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19+ Female Celebs Who Are Actually Way Taller Than We Thought

TV and movies are crazy deceptive. Between proportions, camera trickery, and even apple boxes, we never truly get an idea of how tall someone is until we see them out in the real wold.

Whether they're rocking heels, boots, or flip flops, these female celebs are probably way taller than you thought!

PS, all heights are approximate. We're relying on Google for the best guess here.

Blake Lively

It's easy to miss how tall Blake Lively is.

Her on-screen presence is usually still slightly shorter than her male counterparts, and her heels usually put her at a similar height as her husband, Ryan Reynolds.

But in reality, Blake clocks in at 5'10. Add heels to that, and you've got one tall badass.

Brooke Shields

Hello, height I would like to be!

Former model and current actor Brooke Shields stands at a statuesque 6 feet tall, which towers her over a ton of other already tall women on this list!

Adriana Lima

Everyone's favorite Victoria's Secret Angel is a bonafide supermodel for a reason: she's stunning, smart, and...duh, tall!

Adriana Lima is 5'10, which comes in handy when modeling couture. It's hard to see how tall she is alongside her fellow models, but one glance at her next to regular celebs really emphasizes her amazing height.

(Can you guys tell I'm short, and really jealous?)

Khloé Kardashian

Next to her incredibly tall (and garbage, thanks so much) partners, Khloé is easily mistaken as a shorter woman than she really is.

In reality, she is heads above the rest of her family and friends, at 5'10. By comparison, her sisters, Kim and Kourtney, are 5'2 and 5'0, respectively.

Damn, Khloé!

Famke Janssen

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Model turned sci-fi icon Famke Janssen has taken on a huge array of roles in her career, moving from huge franchises like James Bond to X-Men with ease.

Famke is just over 5'11 which crazy.

Queen Latifah

Is there anyone cooler than Queen Latifah? You don't have to answer, I already know the answer is, "No, because Queen Latifah is called 'Queen' for a reason."

Her royal highness stands at 5'8, which is a bit of a shock. I know, I, too, thought she was actually taller, due to her ethereal nature.

Nicole Kidman

What is there to say about the legend that is Nicole Kidman? She has Oscar, Golden Globes and Emmys under her belt, there's nothing that she can't do.

Except be short, I guess. Nicole is 5'11, putting her only slightly above her Big Little Lies co-star, Laura Dern.

Laura Dern

Speaking of Laura Dern (as I do on. like, a daily basis) — the incredibly talented, Time's Up activist is about 5'10.

I wonder if she and Nicole Kidman see who can wear the taller heel to tower over the other? Things to think about.

Taylor Swift

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For some reason, Taylor Swift is very tiny in my head.

In reality, she's 5'11, which actually puts her...heads above me. Eh? Eh? Anyone digging these height jokes?

So anyway, she's super tall, and we are not worthy.


Riri didn't come to mind when thinking about tall celebs, but it turns out that she's actually pretty up there (you're welcome).

Rihanna is 5'8 without the heels she's always sporting, so imagine how imposing and goddess-like she must be with them on. Oh man. Queen.

Uma Thurman

Uma Thurman can evolve and become any role she's in, so it's something of a surprise that she's 5'9!

Whether she's in Oscar-winning films, or taking on HBO series and snatching Emmys for it, Uma raises to every acting challenge.

Jordin Sparks

Hollywood, music, Broadway — Jordan Sparks can do it all, and she has. Believe it or not, the singer is actually 5'10!

She has another album that is forthcoming, a reality show in the works, and a spot on Dr Oz. She is unstoppable.

Tyra Banks

Instagram | @tyrabanks

It's a given that Tyra is tall, but did you have any idea how tall she is?

The former supermodel and host of America's Next Top Model is 5'10.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Reddit | Giff95

So, here's a fun fact: Gwyneth Paltrow is so tall (5'9) that her Iron Man co-star, Robert Downey Jr, wears lifts in his shoes to match her height.

This is especially obvious in The Avengers, when she walks around barefoot while RDJ keeps his platform sneaks on.

Maria Sharapova

Tennis star Maria Sharapova is tall — that's a given. But seeing her out on the court doesn't quite give us a reliable scale for just how insanely tall she is.

See, she's friggin' 6'2. I had no. Idea.

Serena Williams

Speaking of tennis, let's throw it over to living legend (I know I use that word liberally, but this time it really does apply), Serena Williams.

Compact and strong, it's surprising that she's 5'9. Certainly not as tall as Maria, but she makes up for it with her jacked muscles. Queen of tennis.

Liv Tyler

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Did you have any clue that Liv Tyler and Tyra Banks are the same height? Me, either.

Turns out that Liv is also 5'10, which uh fully blew my mind. I guess you have to be tall to play an elf, huh?

Charlize Theron

Okay, had no idea Charlize and I aren't the same height. Sad.

Charlize Theron is 5'9, which actually seems short when you take into account that she holds all of that kindness and talent inside a 5'9 body.

Chrissy Teigen

Does anyone else think of Chrissy Teigen as short? She seems short, right? (Do not tell her I said that, btw. I worship the ground she walks on.)

Anyway, the Cravings author and Twitter expert is 5'8. Guys, is John Legend short? Like, for a dude? He might be.


Getty Images | Larry Busacca

I miss Adele. I need her to come back and fill my life with her incredible voice once more. I know you relate (and if you don't, go listen to some Adele and change your life).

Oh yeah, she's 5'9. In case you were wondering.

Jennifer Lawrence

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You wouldn't be able to tell from films like The Hunger Games, or Passengers, but Jennifer Lawrence is actually pretty darn tall.

The Oscar-winning actress comes in at almost 5'8, which is hard to see when she's standing next to people like Bradley Cooper.

Naomi Campbell

Yes, she's a supermodel. Yes, she's legendary. Yes, she's a superstar. And no, I still had no idea that Naomi Campbell is just over 5'9.

I can't decide if that's taller or shorter than I thought. What do you think?

Geena Davis

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Aw man, where has Geena Davis been? I love her. (Wait, I googled, and she's doing a ton of activism with the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. Awesome.)

I love all 6 feet of her, which is the perfect amount of Geena Davis for this world.

Mandy Moore

Actual sweetheart Mandy Moore has to be tall — how else would all that goodness fit inside her?