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Brides Share Stunning Transformations Of Their Moms' Wedding Dresses

Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most important decisions in a woman's life. Some choose to honor their mothers by wearing her wedding dress.

The brides in this article didn't just wear their mom's dresses — they gave them new life by upcycling them.

These transformations are beautiful and show the special bond between a mom and daughter.

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The wedding dresses make the day all the more special and sentimental.

This dress from the '80s made its way to the modern era.

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The long sleeves and high neck on this vintage dress were removed. It became an elegant gown with cap sleeves and a mesh neckline for this bride's big day.

Not only did this bride wear her mom's dress, she got married the day after her parents' wedding anniversary.

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I love how she transformed her mom's dress into a cute crop top. This style is so on-trend for brides right now!

A dress that is short and sweet.

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This bride really gave her mom's dress an overhaul. I love how she converted the lace around the neckline into illusion straps. The lace adds a lot of romance to this creation!

Illusion necklines are so in right now for brides.

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Most of the original dress was untouched, but a few small changes had a dramatic effect. The seamstress also added pockets to the revamped dress. Pockets! I love it.

This transformation is absolutely stunning!

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The dramatic lace and beadwork on the original dress were maintained to create a show-stopping collar.

I've never seen a wedding dress like this, and it just goes to show that by upcycling, you can make a dress that's all your own.

A lace ballgown updated for the current trends.

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This bride gave her mom's wedding dress a high-low silhouette that is so unique and very trendy. I'm so glad she kept the gorgeous lace sleeves, too.

A dress that has been handed down for generations.

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This dress from 1950 had been worn by the bride's grandmother and her aunts. The lace from the original dress was used to create a flowing cape top. Even though it's a dramatic transformation, most of the original dress was untouched.

This doesn't even look like the same dress.

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Seeing these two photos side-by-side, I would have never guessed that these brides were wearing the same dress. I love how this bride kept the flowing length of her mom's original dress. Beautiful!

This bride is wearing her mother's wedding dress nearly 40 years later, but the alterations make it look so modern you'd never know!

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What a sweet picture and an even sweeter moment!

She took her mother's wedding dress from 1982 and turned it into her dream gown!

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It's amazing what a little creativity can do.

And this bride had her cousin alter her mom's dress into a modern gown, fit for any fairy tale!

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Having the family connection makes it all the more special, doesn't it?!

With a few swaps in accessories, this bride turned her mother's wedding dress into a gorgeous modern frock.

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The dress is over 30 years old but looks brand new!

This bride turned her mom's gown into a western-inspired dress.

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She gave it some off-the-shoulder action and managed to hem the dress without parting with that gorgeous lace trim.

It's amazing what happens when you remove those puffy '80s sleeves.

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It looks completely brand new, even though not much has been changed!

Same goes for long sleeves.

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This bride removed the lace sleeves and hemmed the dress for a modern take on a classic gown.

This dress is still '70s-inspired, just more toned down.

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It's still so classic!

There was a lot going on in the original dress.

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The bride kept the neckline as the focal point, and it looks amazing!

This dress looks completely new, but still has the important details.

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You just can't part with vintage lace!

It's almost hard to believe this is the same dress!

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She brought in the sleeves and ditched the frilly skirt for a more modern silhouette without losing the dress' history.

Those sleeves, though.

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Sometimes the dress has everything it needs, you just need to tweak the positioning.

The bodice's shape was there, she just wanted to make it feel more modern.

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She looks like a modern day princess!

It always helps when vintage styles are back in style.

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With some minor adjustments, it takes on a new, yet sentimental life.

This is quite the transformation!

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This bride somehow found a way to tone down her mom's original gown, yet still keep that gorgeous lace and mermaid skirt.

I love all these dresses, I can't choose just one.

Let us know your favorite in the comments below!

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