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Woman Pays Over $10,000 Dollars To Look Like A Disney Princess

As a little girl, I would have given anything to be a Disney princess, especially Ariel. I know I'm not the only one, and for some people, that dream has become a reality.

Take Sarah Ingle, for example. She's managed to turn that dream into a career!

This is Sarah Ingle.

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In 2014, the young entrepreneur founded Princess Ever After, a Colorado-based company that provides professional singing princess characters for special events, according to her website.

Sarah dresses up as various Disney princesses for a living.

Instagram | @sarah_e_ingle

But it doesn't come without some serious investment into the business first.

It's clear that her costumes are extremely detailed oriented.

Instagram | @sarah_e_ingle

Just look at her as Elsa!

The transformation is seriously impressive. The detail in that dress is spot-on, as well as the wig, and even the makeup — which she does herself!

But those costumes definitely aren't cheap.

Instagram | @sarah_e_ingle

Ask any professional performer, and they'll tell you the same thing.

According to Dail Mail, Sarah's costumes cost her thousands of dollars.

They mark it at well over $14,000 if you take into account the thousands that she's spent on wigs and costumes combined.

Plus, we all know that makeup is anything but cheap these days.

If you want to hire Sarah, there are a variety of princesses you can choose from.

Instagram | @sarah_e_ingle

She has costumes for Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Rapunzel, Princess Merida, Snow White, as well as Elsa and Anna.

That covers almost all of the bases!

Not only has Sarah invested plenty of money into her business, she has taught herself to do specific makeup looks for each princess.

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I can't even do a makeup look for my own face, let alone a cartoon's.

She has various colored contacts that she wears, depending on who she's performing as that day.

YouTube | Sarah Ingle

It's crazy impressive, right?

It looks like the investment is well worth it here.

Instagram | @sarah_e_ingle

She definitely looks like a Disney princess!

We also love that she uses her skills for good, and can often be found at her local children's hospitals and care homes.

Here she is with one of her biggest, littlest fans. Isn't this just so sweet?!

I can't imagine how rewarding this job would be. What a princess, literally.

Her fairy tale doesn't stop with her job though, because Sarah is dating her own Prince Charming!

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The couple has been together for over six years, and he's been there every step of the way! Awwwww!

And this is a fairy tale Sarah made for herself. What an awesome role model for young girls!

Instagram | @sarah_e_ingle

She's a young, female entrepreneur who has started her own business and has done super well for herself. What's not to love?!

Also her aesthetic is so gorgeous I can't even handle.

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Can I have her room/clothes/life real quick?! Thank you so much.

I can't wait to see what Disney princess she does next!

She's just so talented and magical, I can't believe how much she looks like every character she emulates.