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Women Are In Love With This Wife's Grocery List She Made For Her Husband

It's tough to trust somebody with a shopping list, especially when you're particular and they, well, really suck at shopping.

But one wife came up with the ultimate solution... and now her ultra-detailed shopping list is making its rounds on Twitter.

It really ought to serve as the standard for all grocery lists moving forward.

This is Era Londhe.

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Era lives in India with her husband Gaurav. She's an artist and, as we'll see, very particular and specific when it comes to picking up groceries.

Here's the list she gave to her husband.

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There's just so much to unpack here. The size charts...the onion description...the frugal request to ask for free extras... It just goes on. It's nearly impossible for her husband to mess up the grocery run with this level of detail.

Era's list quickly made the rounds and people started chiming in with their favorite parts of the grocery list.

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She barely tweeted at all before posting her list, so it must have been pretty surprising for her when thousands of people started retweeting.

Did you notice the potato size chart? Let's take a really close look at it.

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Talk about spelling it out. Obviously, this couple has learned how to be 100% honest with one another.

Another part of the list people really loved was the spot she told him to ask for free stuff.

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Not only does she fully spell out the preferred curvature of the peppers he needs to get, she also slips in a note to remember to ask for free stuff. You might as well get free stuff if you can, right?

Era offered some further explanation of her rather elaborate grocery list.

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It makes sense, really. He's not really food-inclined and Era is, so to make it as foolproof as possible, she gives him excellent shopping instructions.

Well, laughing is better than crying.

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Of course, there are still some questions about specific details in her list. Fortunately, Era later provided a helpful legend to help decode things.

Here are the details.

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She probably wasn't expecting her list to go viral, but when it did, Era cleared a few things up by making her already-detailed list crystal clear.

Let's take a closer look.

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In just a short note, we learn how to buy ripe onions as well as scope out the best ingredients by shape, size, and color.

Gaurav chimed in with good humor.

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Look, he's not saying he's perfect, but he's certainly making an effort to get better with every shopping trip. That's all anyone could ask for.

I'd love to see her weekly to-do lists as well.

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There's something satisfying about someone with this level of meticulousness. There's absolutely nothing ambiguous in the notes that she makes.

At the end of the day, Era and Gaurav are clearly making it work.

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He's not a foodie and she is, but she's willing to help and he's willing to learn. Great lessons all around!

What do you think of her list? Are you going to adopt a similar strategy to help that non-foodie in your life?