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20+ Of The Most Cringe-Worthy CGI Moments In Movie History

I hate to be a tough critic when it comes to movies, 'cause it's not like I could do any better.

It takes a lot of skill to bring films to life, especially when CGI technology is involved.

But that being said, there have been a few times where I'm watching a movie, and have literally gasped in disgust because of how horrible the CGI has been. Surely, I'm not the only one.

"Spy Kids 3D: Game Over".

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All of my fellow millennials reading this are probably getting all nostalgic over this one.

I hate to say it, but the CGI in this movie was not good.

Are you really surprised though? The budget for this flick was probably $10 and a stick of gum.

"X-Men Origins: Wolverine".

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Okay, this one is hard for me to accept because I love the X-Men series and all of the characters uniquely.

But what the hell is going on with Wolverine's claw in this movie?

"Van Helsing".

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There's a fine like in the use of CGI between creepy, fictional, real-life looking monsters, and whatever these things are.

The vampires are just not even remotely believable looking.

"Breaking Dawn".

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This one actually surpassed being cringe-worthy and entered the realm of being extremely laughable.

The Twilight saga has my heart, but I don't know what they were thinking, letting this baby hit the big screen.


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As a kid, I always found the green goblin to be really scary looking. But re-watching it as an adult has definitely changed my mind about that.

Looks like a Halloween costume from Walmart.

"Scooby-Doo: The Movie".

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Scooby-Doo, himself, was so horribly done for this movie. I want to know who was in charge of this movie, watched it and said "Yep, good enough."

It's not good enough. I would like a Scooby Dooby re-doo, please.

"King Kong".

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The brontosaurus stampede in this movie looks like it was done in front of a bad green screen, or something.

It just doesn't look natural by any means.

"Blade II".

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Before watching this movie, I was warned about the horrible CGI. But I gave it a chance, and ultimately the rumors were true.

The characters look like they're floating in the fight scenes, and the effects stick out like a sore thumb.

"Die Another Day".

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The bit with the tsunami surfing honestly made me shake my head in disbelief. Not only is para-surfing on a frozen tsunami not possible by any standard, but they also made it look like he was surfing in front of a green screen.

It was truly horrible.

"Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone".

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Obviously, everyone loves all the Harry Potter movies. They are a staple in pop culture.

But has anyone ever taken a good look at the troll from the first Harry Potter movie?

"Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull".

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The massive CGI boulders rolling toward them, the fuzzy spiders falling from the ceiling, the killer ants, where do I even begin?

I didn't mind the movie. But the CGI was simply not up to par with the expectations I had.



I wanted to love the 2003 Hulk, I really did. I had high hopes for this one.

But the very second he transforms into the Hulk he looks like a giant, green, wax figurine, wearing tiny purple shorts that appear to be pasted on to his skin, 'cause they do not movie whatsoever.

"I Am Legend".

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Everything else about this movie besides the CGI was actually quite well done.

But not well done enough to overshadow the army of cloned CGI zombies.

"The Lawnmower Man".

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Do you hate your eyes? Then why not watch The Lawnmower Man and punish your pupils with this absolute train-wreck of a movie?

It basically looks like the first video game ever made.

"The Matrix Reloaded".

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Every single fight scene in this movie was so corny, and poorly done, and that is how this movie will be remembered by all of us for years to come.

"Lost in Space".

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I'm going to cut this movie some slack because it was made in 1998, and was attempting to be futuristic, using the technology that they had available to them at the time.

But it doesn't hold a candle to any movie that has ever used CGI.

"The Polar Express".


The children's faces in this movie are so creepy.

Do not look directly into their eyes, or you'll have nightmares for a week.

"Green Lantern".

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The effects used on the Green Lantern, himself, were awful. Just awful.

I can't believe they did Ryan Reynolds like that. How dare they tarnish his reputation with this trash movie.

All the "Transformers" movies.

YouTube | Screen Junkies

Don't get me wrong, I really loved all of the Transformers movies when I was younger.

But looking back on them now, I can admit that the CGI wasn't the greatest.

"Gods Of Egypt".

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The CGI in this movie looks like it was created on MS Paint or something. It's overall just very dodgy looking.

I'm guessing they spent most of the budget for this movie on cast and crew snacks instead of the actual movie.

"Jurassic World".

YouTube | hasan 15m

Jurassic Park was an iconic, classic movie.

But then Jurassic World came along and tainted the brand forever with its horribly CGI effects.

Who thought this actually looked good? Who was in charge of this project?

"The Mummy Returns".

YouTube | Movieclips

The Rock's skin looks like it's made out of Silly Putty, or some kind of stretchy, rubbery-looking plastic.

Unfortunately, that is the one and only thing that I remember about this movie, and that's probably not what the creators would have wanted the takeaway to be.


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Okay, so we haven't actually seen the new genie in context yet, we've only seen a preview of what he's going to look like. But it was not ideal.

People were not impressed with the sneak peak we got of the genie from the new "Aladdin".

I'm really going to try my very best not to hate this movie for ruining a childhood classic.