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10+ Pics Of Things Nature Made Just A Little Differently

One thing you can count on in life: Nature is going to do what nature is going to do. There's no getting around it. All we puny humans can really do is react to it.

It's definitely fascinating to see what nature comes up with sometimes, though. Just when we think we know what to expect, surprises will come along!

You have to wonder if the crab that grew an extra, smaller claw had some kind of advantage in the wild.

Reddit | damn_u_scuba_steve

I'm not sure what kind of advantage it might give, but you never know!

This lemon was not destined to end up in slices on drink rims.

Reddit | purpleRN

But it would still make juice nicely, so there's that.

Meanwhile, this citrus isn't completely one single fruit.

Reddit | McNifficence

A lemon-lime hybrid, it managed to grow two distinct halves rather than blending its colors.

Before eggs get their hard shells, they're soft on the outside.

Reddit | chickenwrangler45

Somehow, this one got a little bow on top when it was still inside the chicken.

This baby was born ready for science fiction and fantasy conventions.

Reddit | animaorion

Whether this kid grows up to be a fan of elves or Vulcans, fandom is pretty much in their destiny.

You know you've won the banana lottery at the grocery store when you peel open a triple banana.

Reddit | BanalPlay

Three bananas in one peel? That's the banana that eats like a meal.

This person was born with one fewer toe on their left foot.

Reddit | YouKnow_Pause

Which might make shoe purchasing a bit troublesome. But hey, one less toenail to trim and polish, so there's that.

Even if this lady isn't very tall, that's still a massive sunflower.

Reddit | Verryfastdoggo

And there has to be more to it than Miracle Gro, right? It's almost a tree!

It's like the copy-and-paste command got jammed when this daisy was figuring out how to grow.

Reddit | SuperBlowball

But at the same time, the sunny path down the middle has a strong "yellow brick road" vibe.

This person was born minus a pinky finger on their right hand.

Reddit | fm369

And they say that there are definite advantages, like "Playing tricks about breaking my finger in a glove," and being able to stick their whole arm into a Pringles tube.

It's not just odd to see trees growing with sudden bends in their trunks, but four of them right next to each other is even more strange.

Reddit | theresamouseinmyhous

The person who posted this photo believes a tornado that passed through five years earlier might be to blame.

Is it a sign of good fortune if a cat's paw has a cat's paw on it?

Reddit | uwuuwu

Because it sure seems lucky to me. If nothing else, it's a pawsitive development.

Sometimes your spring garden blooms with a surprise.

Reddit | brainycobra

This tulip bloomed with two distinct colors and some oddly straight lines. It's a chimera, which happens when two or more genetic varieties appear in a single plant.

This piece of root looks like a human heart.

Reddit | Ellemenohpq

It's both cool and sort of creepy, isn't it?

If we lived in a fantasy role-playing game, that root would be a potion ingredient.

What is up with these random long hairs?

Reddit | joesprite

It's surprisingly common for people to have that one weird hair somewhere besides their head that grows 20x faster than any other strand.

Here's another cool hand.

Reddit | mpicc

They're missing the second knuckle on their middle and ring fingers. Plus, there's extra space between them, resulting in a permanent Vulcan salute.

That's some creepy bacon.

Reddit | tronicustard

It totally looks like a creepy clown, doesn't it? Maybe the joke is how little actual meat is on those strips. They're 90% fat.

This is so cool!

Reddit | Paluchi

"My ears don't curl over at the top," wrote Reddit user Paluchi.

This kiwi has a weird little ghost inside.

Reddit | SalazarRED

Or maybe an alien. It's the "eyes" that do it. Without those seeds there, it would just be an oddly-shaped middle.

I give this kitty 5/5 for cute.

Reddit | floop_madman

How could I not? I mean, it already has the number 5 right there in its fur pattern. Plus, it's a cat, and they're always cute.

This definitely would have made me do a double-take.

Reddit | -ToriStory-

Found in the snake enclosure at a zoo, it's actually a shed skin, but the way it's hanging makes it look like a weird, ghostly snake head.

Sometimes insects can reveal something oddly beautiful.

Reddit | phroxo

While no one really relishes having their yard infested, some munching bugs have revealed the beautiful lace within this leaf.

That poor fish!

Reddit | remydesp

Doesn't it look distressed? I would be too, because it's actually stuck inside a jellyfish, but it can still swim, turning the jelly into a weird submarine.

This lava tree.

Reddit | Gingerdor

No real backstory here other than the fact that this branch is not, in fact, made of fire. This is just the natural color that gets revealed when you strip the bark away.

They don't make 'em like they used to.

Reddit | to_the_tenth_power

Elk and moose can get pretty big, but in the age of megafauna, they were absolutely massive. This skull is 10,000 years old and belonged to an extinct species of Irish elk.

That'll make some guac.

Reddit | el-io

This absolute unit of an avocado almost maxes this two-kilogram scale out. In imperial measurement, this 'cado weighs in at around four pounds. Hopefully it isn't all pit.

Bacon tree?

Reddit | lethrwawy

Petrified wood is a pretty cool phenomenon, and often the process of petrification makes the wood look decidedly un-wood-like. This stump of petrified wood looks like bacon, or a gem, but not really anything like wood.


Reddit | RodrigoMilos

I don't know enough about geology to explain to you how a rock could become perfectly enveloped in a larger rock, but here we are. Now I'm going to be cracking open every rock I see.

Trespass on this.

Reddit | daito-

Humans can put up a no trespassing sign, but only nature is powerful enough to fully absorb the sign over a the course of a few decades. Somehow, the wood is taking on the colors of the original sign.

Life finds a way.

Reddit | raspberriesnjune

It's pretty incredible that this plant has managed to take root, and apparently thrive, in a cinderblock wall. Somehow the roots have found a way to grow in between the blocks and the paint.

Danny DeSeagull.

Reddit | jolteona

Gulls are loud, annoying, squawky birds. No one really likes them. But Danny DeVito is a national treasure, and this gull looks exactly like him. I think this is one gull that everyone can agree on.

Hole in the head.

Reddit | dieItalienischer

This guy's lizard has a tiny hole in the side of its head. I'm not sure if this is common and whether it's a bug or a feature, but it's pretty incredible to see.


Reddit | Samantiris

We all see our pets as miniature humans, but at the end of the day, they don't look like people...for the most part, at least. I'm thoroughly unnerved by how humanlike this pupper's face looks.


Reddit | crg339

Speaking of animals with oddly humanoid faces, this harpy eagle has the kind of visage that will haunt your dreams. If that wasn't unsettling enough, this bird appears to be about four feet tall.

That's some leaf.

Reddit | gomminator

What's the biggest leaf you've ever found? Maybe a palm frond? This leaf, found in the Amazon, is big enough to serve as a sleeping bag.

No filter.

Reddit | mossberg91

This Indonesian volcano is surrounded by a lot of pure sulfur. I'm sure it smells terrible. More importantly though, the sulfur takes on an ethereal violet color when the volcano erupts.


Reddit | IForgotAboutDre

This person was born without a fingernail on one of their fingers. Evidently they got sick of seeing their nail-less finger, so they went ahead and got a fake nail tattooed on. No clipping required!


Reddit | ryanchatfieldimages

I rag on Australia a lot for being a murderously hot land full of poisonous creatures that want to kill you, but it isn't without its charms. Just look at the palette of colors on display off the coast of Broome, Western Australia.

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