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15+ Celebs Who Were Basically Unrecognizable 10 Years Ago

Whether it's you posting your throwback images, or celebs posting their "before they were famous" shots, there's a lot of glow-ups happening on the internet.

Join me in checking out some of the craziest transformations, and maybe getting slightly jealous.

Patrick Starrr

Instagram | @patrickstarrr

The YouTube beauty guru and drag queen has come far in over 10 years. Not only does he boast collections with huge brands like M.A.C., he has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Slay, queen.

Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn's very public transition made headlines around the world.

Now that she is free to live her life as a woman, her evolution into who she's always wanted to be is complete.

Taylor Swift

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No one changes like Taylor does.

Gone are the baby cheeks and the 2009-era curls, and in their place is a strong, confident woman who has had one hell of a decade.

Kylie Jenner

Getty Images | Michael Tran, Instagram

Kylie Jenner's glo up is wild, because it's been documented via reality TV.

Since 2007, Kylie has featured prominently in Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as well as basically...all of pop culture. Where she was once Kim's little sister, she is now one of the top female billionaires in America.

Selena Gomez

Getty Images | Jason LaVeris, Instagram

Former Disney channel star turned singer Selena Gomez is no stranger to the spotlight.

Whether it's dropping her own Puma collab, working with fashion brand Coach, or putting out music, Selena can do it all.

Chris Pratt

Getty Images | John Shearer, Steve Granitz

Far from his role as a celeb husband, Chris Pratt has become a worldwide mega-star.

He and Anna Farris may have divorced, but they're still happily co-parenting their son together!


Getty Images | Jon Kopaloff, Stefanie Keenan

From Disney to...still Disney, actually, but now on a massive scale.

Zendaya moved from starring in Shake it Up to producing K.C. Undercover, and now plays the iconic MJ in Marvel's Cinematic Universe-compatible version of Spider-Man.

Ariana Grande

YouTube | Nickelodeon, Instagram

We all know the story of Ari.

From Nickelodeon star (in Victorious and Sam and Cat) to a global mega-star and pop princess (who just got her first #1 song with "thank u, next"), Ariana Grande is practically a household name.


Getty Images | Steve Granitz, Instagram

From a Toronto boy starring in Degrassi: The Next Generation to a headliner and a renowned musician, Drake has changed leaps and bounds.

All those extra muscles definitely helped change his look up, too.

Zac Efron

Getty Images | Kevin Mazur, Rich Polk

Honestly? This is a "teen heartthrob to total babe" type situation we have going on here.

Zac Efron's glo up is iconic, and that white blonde hair like weirdly works on him.

Vanessa Hudgens

Getty Images | Jason Merritt , Instagram

How can you talk Zac without Vanessa? Even though the two have long since parted ways, they've both been hugely successful in their post-High School Musical careers.

Vanessa has found a home producing and starring in live televised versions of classic musicals, like Rent, and Grease.

Bruno Mars

Getty Images | Jim Spellman, CBS Photo Archive

From founding his own label (The Smeezingtons) in 2009 to becoming one of the best selling-artists of all time (with 130 million albums sold), Bruno Mars spent the last decade becoming the epitome of the phrase "work, work, work."

Matthew Lewis

Getty Images | Eamonn McCormack, Jeffrey Mayer

Hello, epitome of the glo up.

Matthew Lewis' cherub cheeks hit our screens in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and now graces our screens on Instagram as a certifiable babe.

Congrats, dude. You won glo ups.

Khloe Kardashian

Getty Images | Jean-Paul Aussenard, Instagram

Khloé Kardashian from a decade ago is virtually unrecognizable now. She's toned up, plumped her lips up, gone blonde, and...well, basically changed everything about herself.

On top of that, she's a new mom alongside her sister, Kylie.

Janet Jackson

Instagram | @janetjackson

The thing about Janet Jackson's glo up is that she just got more fabulous with age, tbh.

Plus, that hair is everything. We love a queen who just keeps getting better and better.

Josh Peck

This is another mind-blowing glo up. Also shout-out to Josh for finding two perfect side-by-side shots.

Anyway, Josh moved from Nickelodeon to YouTube, where he runs alongside vlogger king David Dobrick and his crew.

The Sprouse twins

Getty Images | Jason LaVeris, Jerod Harris

From The Suite Life of Zach and Cody to now, Dylan and Cole Sprouse have changed in a big way.

Dylan is the owner of a meadery in New York, while Cole is a photographer and the star of CW's Riverdale.

Hilary Duff

Getty Images | Charley Gallay, Instagram

Lizze McGuire who?

After conquering the Disney channel, Hilary Duff has had a music and film career, become a mom (twice!) and is now in the middle of yet another successful spin on television, on Lifetime's Younger.

Stay slaying, mama.

Daniel Radcliffe

Getty Images | Jamie McCarthy, Daniel Boczanski

A glo up, Mr. Potter? (I'm sorry for that joke.)

After wrapping up the last Harry Potter movie in 2011, Daniel Radcliffe has carefully chosen unique projects to add to his filmography. His latest project is Miracle Workers on TBS.

Kendall Jenner

Getty Images | Jason Merritt, Instagram

Another of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to glo up in a big way, Kendall went from a high schooler to a bonafide model in 10 years.

Now, she walks for fashion houses like Chanel and Dior, and she has Kim to thank for it.

Jonah Hill

YouTube | Movieclips Classic Trailers, Netflix

Comedian Jonah Hill's career has exploded since 2009, with roles in Oscar-nominated films (like The Wolf of Wall Street) and cerebrally crazy TV shows (like Netflix's Maniac).

Now, he's written and directed his own film, called Mid90s.

Justin Bieber

Getty Images | Ian Willms, Instagram

This certainly is a glo...something! Definitely something.

Justin Bieber became a sensation seemingly overnight, sending the Canadian kid into the celebrity stratosphere. He married Hailey Baldwin and has been touring around the world.

Kelly Osbourne

Instagram | @kellyosbourne

You ordered Kelly Osbourne from 10 years ago, but I'm also here to serve you a side of Adele!

Kelly has changed in a big way, from her career to the color of her hair. Recently, she shared the details of her weight loss journey and we couldn't be more proud of her!


Instagram | @kellyosbourne, @adele

I mean, you saw this coming.

Adele has been through a lot in the last 10 years. She released 21 and 25, had a baby, got married, and then filed for divorce.

Sooo...when is 31 dropping?

Liam Payne

Instagram | @liampayne

One Direction whomst? Liam Payne is a solo artist now, with a single that has since gone platinum.

He and Cheryl Cole (aka just Cheryl) dated from 2016 to 2018. They have a son together.