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Man Gets Roasted By Twitter After Comparing Scraped Knees To Period Pains

Social media has taken a pretty bad beating in the press lately, and with good reason. But, for all of its many, many glaring flaws, it sure is entertaining sometimes.

The drama gets a bit too real when it's happening to people in your immediate circles, but when it's strangers, grab the popcorn, amirite?

Friends, if Twitter is good for anything, it's finding out when you should really, really not tweet the thing you're considering tweeting.

Twitter | @__sargee

So many things can go wrong in 140 characters.

It's easy to be taken out of context, to have a joke land flat, to leave out important details.

Twitter | @__sargee

Just look at poor Twitter user @__sargee, for whom things went badly almost immediately after an unfortunate tweet.

Now, this isn't to say that he didn't deserve some education over his undeniably questionable tweet.

It's safe to say that he has some misconceptions about period pain.

But when he decided to air his uninformed view on Twitter, tweeting that "Until women experience this, I don't wanna hear about period pains," alongside an image of a soccer player's scraped knees, folks out there were only too happy to help set the man straight.

Right from the get-go, women let him know that, in no uncertain terms, period pains are no joke.

And a little turf burn or a skinned knee simply couldn't compare to the pain women experience every month.

A couple of soccer players, who had experienced turf burn, skinned knees, period pains, and much more, also chimed in.

And they wanted @__sargee to know that period pains beat them all, hands down.

You know that when an athlete would rather break a bone or dislocate a joint than get their period, it's not a fun experience.

Doctors have said that period cramps can be as painful as heart attacks, and you have to think that heart attacks rate well above skinned knees on a pain scale.

Fellas, this is something you might just have to take a woman's word on.

There's no possible way to know for sure unless you've gone through both. Even those science experiments that try to equate the pain can't be the same as the real thing.

Women know a thing or two about pain!

Also, I'm not entirely sure why this is a competition? Can't we all agree that pain is bad in general and suffering sucks?

I mean, I guess the saving grace to period pain is that it comes with a purpose, but that can't really take the edge off.

Suffice to say, it was a pretty thorough display by the ladies of Twitter, throwing down the knowledge on @__sargee.

It's hard to say for sure if he learned from it all or not, however. If he didn't, it's not because of a lack of available resources.

This person makes a good point — playing soccer is a choice, and people have complete control over that.

Plus, it's not like dudes are skinning their knees every month all week?!

Periods? Absolutely not optional for most people, usually monthly, and usually more than one day long.

This is an absolute bombshell of a response. SHE HAS RECEIPTS!

Twitter | @katmarsch

This guy's entire tweet about negating women's pain is literally based on A WOMAN'S SKINNED KNEES FROM 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

All that Twitter user @katmarsch had to do was a lil reverse image search.

Others went straight for the jokes, rather than raggin' on his logic.

Medical News Today

I mean, we all know about Aunt Flow... But Uncle Patella? Truly hilarious.

Both of these tweets are way to valid.

  1. Regular periods are literally your internal organs shedding layers, so there is that.

  2. Women with endometriosis and fibroids literally experience significantly worse symptoms, sometimes all month long!

BOY BYE!!!!!!!

Simple and straightforward.

At the end of the day, if you've never had to experience the pain someone else has felt, it's never your place to have an opinion on it.