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25+ People Who Dated Celebrities Before They Became Famous

Could you imagine dating someone, only to find out that after breaking up, they went on to be huge stars?

I have to admit that I'd be kicking myself a little bit, and I can only imagine that these people feel the same way.

Tim Tebow

These photos literally remind me of every high school couple ever. I wouldn't be surprised if these pics made it into their yearbook.

The early '00s vibe is real.

Jamie Foxx

Okay, I have no idea when this photo was taken but based on the age of the girl tweeting, I'm going to guess that Jamie is about 35-years-old here.

At this point, his acting career was only just getting started.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Based on his age, it looks like Leo's career hadn't hit Titanic levels yet.

I really want to know what happened with this relationship. I'd never forgive myself for breaking up with Leo.

Lori Loughlin

Also lovingly known as "Aunt Becky from Full House".

Sorry, Lori. Welcome to the world of being forever known as one character. You and Jodie Sweetin can start a club.

Ashton Kutcher

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Fun fact: Ashton's full name is actually Christopher Ashton Kutcher, and he used to go by Chris.

Another fun fact: he used to have a ridiculous mushroom cut. Neat.

Blake Shelton

He looks so youthful!

I'm sure that this girl's mom had no idea that Blake would go on to have such a crazy career, all leading up to the ultimate peak of judging The Voice.

Jennifer Lopez

Definitive proof that JLO literally doesn't age?

Okay, I'll admit she looks pretty youthful here, but still. Did you guys know that she's going to be 50-years-old this year? Crazy.

John Legend

Just think, this mom could have had "All of Me" written about her, instead of Chrissy.

Honestly, I'm glad things worked out the way that they did, I adore John and Chrissy together.

Jimmy Fallon

I'm straining to see how this guy looks like Jimmy, but maybe that's just me. I need to hear him laugh hysterically to know if it's really him.


A quick Google search tells me that Usher's career began when he was young, which means that he was probably well-known at the time this pic was taken.

Still, I bet this girl is kicking herself just a little bit.

Matt LeBlanc

This photo looks like it was taken 30 seconds before the first episode of Friends aired.

He's so young and cool-looking. What a little baddie!

Adam Sandler

I wonder what it would be like to date somebody with a natural knack for comedy. Do you think he's more serious in his downtime? I need answers.

More proof that this relationship was legitimate.

Going to prom with Adam Sandler is something I never thought I'd be jealous of, but here we are.

Shaquille O'Neal

Okay, he was probably famous at this point but I'm not a time traveler so I can't be sure. Either way, this pic is cute AF And they look like the happiest couple ever.

Bob Saget

Imagine breaking up with Bob Saget and then seeing that face cruising across the Golden Gate bridge in a red convertible every Friday night at 8 pm.

Just imagine.

Lil Wayne

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This looks like RIGHT before Lil' Wayne graced us with his breakout hit, "Lollipop" which would catapult him to global stardom.


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This Twitter users aunt used to date the rap iconic back in the early 90's.

Henry Winkler

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Alright, at this point, Henry was well-known as "The Fonz" and probably at the height of his career.

No offense to all you Click fans out there, of course.

Ariana Grande

Okay, this guy "dated" Ariana back in the day, which basically means that they probably held hands once.

Still, he could have had a shoutout in "Thank u, next" if he had played his cards right. What a shame!

Josh Hartnett

Talk about a past from the '00s past!

It's pretty cool to be able to say that you once dated the guy from Pearl Harbor, is it not?


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Beyoncé at prom with this Twitter user's uncle Lyndall is better than I will look on my wedding day, guaranteed.

Jay Z

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Before they was Beyoncé and Jay Z, there was Beyoncé and this Twitter user's aunt!

Woody Harrelson

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Is it just me, or has he not aged at all??

Matthew McConaughey

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I wonder what Mathew McConaughey was like in college, I mean... besides being mighty fine.

Kanye West

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Twitter user @ChloeeMaietta4’s mom used to date Kanye West before he made himself famous.

Bradley Cooper

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This person's aunt used to hangout with Bradley Cooper years before he was famous and years before he cut that MULLET.

Channing Tatum

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One Twitter user was shocked to learn about her mom's high school sweetheart.

"My boyfriend’s mom dated Channing Tatum in high school and she found photos of them last night,” she tweeted.

It's crazy to remember that at some point, these big celebs once lived regular, boring lives like the rest of us.

Please don't come for me because I said your life is boring. Just embrace it.