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If You Can Still See Where A Pencil Stabbed You In Grade School, You're Not Alone

Misery loves company, and you can find that company on social media. Folks there are always there to share your pain, or maybe mock you a bit for it. It's also a convenient spot to relive your awkward phase and find out how it stacks up to others' memories of grade school.

Even for those of us who escaped grade school with few blemishes and spotless records, chances are we have at least one scar: the pencil lead.

If it seems like getting jabbed with a pencil is a rite of passage when you're in grade school, well, there's a reason for that.

Twitter user @Los_Writer wanted to meet more people like that, and boy, did he get what he wanted. Although he has since taken his tweets private, the evidence lives on, just like all those pencil bits stuck in people's bodies so many years after graduation.

We've all been there, right? A simple poke, back in the day, that stays with you for the rest of your dang life. A constant reminder of where you were and what was going through your mind when it happened.

The pencil lead gets jammed under your skin, whether out of malice or sheer clumsiness, and the mark it leaves never, ever goes away.

You can erase pencil from paper, but once it's under your skin, it's there for good.

As much as you might want to erase the circumstances around that little gray dot, you can't. This guy will never run with a sharp, sharp pencil in his hand again.

For some folks, it's like their childhood traumas are written on their skin.

It's certainly a lasting reminder, isn't it? Generally speaking, people can always remember the story that goes along with the lead under their skin.

Maybe for some it serves as a reinforcement of some of their grade school lessons?

Bet this guy will never forget his single digit multiplication now. Either that, or he'll always hate single digit multiplication.

It's amazing the array of body parts people have had pierced by pencils.

And how many brushes with more serious matters folks have had. Sibling rivalry is tough when you're growing up!

Seriously, the number of leads transferred from one sibling to another is too dang high.

Homework is hard, but man, it's not worth stabbing over. Maybe that's a lesson in itself though.

Also, the number of people who have been outright attacked with pencils is alarming.

But credit, I suppose, to the one who at least tried to apologize for it, albeit years later. Making amends is important!

Is it even possible to escape grade school without a pencil lead embedded in your person?

It's like you and your friends all got matching tattoos to commemorate your trip to Iceland or something.

It seems like everyone has a story to share with their old pencil scars.

The good news is that if you got jabbed really well, you found out who really cared about you. Good work, Auntie!

It's frankly surprising that more friendships weren't ended over random pencil incidents.

I mean, there's some serious injustice behind some of these. How does the victim get detention?

But I think that worst of all are those of us who do these things to ourselves.

Ugh. This is so me. If I were going to mess up, it would be exactly this way, scarring my own face for life.

Good to know I'm not alone!