18+ Celebrities Who Got Caught Fangirling Over Other Celebrities

Guys, have you ever met a celebrity? It's usually a pretty chill experience, tbh, because celebs are just regular people at heart (except Oprah, she's a goddess).

You know what isn't chill? The way these other celebrities react when they meet their faves. Isn't it nice to know that some famous people are just as dorky as we are?

Lil Nas X gets tweeted by Mariah Carey

Twitter | @LilNasX

The artwork on display here is just...staggering. The photoshop work. The sentiment. The picture choice.

All of that combined to blow Lil Nas X's mind, who freaked out like any normal person would at having Mariah Carey tweet you a photoshopped image of the two of you.

Mark Ruffalo sees Paul Rudd

Tumblr | stream

Ah, the moment that launched a thousand memes in 2014. Tumblr was a wild place to be back then.

Mark Ruffalo slid by in the background, absolutely star struck to be in the presence of the Paul Rudd...who would then go on to be his co-star in the Avengers franchise.

Chance the Rapper meets Beyoncé


Try and tell me this wouldn't be all of us if Beyoncé just casually came up and put her head on your shoulder.

Like, if anything? This is an underreaction. You're valid, Chance.

Jonathan Van Ness meets Kevin Bacon

Instagram | @jvn

There's so much to love about this picture, so let's just go from left to right: Jonathan's dress, his excited face, Kevin Bacon's weird facial expression, and whatever shirt he's got going on.

Seriously dude, that's a hell of a shirt.

Jennifer Lawrence meets Jack Nicholson

Tumblr | catp***neverclean

Did I screencap a gifset? Yes. Why? Because one or two screencaps does not do this moment justice.

Not only does seeing Jack Nicholson break Jennifer Lawrence completely just by his appearance alone, but their banter back and forth sends her for a loop.

It's like 20% creepy, 80% wholesome. Lemme know if those percentages work for you.

Sarah Paulson meets Rihanna

YouTube | The Graham Norton Show

The first time Sarah Paulson met Rihanna on the set of Ocean's 8, she may have peed a little.

According to Paulson, she definitely wishes she'd been wearing a diaper while meeting Riri. Lowkey, I kinda get it.

Millie Bobby Brown meets Drake (and vice versa)

Instagram | @milliebobbybrown

This picture has big "Millie Bobby Brown and a fan" energy.

Even though Millie posted the snap, it's clear that Drake is the super excited one. Who wouldn't be excited to meet Eleven?

Anne Hathaway sees Mariah Carey


It's 2015, and The Intern is premiering. Anne Hathaway is minding her business, giving an interview, when she realizes that Mariah Carey is right behind her.

You can see how she reacted, which is with absolute shock. Anne starting counting how many arm lengths away she was from Mariah, which is...relatable.

Mariah Carey tweets Anne Hathaway

After Anne's reaction went viral on the internet, the queen herself tweeted an article out detailing the adorable incident.

"Loved the movie and your performance, Anne! xo" Mariah tweeted, which I am hoping Anne actually saw, since she doesn't have Twitter. Someone totally showed her, right?

Chrissy Teigen meets Beyoncé

YouTube | The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

I mean, it's no wonder so many celebrities get starstruck when seeing Beyoncé for the first time. It's Beyoncé. ("I don't think she's that a big a deal," you say, to which I say: keep scrolling, bb.)

But you know what most of them don't do? Get down on their knees at her feet. That's exactly what Chrissy Teigen did. With Beyoncé's hands in hers, Chrissy said, "Sorry to bother you, my queen."


Beyoncé meets Meghan Markle


When royalty met royalty.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z met Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle at The Lion King red carpet, and Beyoncé looked like she was over the moon.

"We love you guys," Beyoncé said, before complimenting the Duchess and telling her how gorgeous she looked.

Emma Stone cries over Mel B

YouTube | 2DayFMSydney

Emma Stone is an unapologetic life-long Spice Girls fan. So when she was given a special video message by Scary Spice herself, Emma understandably cried.

Mel B hilariously told Emma that her punishment for her favorite Spice Girl being Baby Spice (and not Scary Spice) was that she had to sing a rendition of a Spice Girls song. Iconic.

Miley Cyrus sees Britney Spears perform

Miley Cyrus was all heart-eyes emoji over getting to see Britney Spears perform live in 2013.

A little dumbstruck that she was there, Miley tweeted that her past self would never believe she was front row. This picture snapped by a fan really says it all.

Millie Bobby Brown meets Kim Kardashian

YouTube | Clevver News

Millie Bobby Brown certainly hasn't hid her love for the Kardashians and keeping up with them.

After gushing to Jimmy Fallon about how much she loves them, Millie joined Kim on the set of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and appeared in Kim's Instagram story. Dream come true!

Taylor Swift meets Paula Abdul

Instagram | @taylorswift

Taylor couldn't resist the puns when she wrote on Instagram: "I’m trying to give them a normal upbringing but when the little ones and I ran into the flawless @paulaabdul on the way to red carpet we STRAIGHT UP had to get a pic."

When is this collab happening? I NEED TO KNOW.

Anna Kendrick meets Beyoncé

Another Beyoncé stan: Anna Kendrick. In 2014, Anna posted this picture to Instagram, captioning it "#FanGirlOfTheYear."

My favorite part is that someone had to edit that heart onto the picture, and I strongly suspect it was Anna herself.

