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10+ Brilliant Designs That Solve Some Simple Everyday Problems

Do you ever struggle in your daily life and think to yourself, "There has got to be a better way to do this?" too.

That's why this list is for you. We present some pretty brilliant designs that solve the simplest of problems.

The Flat-Side Bucket

Reddit | 1NC3PT10N

This is overly simple, but equally brilliant. Filling buckets would be made ten times easier if we all had these.

The Rice Package

Reddit | gquintard_

Okay— so I don't know if this solves a problem as much as it looks cool. That isn't a picture of rice in the scoop. That is transparent packaging through which you can see the rice you're buying.

The Spork

Reddit | MarshieMon

You've seen spork designs before. Nothing new.

But this one scoops up a little something different by dividing the two utensils vertically instead of horizontally.

The Tile Mirror

Reddit | KingdomWaffles

If you're looking for a creative way to save yourself some space, try out glass tiling installed right in with your ceramic mosaic.

The Rock Chocolates

Instagram | Tiramisuafficionado

No, these are not rocks. It's a decorative bowl of chocolates that fits in with any decor.

And let's be honest. Nobody will be stealing all your candy now.

The Exit Sign

Reddit | Jaedenw

It may seem weird to see a green exit sign on the floor, but think about these two factors:

  1. In the dark, we see green light more efficiently than red light.
  2. If there is smoke, you'll be down on the floor crawling.


The Water Bottle Fountain

Reddit | dismalhistory

You may have seen these before, but I still can't get over the level of convenience water fountains designed for bottles give. Some even keep track of how many plastic bottles we've saved with each fill-up.

The Plug

Reddit | SnowboardingEgg

For some reason, cords can be difficult to pull out of tight outlets.

Enter the looped design. This plug makes it super easy to pull out of the outlet.

The Third Sock

Reddit | gravy_vestibule

Why would you need a third sock?

Beyond mixing and matching, that third sock will come in handy as a spare when your dryer eats the other one.

The Spare Chew Toy

reddit | jpellizzi

If you own a dog, you probably do not need this chew toy design explained to you!

When your dog inevitably chews through his new toy, there will be a spare toy behind it.

Toothpaste Ingredient Break Down

reddit | TheLonelyCaricature

This toothpaste brand lists each of their ingredients along with its purpose and/or function, right on the back of the tube.

At the very least, it makes for good bathroom reading!

The Hyperrealistic Prosthetic Eye

reddit | Psycloptic

The level of detail in this prosthetic eye is beyond impressive.

Nobody would ever know the difference.

The Knife That Comes Prepared (For You)

reddit | lionheart10801

Before you let yourself be offended by this presumptuous knife company, they're really only assuming you'll get a small nick.

You know— just a kind friend gently saying, "Hey, nobody's perfect. And that's okay."

The Wine Bottle With Braille

reddit | obobaba

Why shouldn't vision-impaired folks also get to read wine labels and pretend to know anything about wine!

We're all faking it.

The Mexican Restaurant That Got Creative

reddit | Bombaskos

When a new Mexican restaurant moved into the former space of a Chinese restaurant, they got clever with how to deal with this mural.

Rather than paint over the beautiful piece, they simply added some traditional Mexican sombreros.

The Australian Tax Return

reddit | heapsgoods

Listed on the form are the individual contributions this Australian citizen made to his government's different sectors.

This would be very helpful for everyone!

Ikea's Chocolate Bunny

reddit | Sir_Wheat_Thins

Of course Ikea's chocolate rabbits are made from flattened chocolate, and come in a flat box, ready to ship with the rest of your overly large order.

I wonder if it comes with a little chocolate Allen key for assembly?

The Bowling Alley Table

reddit | phrogwing

Although it would be incredibly heavy, this table would surpass every other in quality!

It's made from a section of an old bowling alley!

All it took was a little indent to make the coffee drinking experience less awkward.

Reddit | da_boi4

In case it's not clear, this lid design actually makes room for your nose and it seems like using this for the first time would show us how good we should've had it all along.

Apparently, this photographer found a handy way to make his shooting more literal.

Reddit | Evoslip

I suppose it's not hard to see how adding the grip and stock of an assault rifle to a camera would grant a more steady shot.

I'm not sure how he got the trigger to make the shutter click, though.

This toilet was super annoying to use before the uploader came up with a solution as simple as it is brilliant.

Reddit | Inverse3264

Basically, the chain kept sliding off the lever, so he twisted the tab off a can of Monster into just the right shape to hold it in place.

