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9+ Struggles All Women With Big Boobs Deal With

The struggle with big boobs is real. There are things a large-chested gal just can't do, and activities that will always present a problem. There's also embarrassing comments and stares that you get wherever you go.

So in order to help you understand the challenges of having a well-endowed chest I've listed a few below.

1. Bra Shopping

When you're an average-sized girl, bra shopping can be so fun. Well, not so much for those large-chested ladies. Your choices are severely reduced.

2. No Bra Day

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Oh, how fun would it be to go braless for the day? Imagine all the freedom to breathe and relax for a change. Oh, who I am kidding?!

3. No Excercise

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When you're a large-chested girl, exercise can literally be a pain. Can you imagine doing push-ups? I think not. Oh, and good luck taking off your sweaty sports bra after the workout when it has basically become a second layer of skin.

4. Can't Run

Talking about exercise, how about going for a run? Well, if you don't want the whole neighborhood to come out and watch, perhaps opt for running indoors instead.

5. Tank Tops Are Out

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And how about that cute tank top you've been eyeing in the store? You may as well forget it if you don't want to cause a scene.

6. No Graphic Tees

On the other hand how about that funny, low-cut T-shirt that would look so awesome on you? Unless you're a small-chested girl, stay away!

7. Being A Superhero Can Be A Challenge

Who knew dressing up for Halloween can be such a challenge for a large-chested girl? Try squeezing into a tight Spiderman costume with those babies. Watch out!

8. Watch Out For Buttons


A white button-down shirt can be so professional and classy. But on a bustier girl, this shirt can easily take things to another not-so appropriate level.

9. Boob Sweat


People can sweat all over so it's no surprise that boob sweat is a thing. And it's definitely not that attractive on a hot and humid day.

10. Crumb Magnet

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If sweat doesn't get you down, how about finding those chip crumbs between your boobs? LOL. Talking about a not-so-convenient hiding place. Get your hands away!

11. Backless Shirts Are A No-Go

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You just found a gorgeous dress that's an absolute stunner. Only to realize that the beautiful back means you can't wear a bra. Well, forget it!

12. Preggo?

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On the other hand, you find a pretty flowy dress that you absolutely love, only to get asked by everyone if you're pregnant. Yes, that actually happens.

13. Dumb Questions

If a guy ever asks you this question you should tell him that you'll only answer him if he gives you $50 because bras are expensive.

14. Boob Comments

To make matters worse, some people have the gall to ask you if you ever considered having a boob reduction surgery. A tad personal, don't you think?

15. Boob Pain

All the small chested girls are so happy to be running on that treadmill all day long while I'm lucky if I last five minutes on it.

16. Bumping Is A Thing

Yes people will accidentally bump into your boobs. They practically can't avoid it really. So you just have to get used to it.

17. Bumping On Purpose

But having said that, bumping into a big-chested girl on purpose is never okay. Don't try to get away with it. I know what you're doing.

18. No More Eye Contact

If you're a busty girl and someone actually makes eye contact with you instead of staring at your boobs you're having a good day.

19. Chafing Relief

You get bonus points if you know what chafing means. And if you found a product that helps to relieve it you're having a really good day.

20. Got Any Special Skills?

On the other hand, those big boobs can sometimes come in handy. LOL! They're so convenient when watching TV and having a snack.

21. Dangerous Driving Conditions

I know those speed bumps are there for a reason but if you're a big busted girl they can also become a driving hazard. Truth!

22. Instant Workout

And who needs a bunch of weights to do a workout with when working out with your boobs is a workout in itself. Some heavy lifting involved.

23. Just forget about any sort of peek-a-book neckline.


Looking for a modest dress? Apparently, that's not an option when you're rocking a larger chest. Every shirt and dress shows cleavage... unless it's a turtleneck.

Seriously? Come on, people!

Have some compassion for crying out loud. Yes, big boobs are beautiful and sexy but they can be a handful. Did I say that out loud?