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Meet Lotus, The Majestically Giant Maine Coon The Internet Is Falling In Love With

There are a lot of strange things to puzzle us about social media, but one of the lesser-appreciated ones is how it can let potentially anybody become famous.

In some cases, it's granted some serious attention to beings that don't have the ability to upload something to the internet and wouldn't understand what it was if they somehow did.

That describes one very large cat very well, but that has hardly stopped him from making an impression.

The first thing you'll notice about Lotus here is that he's definitely a big boy.

Instagram | @lotus_the_mainecoon

According to his owner's website, Lotus is three years old and weighs about 22 pounds.

So yes, that means he's about as big as all of that fluff would suggest.

Even for a Maine Coon, which are known to be large, Lotus seems particularly mighty.

Instagram | @lotus_the_mainecoon

According to Mental Floss, female Maine Coons usually range from nine to 16 pounds, while male ones usually have more heft to them. They range from 13 to 18 pounds.

So yeah, it seems like Lotus wins on that front.

Although they're large, Maine Coons are often known as "gentle giants" and Lotus seems to be no exception.

Instagram | @lotus_the_mainecoon

As the website says, he has a "light, small voice" and is described as calm and kind with lots of affection towards his family.

These captivating cats are known for their signature “chirping and trilling” in addition to the gentle “light” voice Lotus’ owners describe.


According to Maine Coon Guide,, they perform chirps to mimic the sound of their prey.

And although Lotus likes cuddling with the human owners he rivals in size, his family includes two other Maine Coons.

Instagram | @lotus_the_mainecoon

They are called Chivas (middle) and Lady Marion and both are older than Lotus. Although Lotus is originally from Norway, all of them now live in Sweden.

But his family aren't the only ones Lotus has made an impression on.

Instagram | @lotus_the_mainecoon

Whether they're spellbound by his size or have just fallen in love with Lotus himself, he can now boast over 200,000 followers on Instagram.

Well, OK, he can only boast to other cats, but you know what I mean.

Although Lotus and his feline siblings are all indoor cats, they also enjoy their share of outside time.

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And that probably doesn't change in the winter because Maine Coons are basically built for rough, cold environments.

Interestingly enough, this breed naturally evolved to have six toes instead of five to help navigate snowy environments.


But there’s also the slight chance they evolved that extra toe to improve their footsies game, like Chivas and Lotus here.

Maine Coons are probably more prepared for the chilly weather than we are.

Instagram | @lotus_the_mainecoon

According to Mental Floss, not only is their fur dense and their paws bushy, but they can even wrap their bushy tails around themselves when they get too cold.

These majestic kitties are also much bigger fans of water than other cats.

Instagram | @lotus_the_mainecoon

Not only are their coats good at keeping the harsh winter winds at bay, but they're also water-resistant.

It's hard to tell whether Maine Coons enjoy getting wet because of that, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

So yeah, there's a lot more that's unique about Lotus and his breed than just their size.

Instagram | @lotus_the_mainecoon

Although he spends a lot of time sleeping on the balcony and the couch, followers of his Instagram will likely catch him doing a lot more than that.

Maybe one day, he'll star in a movie like the Maine Coon who played Mrs. Norris in 'Harry Potter'!


An iconic breed for an iconic franchise.

Or, perhaps Lotus will live on forever — as a CLONE!

Instagram | @lotus_the_mainecoon

That's right! According to Honest To Paws the first ever pet to be cloned was actually a Maine Coon.

It's crazy what science can do for animal lovers.

Whatever Lotus ends up doing, we hope that this big Kitty lives a long and beautiful life.

Instagram | @lotus_the_mainecoon

Perhaps he'll even overtake the oldest cat alive — a fellow Maine Coon named Corduroy.