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12+ Freaky Coincidences That Made Me Wonder

Everyone's experienced the odd coincidence before. But sometimes, the coincidence is a little too puzzling to ignore. For those times that shake you up a bit, take solace in this list. You're not the only one the world is messing with.

That's a new one.

Reddit | EdRattan

When a tree falls on your car, you might expect it to shatter some glass. What you wouldn't expect, though, would be for that tree to peel away the exterior of your door while somehow leaving the glass intact.

Saved by the bird.

Reddit | Aeogor

This car was caught speeding by an automatic camera. Normally, the authorities would have the speeder dead to rights — but in this case, fortuitous timing has obscured the driver's plate number.

Is it art?

Reddit | Koda_Has_A_Top_Hat

As you gaze on a lovely depiction of a pigeon on a leaf, it's my sad duty to inform you that you're actually looking at pigeon poop...that's in the shape of a pigeon.

That's an understatement.

Reddit | thebusdriver5

After a Redditor's music studio burned down, pretty much everything was burnt to an ashy nothingness. This record also got torched — except for its eerily prescient title.

Don't tell me the odds.

Reddit | MyThoughts

It might take a second to digest this pic. What you're looking at is a rainbow that's encasing a bolt of lightning that's striking a plane in flight. It's just so improbable.

That's a realistic shadow.

Reddit | Callyzone

A real dragonfly landing so close to a dragonfly tattoo is an incredible coincidence. But the fact that both dragonflies are so similar in appearance and size makes this one kinda freaky.

Doc Brown, ready the DeLorean.

Reddit | HotEmployer

I remember a time when soda bottles would award prizes straight-up, without having to enter any code into any website. This is a reminder of that simpler time — and also a reminder that not all prizes get claimed.

It works!

Reddit | xGrant

Amber Alerts sometimes get people grumbling, but facts are facts: getting information out there ASAP when a possible abduction occurs increases the chances that everyone will be found safely. Case in point: this pic.

But what next?

Reddit | slowf3

When a cat knocks a fishbowl clear onto the floor, you'd probably expect way more mess than this. Things have worked out pretty well, but putting things back in their place might be a challenge.

He's morphing.

Reddit | LivelyOsprey06

The guy in the foreground isn't a guy with a really weird, skewed face. It's actually a guy with a normal face, who's sitting in front of another guy with a normal face, and the combined effect is super weird.

Cool effect.

Reddit | Drumtasticnick

The Redditor who posted this said that two similar pics were taken of them on two consecutive Christmases. Somehow, the images superimposed over each other to create this unintentional photo montage.

Dodged an earthquake.

Reddit | Meunderwears

This SUV was caught in the middle of a serious earthquake in Alaska. Even though the road has ruptured on all sides, the vehicle sits upright without a scratch.

Good garage door.

Reddit | SpooningThemSoftly

I don't like hurting any animals, even bugs. But when said bug is a wasp, well, I'm a little more violent. This garage door is doing an improbably great job.

So Trivial Pursuit can go obsolete.

Reddit | grantdotyea

This really makes you wonder whether the person who wrote this question just threw Ben Affleck's name in there randomly, or if they knew something that literally no one else at the time did.

The best fortune.

Reddit | RedditDadofCT

"The night before my wife's ultrasound to find out the gender of our baby, we got Chinese food," wrote the Redditor who posted this image. "These were our fortunes."

They're replicating.

Reddit | renaissance_boy_

Sure, it might just seem like a weird coincidence that your Kia's doppelganger has materialized out of nowhere. But it could be something more sinister. Once Kias can self-replicate, what hope do we have?

Easy as A-B-C.

Reddit | bbreedy

I'm not sure if the race finished this way. But if it did, and I was one of the losing drivers, I'd be doing everything in my power to change my number to 1.

I come from a puddle down under.

Reddit | Anne1Frank

It would be cool seeing a puddle in the shape of Australia anywhere in the world. But seeing it in the red clay of Australia proper just makes this pic all the more special.