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Check Out This House That Hasn't Been Updated Since The '90s

Looking for that unique house you can call your home? Well, I've got a real beauty to show you here. This house might look oh-so-typical from the outside but step inside and it's a whole other story.

It's an off-the-hook 1990s-themed mansion that was just listed in Michigan for a cool 800K. If you're a kid of the '90s it will surely bring back some childhood memories as soon as you step foot inside. Let's check it out.

Even though this cool mansion doesn't look all that different from the outside, you'll be surprised how its original owners choose to decorate it to fit their unique taste.

Mark Z Properties

Let's take a tour, shall we?

How would you like to lounge in this too-cool-for-school pink accented living room?

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You can easily fit about eleven of your closest buds for a nostalgic night of Friends episodes.

This space is so delicious together with all the pink velvety accents and of course all the natural light that comes through the oversized windows.


A dream come true.

Or hang out in this fully stocked and pleasing-to-the-eye dining room.

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I can imagine hosting some epic dinner parties together with all your best '90s party favors.

This cool kitchen looks like you've escaped into the '90s themed dinner.

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Perhaps you got warped into Back To The Future Part III and just didn't realize it.

I would love to start cooking some of my favorite dishes in this spacious and too cool for school '90s inspired kitchen.

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I think my meals would taste even better.

Who's ready to get cooking in here? Huh?

No takers? Ha, ha, ha. Well, I'm the best chef in the house so I don't mind it at all, darlings.

This bedroom is every '90s child's dream. Isn't it?

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This is just one room you can choose from in this 7,252-square-foot home. So you can have your pick.

And if that one wasn't good enough for you there are five more bedrooms you can choose from all with an awesome '90s theme.

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Oh, and eight bathrooms. Wowza!

This house has all my favorite color combinations with teal walls, pink carpets, and that awesome black furniture.

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It's like a celebration of the '90s done so right.

I thought I had some unique decorating ideas but this place must have taken some serious thought process.

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Not to mention attention to detail and love for the '90s.

Looks like absolutely no details have been spared here.

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Even the entryway is something to just marvel at. Talk about making a grand entrance every time you come home.

Even the bathroom looks so stunning in this house.

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I could definitely see myself getting all dolled up here before throwing a wicked Beverly Hills 90210-themed party.

I think Kelly and Donna would have a blast hanging out in this bathroom touching up their makeup and catching up on the latest school gossip.

Or talking about Dylan.

Or you can always do a marathon screening of "My So-Called Life" in this cool built-in screening room equipped with comfy chairs, stereo system, and a big screen projector TV.

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OMG! I want one of these so bad!

This place even comes with a fully finished basement that's ready to run around in, with a neon lighted bar.

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Talk about having a lot of extra space.

And if you weren't impressed enough yet, get a load of this indoor pool.

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It's been decorated with randomly placed colorful squares and also has a reflective ceiling. So awesome!

Who's ready for a dip? I don't think I would ever leave my house if I had this indoor pool to spend my days in.

Mark Z Properties

How about you?

Even the office space has a cool '90s kinda vibe with a nice Compaq computer running on Windows 95 and some Beanie Babies hanging out.

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And, of course, pink carpet.

The only problem is that unfortunately the funky furniture and all the nostalgic '90s decor doesn't come with the house.

But I could sell you my Beanie Baby collection if that would help.

But, it's still a pretty sweet house.

Mark Z Properties

I mean, look at that yard!

This definitely proves that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Because looking at the outside you would never think that there was a '90s heaven hiding inside.

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