Now all he has to do is find a clever way to patch the holes Kyle keeps punching into the walls.

Just because you're working with something bigger than a bike, that doesn't mean the little bike trailer can't still have some use.

Reddit | tfnydm

I've seen a lot of crazy ways that people have tried to secure stuff to the roofs of their cars, but this looks like it might actually work.

A lot of us have probably seen this one by now, but it's still a genius use of this extra cord length.

Reddit | Cratchette

It's unclear whether the charger will be able to sustain the strain of holding the phone like this for long, but it should do in a pinch.

Considering how long we we simply had to memorize these functions, it's kind of wild that someone didn't think of this years ago.

Reddit | Trakkis

After all, it's not like there's anything inherent in the Y and Z keys that obviously indicate that they would be the "redo" and "undo" keys. We just had that drilled into our brains.

This guy apparently had a problem with his pants dropping down and there wasn't a belt in sight.

Reddit | bigred1820

So with a little help from his plastic wrap, he was able to make his own suspenders.

They may not be a permanent solution, but they lasted for the rest of the day and that was all they had to do.

Unless they're all in different colors, it can be a little hard to tell which lead type you're using in a mechanical pencil.

Reddit | 69FishyBoi69

Apparently, whoever manufactured this pencil knew that frustration well because each time a specific type is chosen, this rotating piece will make it clear.


This person's defroster stopped working, so they thought of a clever solution to get their visibility back.

Reddit | Kiertapp

By attaching a couple of cups to their heater, they redirected the hot airflow towards their windshield and melted away the problem.

Granted, this method seems like a slow way to do things, but it's better than nothing.

Although it feels like most printers come with paper trays nowadays, there are evidently still a few that don't.

Reddit | prensaderaquis

And it seems that this drafting tool wasn't so essential that keeping it in use was worth having to crawl around and reunite the scattered pieces of a print job.

Some people can pay to have a snowplow come around, but others need to find a way to do it themselves.


And for this enterprising mind, that solution was as easy as strapping a TV box to the front of their lawnmower.

It was just collecting dust anyway, right?

Deployment doesn't leave folks with a lot of space or comfort, but this guy found a genius way to work with what he had.


And since the Switch is lightweight enough that it wouldn't be such a big deal if these cords did snap, this guy was able to get a good reward out of some low risk.

When this person tried to replace their windshield washer hoses, they ended up breaking a nozzle in the process.

Reddit | Kawi_moto96

Although they only used this electrical tape strategy to tide them over until a new nozzle arrives, it's been working pretty well for them so far.

Apparently, this shower head leaked bad enough that it managed to soak the whole bathroom.

Reddit | enzomdm

However, the uploader's grandma was able to stop the mess in its tracks and keep the shower spraying where it's supposed to by using only a few grocery bags.

While this is a nice way to help people feel safe without arousing suspicion, an additional shout out goes to the uploader.

Reddit | shy_n

After all, the less that the name of this specific bar's safety shot goes out into the world, the less likely that those making their dates feel unsafe are to catch on to what's happening.

This drain pipe somehow lost its rain spout, but it didn't take someone long to find a clever replacement.

Reddit | 7_92x57_mm_Mauser

And considering how old and worn this rubber boot looks, it looks like its new life as a makeshift rain spout was the best-case scenario.

Getting the transmission fluid in here doesn't seem like an easy feat under normal circumstances, but at least the solution just happened to be lying around.

Reddit | Fuzzpuffs

Yup, it turns out that all it takes to make the job easier is a common leaf that was probably right next to this person at the time.

I guess the only drawback to this genius solution is that it doesn't work in winter.

How do you make a cake when your egg beater stops working? Some clever devil found the answer.

Reddit | ArkhamQueen7

Apparently, with just the whisk attachment and a cordless drill, the job is still perfectly doable.

Considering how many many people have tried to get those last globs of toothpaste out, it seems this was a welcome invention.

Reddit | OrdinarySoft9

How it works is you put the back end of the tub in a clip cut into that red "key", which you then slide into the holder.

From there, you just turn the key until the toothpaste comes out.

This idea is hardly the easiest on this list to bring to life, but it's still pretty satisfying to watch.

Reddit | ThePurpleDuckling

Obviously, most people don't have a crane lying around, but those who do now have a much faster way to trim their hedges.

Was your mind blown?

Did you like these designs? Which one was your favorite?

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