Boyfriend Proposes With His Grandmother's Ring, And His Fiancée Is Not Happy

Finally getting that engagement ring you've waited so long for is supposed to be a very happy moment for any man or woman. But not so much in this case.

Rings Are Expensive

Right now, the average person aged 18-34 is spending around $3,000 on an engagement ring. Sure, it's the most important piece of jewelry you'll ever buy, but that's not exactly pocket change to most people.

Save Some Money

So, if you're a guy with an opportunity to save some money on a ring while also giving your girlfriend something thoughtful, then you probably take it.

An Heirloom

That's what one young man decided to do when he asked his girlfriend to marry him and presented her with his grandmother's ring. This isn't really uncommon, and seems like a nice way to pass on a family heirloom.

Is This A Joke?


The girlfriend didn't think so. She was so upset with the ring that she took to social media to make fun of it. She said when he pulled it out of his pocket, it took everything inside of her not to laugh.

Is This Real Life?

She had to wonder for a minute if this was real life. Not because she was overcome with joy that he was popping the question, but because she hated the ring so much.

Getting Used To It

The now-fiancee said she's starting to get used to it now that she's worn it for a few days. But she adds, "I definitely wish it was something different."


Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

She says the only reason she is able to tolerate it is because it was his grandmother's and it has pearl, which is her birthstone.

Not Practical

Commenters on Reddit had a lot of thoughts on this. One person argues that it's a bad engagement ring mostly because it's not practical for everyday wear:

It’s a terrible engagement ring (pearls are soft and should only be worn occasionally) but don’t post to Facebook about it. I hope he realizes she will be doing this with all their problems and that’s super unhealthy.

Looks Cheap

Others seemed to agree that it was not suitable for an engagement ring, mostly because they say it looks cheap:

Oh my god that looks like a ring you’d get out of a coin machine.

Maybe Break Up

Others warned the guy who proposed that her response may be a huge red flag. If she's airing this kind of drama online for all to see, he should probably prepare for their dirty laundry on full display at all times.

Hope that guy takes the ring back and runs

Personal Vs. Private

While some people agreed that the ring was a mistake, they also thought that this was a conversation to have in private, not on Facebook.

You’re right imo. I think sure he could be offended that she doesn’t like his grandmother’s ring. She could be offended he didn’t feel her out more or know her personal taste enough to know this was going to crash and burn. But the trashy part is airing it out on FB. That’s a personal and private conversation with your SO.

Vent To Your Friends

When your emotions are that fresh and frustrated, it's time to call up your friends for a vent. You'll probably feel better afterward.

I got an ugly engagement ring and my partner didn’t even properly propose, so I know how this girl feels, specially when society makes such a big deal about proposals. I told two of my friends how I felt about it because I needed to vent and that was it. I think it would actually be embarrassing to post it on social media.

In Her Defense

Another commenter thinks that people are being way too hard on the girl.

FYI, this was posted specifically in a FB group about engagement rings. It was not on her timeline for her fiancé and his family to see. Imo it is harsh, but then again, the ring is ugly. If my fiancé proposed with a ring like that one, I’d have asked him to return it so we can go pick out a ring we both like. You really ought to like your wedding/engagement rings because you’ll be wearing them every day of your life and you may even be buried with them.

A Safe Space

Other people reasoned that this Facebook group was a safe space to make jokes, not to be genuinely rude.

This was posted in a group for shaming rings. The mentality of the girls who shame their own ring is to laugh instead of cry. Because they love their partners, who just happen to make unfortunate ring choices. It’s supposed to be a safe space in that way. I get that initially it looks like a dick move to shame a ring, but majority of girls who self shame are doing it as a sort of therapy. Just in case anyone wants a diff perspective from the usual schtick of ‘bitch is ungrateful, dup her.’


The commenters seem divided over who is really to blame here, but there is one thing they all seem to agree on:

Let's be honest though: that ring IS ugly.