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11+ Times People Should Have Checked The Background Of Their Photo Before Posting

With the number of things that can go wrong in a photo, it's no surprise that it often takes a few minutes before people end up with a selfie that they're happy with.

Between the lighting, angles, focus and the little things we don't realize we're doing when the camera is on us, there are a lot of details to watch when we're figuring out whether our photos are usable.

However, focusing on those details also makes us more likely not to notice when somebody wandered into the background and took our shots in a totally different direction, as these people (eventually) discovered.

This young man is dressed very nicely for his big day, but unfortunately, the same can't be said for the photographer.

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It's hard to blame him too much, though. When you've just been at the office all day, those pants are not going to stay on for long.

Sometimes, it's hard to tell whether what's going on in the background wrecked the photo or made it better.

Reddit | vinnyty

It's hard to argue that a pooping dog enhances a shot in most cases, but the circumstances are a little different when it looks like a tiny dog is perched atop a baby's head.

Perhaps this was not the best way to multi-task.

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Although the lighting is often best in the bathroom, there's a reason why most people use the mirror above the sink. The one in the door can be a little more unexpectedly revealing.

Either it was really hard to see the preview before they took this or the photographer really had it out for this poor guy.

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It does look like a pretty bright day, but both failing to mention the horse's butt in the background and focusing more on it than the person being photographed is a definite sign of some disrespect.

Unfortunately for this girl's steamy selfie, a surprise visitor found a really unsexy way to steal her spotlight.

Reddit | kbform

It must have taken some serious concentration not to have noticed it scratching at the window, though. There's no way that dog is doing any of this quietly.

Well, it's easy to see how this seemed like a very nice photo at first glance.

Reddit | cdurant

In fact, the girl on the right could probably still crop her side of this and make a perfectly usable profile picture.

If she's feeling brave, she'd a bigger impression by going with the unedited version, though.

This girl's special someone was taking playful post-shower pics of her...or so it appears.

Reddit | UnsetJelly

Once again, those pesky mirrors tell all and this one is showing us that that's only what she wanted us to think.

What a shocking turn of events.

Although I would think that getting your fake surprise revealed is a little better than finding out there was a genuine one lurking around.


With a couple of short sentences, we've got a horror story on our hands.

"Hahah, your roommate is so funny!" "...I don't have a roommate."

Although, if this photo's uploader is to be believed, you don't need a shower curtain to go undetected for six years.

Reddit | [deleted]

It turns out, there was a curious observer hiding in plain sight all along.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, look under the guy's chin.

Pearly whites.

Reddit | OceanGoingSoul

These cops can't seem to muster up a shining smile, but that horse sure can! It looks so happy.

Jayde Taylor, Australian field hockey player, took a selfie with a friend.

Instagram | @jaydetaylor

But if you look closer, she really took it with Queen Elizabeth! Truly iconic.

She's a huge Slash fan!

Instagram | @meeganhodges

But doesn't realize the man on her shirt is standing right behind her. Wild!

Between getting covered by the phone and being distorted by that mirror, this girl's face just can't catch a break.

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In this case, it's not even like something snuck into the background and wrecked her shot. This was right in plain sight for her all along.

Little buddy in the back isn't doing as well as his classmates.

Twitter | @Htxbia

"My sister was taking pictures of my nephew at school & the little guy in the back looks miserable..........." wrote @Htbia in a tweet.

When a cheerleading move goes awry...

Reddit | Get_Stamosed

That's really gotta hurt — but by the looks of the girls in the foreground, she hadn't yelped in pain just yet.

U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz apparently didn't have as many fans at this school as he thought he did.

Reddit | JAlbert653

While dabbing in this guy's photo would make for a shaky endorsement at best, there are few clearer ways to express your displeasure than this.

I'd like to think this is a look at a parallel universe to the above picture where 16-year-old Gatt Maetz of Australia tries to drum up support among the local police.

Reddit | instasquid

If only because one of them decided to give him the exact same reaction as the girl above had for Congressman Gaetz.

This guy should've checked to see who was canoodling him before posting.

Reddit | jaycrew

The expression on the basketball player's face is so passionate. LOL.

We love an accidental promo of gaycations!

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Although these two might be besties, they still make great models for the cause.