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7+ Heartwarming Photos With Great Backstories

When tragedy is felt throughout the world, we're often faced with how unfair life can seem. And when that tragedy occurs as the result of somebody's violent actions, it can serve as a cruel reminder that we live in a world where it's possible for people to do this to each other.

However, the response that some can have in the wake of that tragedy often serves as just as important a reminder of how resilient the human spirit can be and that empathy is not as rare as it seems.

And through these photos, we have a chance to reconsider how we see the people we share this planet with.

When some disappoint a person we love and value, it can be the perfect time to show that appreciation.

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In this case, a school custodian was clearly upset after encountering racist and homophobic graffiti in the bathroom stalls.

So a group of students decided to cheer him up by posting thank you cards on his door.

It's highly unusual for an Uber passenger to take the wheel, but in this case, it was everything one unfortunate driver needed.

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The thought of being stranded next to a car you can't drive with no options in sight, especially when driving is your livelihood, is the kind of nightmare scenario that almost got far too real for this person.

Fortunately, this situation's peril was able to stay at "almost."

Although this likely not how Robert expected this call to go, you wouldn't know it from his response.

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Sometimes, it's right when we're at our lowest that someone happens to turn up with exactly the help we need.

It's very encouraging to see how aware these officers were that guns were the last thing this community wanted to see.


Even a gesture as small as this can send a very clear message. No matter how intimidating their equipment might be, they're committed to showing that they're there to protect.

This marine has been known to maintain his salute for entire Memorial Day Parade, but this time, he didn't have to do it alone.

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Here we can see two bikers helping to keep him cool as he stands at attention in several hours of summer heat.

Despite how it may seem, this man is in this cage voluntarily.

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He's actually a veterinarian who's eating from a dog bowl in order to encourage this malnourished, but scared rescue dog to do the same.

It's understandable to react in anger when someone takes an indefensible action, but these New Zealand students chose compassion instead.

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Indeed, this memorial was both conceived of and set up entirely by this school's students. They were compelled to pay respect to the fallen.

This lady was having difficulty with the stairs at this baseball game, so an off-duty firefighter stepped up in a major way.

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Not only did he apparently carry her down the steps when she arrived, but he was right there to bring her back up when the game was over.

List Item #10

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When this person came out to their religious parents, they were kicked out of the house. Completely out of the blue, their professor messaged them with an invite to spend New Year's with their family instead.

Teacher of the (new) year!

When some puppies were found abandoned in a sunny lot, a good Samaritan brought them home.

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They were so young that they still had their umbilical cords attached. While the family tried to figure out how best to help them, their pet dog insisted on watching over them.

Now that's a good friend.

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You can imagine them in the bunker, thinking that one or both won't return home and promising to do this for one another. Instead, they made it home and the promise was kept decades later.

When you find yourself facing a paralyzing fear, this kind of support can make you appreciate somebody forever.


I happened to learn this firsthand when someone I had just met that day did something similar when I attempted an elevated rope course and was much worse at dealing with heights than I thought.

Still, I wasn't stuck in that situation for hours at a time, so this person likely felt even more needed.

Girls' bathrooms are strange places.

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Often, there are more mirrors than stalls and in high school, it's often where self conscious or upset girls go to calm down. This kind of message at the right time can make a huge difference.

This is Tony the doggo.

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When Tony's human fell from a tree, he kept him warm and comforted until the paramedics arrived. He wasn't allowed in the ambulance, but was waiting when his owner returned home okay.

After the attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand, this man wanted to show his support.

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He stood outside a local mosque with a simple sign saying that he'd watch over the building while his Muslim friends prayed.

Having a sick person or animal during a weather event can be scary.

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But lucky for a Colorado horse rescue, their veterinarian loaded up his horse and trudged a couple of miles through snowdrifts to care for a pair of sick and injured horses during the recent bomb cyclone.

When a couple walking with their dog spotted two other dogs trapped in the icy water, they moved quickly to save them.

Stripped to his skivvies, the husband and their dog swam out to help the pooches through the remaining ice. The wife filmed the rescue while being on hand to help warm up the cold doggos.