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Sexist Hypocritical Men On Twitter Are Being Put In Their Place By One Woman

The policing of women's bodies is a deep-seated misogynistic tradition that has truly stood the test of time.

Whether it's telling us what we are allowed to wear, what we can do with our bodies, how they look, or how we feel about them — there's no denying that some men believe that their opinion rules all.

Many people, men and women, are sick of the double-standards.

One woman has been taking those opinions and using them to drag sexist hypocrites across the twitterverse — and it is truly an iconic moment in digital history.

Lindsey has already been vocal about sexism, through her Cards Against Harassment program.

Cards Against Harassment

There are 10 main card designs meant to be printed as standard business cards that can be handed to cat-callers or other shamers on the street.

The cards went viral and she began updating the set.

Cards Against Harassment

The original cards have now been translated into Spanish, and two new sets have been added.

One is specific to Slut Shaming and Rape Culture. The other is for weight-based harassment, regardless of gender.

When people complained that she was over-reacting or making "compliments" no fun, she addressed that too.

In the FAQ for the cards, she notes that there is a difference between starting up a conversation with a person you feel attraction to and just catcalling or focusing on the body instead of the person.

She also notes that the cards are meant to be given *after* an unwanted interaction.

It's not saying "You can't do all of these things anymore", but rather "That thing you've been doing has never been cool and now you're being called on it."

Her latest crusade is challenging slut-shamers and sexist men on Twitter, and trolling them into embarrassment.

Her methodology is simple: use their own sexist tweets against them.

She calls the series #ShirtlessShamers.

Lindsey creates a juxtaposition of these sexist tweets against a collage of nearly-nude images that these men have posted of themselves.

The resulting package speaks volumes about just how hypocritical these men are being.

Twitter | @CardsAgstHrsmt

And how easily they give themselves a pass, while passing judgement on women who embrace their bodies.

A simple search on Twitter using the hashtag #ShirtlessShamers will bring up dozens of her masterpieces.

Twitter | @CardsAgstHrsmnt

And while the final product is something women might humorously relish in, Lindsey's take is a little more deep.

She talked to Cosmopolitan about the meaning behind her work.

Twitter | @CardsAgstHrsmt

"Any time women, especially young women of color, do something for their own enjoyment, it becomes a target for mockery or disdain," she said.

"Most of the guys I feature on #shirtlessshamers have a ‘likes’ list FULL of porn GIFs," she continued.

Their post and likes history makes it clear that they enjoy objectifying women.

It's hard to know whether they realize the hypocrisy or not.

"Turns out, there is a GLUT of dudes who are either oblivious to the ludicrousness of the double standard, or who are fully aware but embrace that standard as the cost of being a woman."

"So their issue doesn't seem to be with women naked or half-naked, but women doing those things for themselves."

Twitter | @CardsAgstHrsmt

Lindsey further explained, "the point is to critique a broader cultural double standard.”

Lindsey has amassed over 25,000 followers on Twitter, and fans of her account even submit their own call-out collages.

Every post gets dozens of equally hilarious responses, like, "It's cute that he thinks anyone cares. That's the only cute thing about him."


Perhaps the most satisfying part of #ShirtlessShamers is that they really can't debate her, because the proof is right there.

"That tongue bite must be a sign of some serious talent. I better listen to everything he says."

She's even made postcards of the #ShirtlessShamers collages.

She hands them out at events as a way to keep spreading the word about the harmful double-standards these men, and men like them, continue to believe.

However, she's clear about not wanting the specific men targeted for constant harassment.

Originally, she provided names, but began to crop or blur them out. It's a systemic problem that she wants to highlight, not one-on-one cage battles with misogynist trolls.

All in all, it seems like Lindsey is using humor as a way to navigate the dense thicket of sexism on Twitter, and it's pretty darn awesome!

If you want to see more of her work, you can check out her Twitter account here.