Let's face it, those dispensers are slow, so this takes some of the inconvenience out of the experience.

A thorough road test.

Reddit | eyedubb

This store that sells baby strollers has a track with all kinds of different surfaces to test out strollers on, so you know what kind of experience you can expect ahead of time.

Easy peasy, lime squeezy!

Reddit | p3aceful_l1fe

Well, you could definitely put lemon slices in this little device, too. It's efficient, effective, and it keeps the juice off your fingers as well.

Low-key high visibility.

Reddit | Slipperyfister

Let's face it, high-visibility clothing doesn't tend to be the most fashionable, but at the same time, nobody like to be hit by cars at night.

This jacket is basically the best of both worlds, highly reflective, but not obviously so.

That's nuts.

Reddit | Bigreddog19

As in, so cool it's nuts. Coconuts are delicious, both for the meat and the milk, but getting at the tasty parts is the hard part.

Pre-tapping them is the best thing a coconut seller can do, in my books.

The price is right.

Reddit | averagecronch

Do I like free coffee? Yes. Do I like a trash-free park? Also yes. Seems like a match made in heaven thanks to this coffee shop.

Is it done yet?

Reddit | merkvictavious

For all those times when you can't quite get your toaster to get your bread to just the right level of crispy goodness, the "a bit more" button is there for you.

A way out of awkward situations.

Reddit | mycatsonmylap

Nobody wants to go stall-to-stall in a busy washroom, but sometimes it's necessary. This solution puts an end to the awkwardness, as the ceiling lights tell everybody which stalls are occupied with a single glance.

A transparently good idea.

Reddit | thepixelatedbanana

Because paper straws can't handle a glass of water, let alone a milkshake, and the oceans can't handle any more plastic straws, glass straws seem like an effective and attractive solution.

The whole package.

Reddit | sptjasd

It's about time somebody got their one-stop shopping act together for birthday cakes. Apparently, in South Korea, your cake comes with candles and a plastic lifter/knife that also has matches hidden in the handle. Sold.


Reddit | hawaiiinsomniac

It took me a second too, but this is actually a double spiral staircase. It creates more routes than just a standard staircase, so long as you can remember which one you're supposed to take.

Now that's a real lifesaver.

Reddit | bobekyrant

Obviously they'll never replace ambulances, but defibrillator drones could definitely save some lives.

Designed by a Dutch university student, these little things can travel much faster and avoid traffic even better than an ambulance, reaching the scene of an emergency as much as four times faster.

Because fraud is the worst.

Reddit | jjvj

I don't know if this is the best way to combat credit card fraud, but this one changes up its CVV, the little three-digit security number on the back, every four hours.

Seems like it's worth a try to me!

Still love this one.

Reddit | _mrbananas

I don't understand why we don't see these everywhere — memory sticks that show how much storage you've used aren't new, but dang they're handy.



This charging cable is no different from a standard cable in its functionality, but the simple addition of a 90-degree angle makes it easier to prop your phone up without damaging the connection.

Skim this.

Reddit | Fly115

Really, this should be on every ATM out there — those knobs on the card reader prevent skimmers from being attached, and anything that prevents scammers from getting your banking info is more than welcome.