Tiffany Haddish meets Oprah

YouTube | The Ellen Degeneres Show

Tiffany appeared as a guest on Ellen, where she and Ellen chatted about Tiffany's plan to start a vegetable business with Oprah (without Oprah's knowledge).

Tiffany, who met Oprah once before when she was younger, freaked out when Ellen brought her out to surprise Tiffany.

Rihanna sings along to Childish Gambino

YouTube | Random Videos

There is nothing more wholesome than seeing one artist appreciate another's work, especially when they have no idea anyone is watching.

Rihanna happily sung along while Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) performed his song, "Redbone." Her enthusiasm for his music is infectious.

Camila Cabello sees Taylor Swift

This is the definition of a glow-up. Camila went from freaking out at being at a Taylor Swift concert (on her 1989 tour, to be specific) to performing in one.

Camila joined Taylor on stage during certain legs of her Reputation tour. It seriously pays to meet your heroes.

Selena Gomez meets Shia LeBouf

YouTube | Petes0281

Selena Gomez got the surprise of her life when she walked into a dressing room expecting to meet a fan...but became the fan, instead.

After freaking out and walking away, Shia chased her down and the two snapped some pics. She tweeted about it after, calling it her "best day ever."

Sophie Turner sees Ryan Gosling

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner was so excited to be in the mere presence of Ryan Gosling that she couldn't stop herself from having her picture snapped in front of him.

Like, not with him. Not next to him. Just...randomly with him in the background. Respect.

Adam Scott meets Mark Hamill

If you need a pick-me-up, or want to feel pure joy right in your heart, then you need to see Adam Scott meet his childhood hero, Mark Hamill.

The best part is seeing what's happening dawn on Adam's face, right before he starts shaking because Luke freakin' Skywalker is walking toward him wielding a lightsaber.

Adele meets the Spice Girls

Instagram | @spicegirls

Honestly, who wouldn't freak out over meeting the Spice Girls (sans Posh, unfortunately).

Adele dedicated an entire Instagram post to her experience seeing and partying with the band. She wrote:

"It’s no secret how much I love them, how much they inspired me to run for my life and never look back."

Miley Cyrus meets Shea Couleé and Sasha Velour

Okay, I'm absolutely Miley in these pictures.

She spotted the RuPaul's Drag Race runner-up Shea Couleé and crowned winner, Sasha Velour, at DC pride, and...well, her face really says it all.

Emilia Clarke meets Matt LeBlanc

If you grew up watching Friends, chances are that you'd get a little starstruck upon meeting one of them.

Emilia Clarke had one such moment when she met Matt LeBlanc (Joey). She even included Joey's catchphrase in the caption, because she's cute and cheesy like that.

Brooke Lynn Hytes meets Justin Trudeau

To say that the first Canadian contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race was excited to meet Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is an understatement.

The two met before Toronto's Pride Parade, and even recorded a video together. Wholesome.

Ariana Grande meets Jim Carrey

Ariana met comedian Jim Carrey in 2014, and promptly burst into tears.

She got a hug from him before heading back to her friends, where she was overcome with emotion after seeing him. That's so soft.

Leslie Jones meets...anyone. Everyone.

This is just one example of the energy that Leslie Jones brings to meeting other celebrities. She's just like us: she freaks out, she hugs them, and she accidentally calls them by their character's names.

Case in point? Her meeting Art Parkinson, who played Rickon on Game of Thrones.

AOC meets Kate Mulgrew

The now-Junior Senator got the surprise of her life from Orange is the New Black star, Kate Mulgrew, during her 2018 campaign.

It's clear AOC knew Mulgrew more from her iconic role as Captain Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager, due to the shock and delight on her face when the announcer said "Captain Janeway." Awww.

Oprah meets Mick Jagger

The caption to this cracked me up: "My first time meeting Mick Jagger! And yes he dances like MICK JAGGER?"

The sheer shock at Mick Jagger dancing like Mick Jagger...I really do love you, Oprah. Also, who knew it was possible for Oprah to get starstruck?

(There's a lot of Oprah in this article. You're welcome!)

Selena Gomez meets Jennifer Aniston

Not only did Selena get to meet Jennifer Aniston, but the picture they took together is gorgeous.

How many people get to snap a truly great picture with their fave celeb? Selena is #blessed.

Paul Rudd sees Mark Ruffalo

Tumblr | stream

I just wanna shout-out Paul Rudd for bringing this meme full circle during an interview Mark Ruffalo was doing on the red carpet of Avengers: Infinity War in 2018.

He's the hero we need, but don't deserve.

Sarah Hyland meets Joaquin Phoenix

"My GENUINE reaction when I realized I was standing next to Joaquin Phoenix on the red carpet. I bowed. Then he bowed. It was a thing. I’m not crying. You are," Sarah wrote, alongside some hilarious photos of the interaction.

Sam Smith meeting Lizzo

He was able to meet the one and only Lizzo and couldn't have been happier about it!

Billie Eilish meets Justin Bieber

Instagram | @justinbieber

After being a major fan since she was a little kid, Billie finally got to meet her idol at Coachella and it was everything she could have hoped it was.

Kelly Clarkson meets Meryl Streep

I'm pretty sure that Kelly Clarkson running into Meryl Streep at the 2018 Golden Globes was the night that all of her dreams came true.

Sophie Turner meets Jonathan Van Ness, and vice versa.

Watching these two stars completely freak out over each other is possibly one of the purest moments on the internet.

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