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8+ Amazing Photos Showing Everyday Objects From Different Perspectives

We see these objects almost every day, yet do we ever take the time to wonder what they're all about?

Have you ever seen the inside of a firework? Or the underside of a lily pad?

No? Well, you're about to!

Any idea what this is?

reddit | mike_pants

I'd let you guess, but I'll just tell you.

This is a microscopic view of a very early human embryo on the tip of a needle.

As promised, the inside of a firework.

reddit | Morty_Goldman

This one is mesmerizing.

I never expected little balls of black powder. But also, I've never given a second thought about firework cross-sections.

An uninstalled fire hydrant.

reddit | jphgross

Of course they are piped in underground, we just never really thought about it before.

But for some reason, it's super cool to look at.

This is not a room.

reddit | DonTago

This may look like the inside of a clean, beautifully lit attic in someone's house, but no.

This is the inside of a violin!

I have no idea how they did this, but it's unreal.

reddit | JoshPlaysUltimate

This is the inside of an aloe vera leaf after the leaves have been peeled off.

Can't tell if this is gross or cool.

The underside of a lily pad.

This probably gets close to the line for most trypophobes, but the vasculature of a lily pad is quite remarkable.

I wouldn't call Mount Everest an "everyday object," but this view is worth seeing.

Imgur | derschwigg

You can see the curve of the earth from the top of this mountain, and this might be the best selfie ever taken.

Installing power lines.

reddit | malgoya

We see these towers everywhere, but have you ever wondered how they get there? This is heavy-duty work.

The inside of a can of shaving cream.

reddit | TrueLordChanka

So it's not just random magic taking place inside that can? There's actually a mechanism?

Pretty neat.

A cross-section of toothpaste.

So that's how they make those swirly blue and green stripes.

The inside of a Keurig coffee pod.

Reddit | Thepunk28

I always assumed the coffee was just inside the plastic! Kinda cool that they have little mini coffee filters.

The inner layer of a bank vault.

Reddit | doclsd

Those wires sort of seem like outdated technology, but who am I to judge? Perhaps they were implemented to resist against someone attempting to pull the wall out during a robbery.

Penguins from afar?

Reddit | Rylet_

Nope, just a really close photo of this guy's jeans. It really does look like march of the penguins, though.

Here's the inside of a chipped credit card.


I've always been curious to know how the chip technology works. This gives me no clarity, but it does look interesting.

Bowling balls are more complex than previously thought.


Pretty certain that most people assumed bowling balls were just solid with a few finger holes drilled into them.

Key logic.


Okay, this isn't a photo, but it's just so mesmerizing, we had to include it.

A potato that's too far gone.

Reddit | mrdude777

This is what happens when you leave vegetables unattended for too long.

I knew the vegans were plotting something!

Boxed chocolate — the IKEA way.

Reddit | Sir_Wheat_Thins

You know, 'cause who doesn't love a flat-packed chocolate bunny for easter?

A knot hole in a regular pencil.

Reddit | niscate

It looks pretty neat, but will probably be hella annoying once this person sharpens to that point.

These staircases are hard to figure out upon first glance.

Reddit | aloofloofah

Initially, I thought the light brown wood was individual stairs, then I saw the people!

Cross country skiers looking like little notes on sheet music.

Reddit | deerwolf90

This photo might not be music, but it's still a work of art!

I've never thought of concrete as something that would have a melting point.

Reddit | ardvarkmadman

A hydro line fell on the sidewalk and this was the result! I guess you learn something new every day.

Alright, are you ready for this?

Reddit | bittenbyte

This is caffeine.

I know! Crazy, right? It makes sense, though, that something that makes you feel like you have super powers would look so alien.

This egg without its shell.

Reddit | slasherman

This egg's shell came off in the carton but left the inner membrane intact.

The longer I look at it, the more I just want to poke it for some weird reason.

A bocce ball.

Reddit | cbnimble

I'm not going to lie, I had to look up what bocce is and from what I can gather, it's sort of like lawn bowling.

Anyway, when this bocce ball cracked, a bunch of pool balls were discovered inside. Whaaaaaat?

"Modern tomato vs one grown from 150yo seeds."

Reddit | jambags

Apparently, the one on the right is a 150-year-old heirloom tomato, and the one on the left is a store-bought tomato.

Look very closely... Do you see it?

Reddit | Tittzo

This is a black car, so clean and polished that it's essentially become a mirror!

"The difference in lighting between my sister’s room vs my room at the exact same time of day."

Reddit | an-angry-bee

This is pretty nuts, but shows the difference a few minutes can make in terms of sunlight.

Boat life.

Reddit | DustyMudflap

"The tilt of the cruise ship makes it look like the water isn't obeying the law of gravity."

The inside of a frozen grape.

Reddit | 23084722209

Some said this looked like a geode, but my first thought was a delicious bite-sized slushie.

It's time to get down.

Reddit | abdouh15

A cross-section of this frag grenade reveals a pattern that kinda looks like a disco ball. Two very, very different vibes.

Turned on its head.

Reddit | ChazDoge

This iceberg, somehow, managed to flip over, revealing an amazing color/pattern combo underneath.

"Statue of David was bricked inside this cone to protect it from bombs during WW2."

Reddit | CommonSchemeForYou

Wow, the care taken to protect it is almost as impressive as the statue itself!

The layers to this camera lense.

Reddit | mechrec

Next time you see one, thank a photographer, not only are they producing amazing art, but look at the complex equipment they work with!

Speaking of complex technology.

Reddit | KustomKonceptz

A step up from the camera lens, this is the inside of a CT. No wonder some people are so nervous about getting a scan.

Ever wondered what was under the rubber of a gas pump hose?

Reddit | MrCaptain_Sandwich

For some reason I never considered that there was another layer in there and it wasn't just rubber keeping the gas off your hands.

Some water pipes burst underneath this basketball court.

Reddit | Isai76

Oh I know that's jiggly. I want to see someone run over it so bad, I just know it's jiggly.

A hidden tree.

Reddit | radbrad7

Not only is this cool to look at, but the explanation is neat too. The darker wood inside is called heartwood, and it makes the tree more resistant to natural decay!

A lack of fanfare.

Reddit | Silentwisdom91

Yes, behind a fire alarm is just a simple switch. That makes sense, but in my head I always imagined it being more complicated.

This is the opposite of an every day object, but it's still cool.

Reddit | tryones

This is a cross-section of an elephant's foot! If you look, their bone structure is almost identical to our own feet!

No, this isn't some clump of red blood cells in your body.

Reddit | SamStephens

It's actually the inside of a bell pepper! I could so see this being used on some faux medical show to display a blood clot, or something.

For some spooky and dangerous lighting.

Reddit | tannerbuhnaner

This burnt bulb had a smoke pattern left behind on the glass, leaving it looking like a crystal ball for some modern city witch.

How about a traffic light for your troubles?


That's right, this is the inside of a traffic light, proving again that most technology is way more detailed than we could ever imagine.

"What 25 generations of bird nests inside an unused chimney looks like."

Reddit | CN4President

Thank goodness they cleaned it out before deciding to use the fireplace one day. It would have turned their home into a smokestack!