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20+ Tattoo Quotes That Are Actually Really Stunning

Tattoos are amazing, delicate works of art that take time and patience to get exactly right. They're made even more meaningful when they take on the form of a favorite phrase, quote, or even just a single word.

Let's take a look at some of the most gorgeous tattoos we can find and start making mock-ups for our own tattoos.

Embrace your inner oddball

This gorgeous piece is in a really unique place.

The courier font gives it a writer-type edge, and the spacing is obviously very carefully thought out. This is aesthetic af.

Circa 1998

OBSESSED with this idea.

The caption takes the whole joke to another level, but even the concept is A+. The line work is so straight, too. This is a true pro's work.

Go for double the trouble

Is there anything cooler than mirrored text? A lot of people believe tattoos are meant to face a certain direction (usually away from you), so I love that this is the perfect compromise.

Half and half all the way.

Befriend a calligrapher

This piece is amazing for a number of reasons, one primarily being that her friend is the one who wrote it out!

Now why didn't I think to make friends with a calligrapher for my tattoos?

Life is better with a friend

I'm so nuts about the font on this one.

It's a simple Helvetica (or Arial), but I love that it's in all capitals and spaced the way it is. It's clean and simple, and a really cute matching tattoo to get with someone else.

Catch a falling star

How is this so tiny?!

The letters are crisp and precise, but the tattoo can't be half an inch in height. The artist took real time and care to make this tattoo happen. I'm so impressed.

Keep your family with you

This one actually has me considering doing the same thing.

This woman had her family write "I love you," on a piece of paper, which she then had inked on her body forever.

That's a beautiful reminder of the people she loves most.

Love your skin

This tattoo is stunning, especially the font choice.

The tail curves of some of the letters (like the "r" and the "a") give it a very romantic, soft flow. The placement is gorgeous, too.

It means no worries

Even without the illustration, the simplicity of this tattoo is perfect.

And adorable. And the perfect kind of Disney tribute that is more subtle than a pair of mouse ears (which I still want, not gonna lie).

Family means nobody gets left behind

A beautiful tribute to a beautiful language, "Ohana" is a timeless choice for a tattoo that honors your love of family, as well as your love for Hawaii.

Bonus points: having it done by a native Hawaiian artist!

Let it be, let it be

Both a good song, and good advice.

I like the choice of mixing it up and having one letter be capitalized, unlike a lot of other tattoos. It totally works here, especially with the stylized "L."

Mix and match your fonts

The combination of fonts here really helps this tattoo stand out.

The careful looping of the "l" around and then behind keeps the tattoo delicate, but the strong all-caps front sends the message home.

Add in some geometric shapes

A simple addition of a basic shape can really change the way a tattoo comes across.

The words cutting through it also beautifully demonstrate its meaning—life finds a way through any and all obstacles.

I am speechless

I actually don't know how to react to this one.

It has the same great energy as the "Made in China" one, but...god...the pain of getting this on the bottom of your foot?

My whole body is cringing just imagining it.

Straight and to the point

I'm nuts about this one.

Can you imagine all the uses it would have? If your friend said something stupid, you could legit just hold your leg up and point to your tattoo.

This is genius. Especially the passive aggressive little :) at the end.

Change the text direction for something different

The impossible tininess of the font in the first tattoo shouldn't be missed, but it's the arch of the second one that is really cool here.

It perfectly follows the curvature of her wrist!

Find your favorite movie quote

The tattoo reads: "Just be sure to notice the collateral beauty, it's the profound connection to everything."

That's a gorgeous sentiment that was originally used in the film Collateral Beauty.

Just a reminder to yourself

Not only is this succinct, it also serves the dual purpose of getting P!nk's song, "F**kin Perfect," stuck in your head.

Some people may see that as a downside, and those people are wrong. Thank you.

For when the Dementors come

Everyone needs some extra protection now and then, right?

Summoning a Patronus to fight off Dementors has become a great way to explain struggling with mental health and using tools to overcome those struggles, so this has a deep meaning. It's also just a cool tattoo, lbr.

Say it loud

Whether you want to put this on display or keep it covered as a special reminder for yourself, this is an important phrase that everyone can relate to needing at some point in their lives.

Add an impact

I love the idea of this. It adds a simple shape, like the circle tattoo, which helps the tattoo seem like it's trailing all the way around your arm.

It's a bit more visually arresting than just the text by itself.

Pick an unusual spot

I can honestly say I've never seen a tattoo placed like this on a hand, and that is so cool.

It's complimented brilliantly by the spaced-out numbers of "1969," and overall still achieves a good minimalist balance while staying striking to the eye.

Self affirmations make great tattoos

This tattoo is very sweet because it's such a good thing to say to yourself and to remind others of.

I also love the all lowercase, more compressed font that is then spaced out with the cursive letters. It's so pretty.

Create two pieces that work together

This tattoo combines a ton of really cool elements to make a piece that works separately, and apart.

You can feel how perfectly they line up, too, which is so satisfying to look at.