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Kid Refuses To Move His Legs On The Subway But Then A Guy Sits On Them Anyway

Are there more garbage people in the world, or has Twitter just made it easier to spot them in the wild?

Honestly, probably the latter — but there seems to be a never-ending stream of absolute turds that litter my feed no matter what platform I'm using.

Kids and teens seem to be the focus of a lot of these viral videos, often acting a complete fool in public.

I mean, they're teenagers. We kind of expect them to be immature — we certainly were at that age — but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy seeing them get schooled.

Doesn't it sometimes seem like these kids live in a bubble of selfishness?

In a lot of cases, it doesn't seem like they don't care what's going on around them, but are just completely unaware.

I get it. All those hormones and video games and social media, etc. etc. make it easy to tune out.

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We just need to hope that between maturation and the good example of adults around them, these kids will grow up and be more aware of the world.

This particular kid isn't so much a garbage person. He's a child that needed to learn a lesson.

And that's kind of what he got — and someone recorded the whole thing.

Twitter user @da_drought_3 live-tweeted a situation that was unfolding on her subway ride in Manhattan, New York.

Twitter | @da_drought_3

According to her tweet, a young boy was sitting with his legs slung over a long bench, blocking the way for others who wanted to sit down.

Like, this isn't really cool at any time.

Unsplash | Noémi Macavei-Katócz

Don't put your feet on the seats.

There's enough stuff on those benches that we don't want to know about without adding whatever is on the bottom of your shoes.

But forget that — this was a Manhattan subway ride. It's crowded.

Even if we ignore the dirty shoes thing, once the car started filling up, that kid shouldn't have been taking up two seats.

He refused to move, and was then met with a surprise from a stranger who wanted to sit his butt down.

Twitter | @da_drought_3

This man confidently dropped his adult body on top of the kids legs.

It's unclear whether the adult tried to ask him to move first, but either way, the move is baller.

But it's not just the adult's way of dealing with the situation that people are laughing at.

It was the reaction this kid had — total and utter shock.

Twitter | @da_drought_3

He's literally so confused as to what is happening. But that's the price you have to pay when you decide you're more important than others.

He is the definition of SHOOK!

Twitter | @da_drought_3

To make matters worse, the adult who was watching over him did absolutely nothing to address his leg sprawling until after the stranger took matters into his own hands.

Twitter popped off on this entire incident people had a LOT to say.

One person wrote, "heroes still exist" in regards to the sitter. And it was turned into a meme pretty darn quickly.

The adult did get up after making his point. All in all, though, it was a pretty hilarious interaction.