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You Can Rent A Bouncy Castle For Your Wedding And You Definitely Should

Wedding trends come and go almost as quickly as some celebrity marriages. From black accents, to food trucks, to mason jars for absolutely everything, it's hard to throw a dart at a Pinterest board without hitting at least one short term trend.

You know what never gets old? Bouncy castles.

Stay with me here!

You scoff, but generations of people have fond memories of childhood bouncy castles. No matter how old you are, if there is a bouncy castle, you must bounce in it. It's the law.

Okay fine, it's not. But it should be.

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That's why a number of savvy businesses have begun to rent fancy white bouncy castles designed especially for weddings.

Some are fairly simple, reworking another style into wedding colors.

Others are far more fancy.

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I really like the tent-style ones, or you could get a proper castle.

They can have decorations or lights, and are often larger to accommodate grown-ups instead of kids.

They also make a great setting for some really fun wedding photos.

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I mean, imagine having a photo of your grandparents laughing and bouncing on your big day? Way more memorable that the usual wedding pics where every stands side-by-side and forces a smile.

As an added bonus, the castles can keep the kids entertained during the boring bits.

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You know, when the third rambling toast is droning on and little Susie becomes very vocal about just wanting some cake.

But the real fun happens after the kids go to bed, right?

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At that point in the party when everyone has had just enough to drink that they're goofy as heck, but not too drunk to be sloppy. It's also at this tipsy point that you're most likely to get Great Aunt Esther to give it a try.

I kind of want to have a wedding just for the excuse.

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Admit it, you want to too.

In fact, if a friend invited me to a wedding and I was waffling on whether or not to go, a bouncy castle would guarantee my RSVP.

If the ideal appeals to you as much as it does to me, more and more companies are offering them.

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Just google your local party rental companies and see if they've caught onto the trend yet. I'm willing to bet that they have.

What do you think? Would you want a bouncy castle at your wedding?

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