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12+ Horrifying Trail Cam Photos That Show A Different View Of The Night

With the proliferation of cameras just about everywhere, more and more weird stuff is captured by the camera's all-seeing lens. Security camera footage can be pretty freaky — especially at night. It makes sense that trail cameras, usually placed in the middle of nowhere, can capture some even scarier stuff.

Out of the ordinary.

Skynet Blogs

This looks like it could be a sloth, but the pic was taken in Pennsylvania — far from sloth country. I'm no biologist, but I'm just going to say it: It's clearly a mini Bigfoot.

His eyes...

Gear Junkie

This could very well be a neighborhood kid heading home late at night. But there's something about the way night vision imagery shows his eyes that's straight-up bone chilling.

Stay. Away.

Reddit | paradoxou

This camera in Quebec, Canada was set up to track grey wolves. So why is there what appears to be a little girl in a dress holding a teddy bear?

What are you?

Wide Open Spaces

A rare spooky daytime photo, this shows a...bear. Or a baboon. Or a really hairy person. Actually, you know what? It's Bigfoot. It's always gotta be Bigfoot.

A strange meeting.

Blogspot - Hunt Like You're Hungry

It'll never not be spooky seeing a little kid in the woods on these trail cams. Add a deer into the mix and things just seem that much weirder.

Nightgowns have the desired effect.

Morning Moss

You know, if the figure in this pic was wearing a hoodie, sweats and Nikes it probably wouldn't look like anything. But wearing a nightgown gives it the perfect 19th century wandering ghost vibe.


Here's the thing about creepy clowns: you can never be sure if it's some prankster or if it is, in fact, the immortal Pennywise. Better safe than sorry, so just run.

What's your deal?

Reddit | ScottJeffreys

These trail cams in the deep woods are meant to pick up evidence of animals. But when you see a blurry figure like this romping through the woods in the dead of night, it's a little alarming.

The Jersey Devil.

Paranormal Maine

I'm not going to say that this shows the famous New Jersey cryptid, or that the Jersey Devil even exists, or that this pic hasn't been doctored. But there's still lots we don't know about the world.

They've been waiting for you...

Gear Junkie

Imagine finding your way along the trail in the pitch-black night, sticks snapping in the underbrush...and then you come across this statue-looking monstrosity that may in fact be a demon.

Survival of the fittest.

Reddit | ColinWehrle

Despite their imposing antlers, I had no idea bucks were so bloodthirsty. When they're rutting, they're ready to fight anything that moves, and even stuff that doesn't. In this case, it likely attacked another buck that was long dead.

Like a horror movie.


After seeing a few of these pics, I don't think I'll ever sneak a look at a security monitor ever again. I don't want to see scary ghost children anymore.

This doesn't look ominous or anything.

Reddit | thegulager

To save on memory space, many of these cameras just take a still pic every few seconds. That's how you get pics like this: one weird frame, with no video to show what the figure is actually doing.


At first, this doesn't look at anything. Then you see that there's a paw...or something...on the tree in the foreground. Looking closer there's a dark creature that's hard to make out.

Are those fangs?

Backyard Critter Watch

Since this pic was clearly taken while the subjects were in motion, I'm going to assume the two white lines are a motion artifact. Otherwise, this is a headless animal with fangs on its butt.

He doesn't belong.

Reddit | [deleted]

The Redditor who shared this says the only evidence of this guy's existence is in this one photo, and he wasn't picked up on any other trail cams. Spooky!

Is that a third eye?

Reddit | Trail_Cam_Guys

That trio of white dots is creepy on its own, but when you add the fact that moments later the camera was busted and found a hundred or so yards away from where the photo was taken.


Morning Moss

Even the other deer seems to be wondering why there is a creepy child just hanging out in the dark with them. The deer in the front looks like he's pleading for help.

Who is that?

Reddit | wstd

This trail camera in the remote forests of Finland picked up what looks like a human figure ever so briefly. Apparently there had been a plane crash in the area. Was this a survivor?

Look behind you, deer!

Outdoor Life

Maybe it's just a weird reflection on water of something, but that definitely looks like a ghostly figure crying out in pain. Was the deer in on it?

This one's clearly just messing with us.

Outdoor Life

Still, it definitely makes you do a double-take, doesn't it? It's a really good-looking prop too, so creepy kudos to whoever made it.

What's under the hood?


We've established that nightgowns are always creepy in night vision, but now we know that if you add a hood, it's terrifying. What's with the glowing halo around the figure?


Outdoor Life

I don't know if this is an escaped murderer covered in blood or an eccentric weirdo who's decided to paint himself like a cow and run around the woods at 1:02 in the morning.