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Birth Flower Tattoos Offer A Stunning Alternative To Zodiac Signs

It's no surprise that a lot of people would want to get tattoos of their zodiac sign. If people are serious enough about how their birth month affects their personality that it influences their relationships, they're serious enough to get it etched on their skin.

But a tattoo's meaning should be personal to you.

And if you appreciate the month of your birth, but have no interest in worrying about whether mercury is in retrograde or whatever else is going on there, it may not be the best tattoo option.

Instead, the beauty and fragility of your birth flower may hold your answer. It certainly did for these people.

Each month is represented by a specific flower, rather than a zodiac sign.

January babies have carnations as their birth flower, and the array of colors they come in can give people like us a lot of options.

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Yeah, I said "us" because it happens to be my birth flower too.

According to HGTV, white carnations are supposed to represent pure love, yellow ones indicate longing for absent loved ones, and pink denote that someone is unforgettable.

If carnations aren't your thing, snowdrops are also considered January flowers.

The variety for January is counter intuitive, considering January has one of the least amount of births each year. Oh well, more for us!

If you were born in February, you've got two purple flowers to choose from: Violets and Irises.

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Both flowers are supposed to represent loyalty and faithfulness, so I suppose it depends on which one appeals to you more.

Is it the vibrant color of the violet or the softer purple, yet taller bloom of the iris?

Not every option is as dainty and simple as those shown above.

This violet chest piece is less subtle and more sizable. In the words of the captioner, this tattoo is" for a tough Irish fairy."

Those born in March have the sunny glow of the daffodil to ring in the spring thaw.

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Of course, that assumes that winter has the decency to stop in March this year and not wander into April, but I digress.

As you might imagine from when they bloom, daffodils tend to represent new beginnings and happiness.

April seems to be the month of daisies, but sweet peas are also an option.

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As flowers go, daisies are apparently replete with meaning. They can just as easily symbolize innocence and purity as they can a closely-guarded secret.

Perfect for creating an air of mystery, then.

This rendition of the sweet pea mixes floral with grit — but it captures the essence of April with ease.

It's a simple addition, but the antlers turn a simple bouquet into a mysterious face — another secret to keep for April babies.

If you were born in May, I hope you like lilies because that's what your month has in store for you.

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At the same time, they're a sweet, aromatic flower that represent humility and happiness, so they seem pretty hard to dislike.

June is the month of roses and like carnations, and their variety of colors can give you a lot to work with.

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The classic red rose is a symbol of love, while yellow ones can indicate jealousy as easily as friendship. Orange ones indicate desire, while black ones like the one above occur rarely in nature, if at all, so that offers a wealth of intrigue on its own.

July babies can either go with a nice stalk of larkspurs or some waterlilies.

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Pink larkspurs represent fickle love, so it's not a surprise that this person went with a nice purple instead, which means "first love." A little more romantic, don't you think?

White larkspurs are also a good choice, as they represent a happy spirit, while waterlilies symbolize an open heart.

Meanwhile, water lilies are said to represent purity and knowledge.

Or, if you fancy a Hindu take on the flower, they might represent the idea of resurrection and new beginnings.

August babies can make their birth month known with a gladiolus or some gladioli if one doesn't cut it.

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According to HGTV, people in ancient times used to think they had magical powers, so it's not a surprise that they're commonly associated with strength.

If you were born in September, your month is known for just one flower, the Aster, but there's a lot to it.

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As we've seen, a lot of flowers symbolize love, but this one apparently indicates a particularly strong, powerful love. They're also big symbols of faith and wisdom, if you'd prefer to emphasize that.

October is the month of marigolds, which are known for their powerful smell.

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That aroma, along with their rich colors, likely have something to do with why they indicate such strong moods.

Not only do they represent undying love, but they can also be a symbol of sadness or sympathy.

If your birthday is in November, your flower is definitely the hardest to spell of them all: The chrysanthemum.

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Chrysanthemums are another flower where the yellow variant seems to have some negative connotation; in this case, a loved one feeling disrespected.

The white version of this flower, however, has more to do with innocence and purity. According to the Smithsonian, blue ones only exist because of human engineering, so maybe they indicate a love of science?

December babies seem to have the most flowers to choose from. Along with the Narcissus indicated below, there are also hollies and poinsettias.

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The Narcissus is a symbol of faithfulness and modesty, which is ironic when you consider who they're named after.

But if that doesn't feel quite festive enough for the season, poinsettias stand for good cheer while hollies represent a happy home.

h/t: HGTV