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15+ Wholesome Photos To Remind Us The World Isn't As Terrible As It Seems

Nowadays, we don't need to look too far to find bad news. From where we're sitting, a lot of it seems bigger and worse than ever and it's hard to escape it because the troubles we face seem to be on everyone else's mind too.

However, as tempting as it might be to write off humanity as incapable of doing anything right when things are darkest, that's not being entirely fair.

Underneath the anger and confusion, there are more people than we might realize who are just trying to make life better for as many as possible. Let's meet some of them.

A doctor came up with this special way to make sure an illiterate person gets the medication they need.

Reddit | vampirobrasileiro

Not only is this creative and cute, but it shows that this doctor refused to give up on making sure their patient's needs are met.

This seems like a reminder of why people become doctors in the first place.

This picture tells a story that could've been sad were it not for some thoughtful Walmart employees.

Facebook | Tasia Smith

According to a friend's Facebook post, this customer with cerebral palsy was denied service at Walmart's nail salon because she "moved too much."

When they heard about this, some other workers took it upon themselves to buy nail polish and give her a manicure themselves so her day wouldn't be ruined.

It's always lovely to come across a story that already has a happy ending.

Reddit | senilepigs55

That "got" must've been the most satisfying three letters that anybody's ever put on their truck. And Willie now has a permanent reminder of how much he's appreciated.

This man was planning to adopt another dog entirely, but somebody beat him to it.

Facebook | Humans of New York

However, he didn't stop there and soon found Engelbert here, who he said, "had about 10 pages of physical problems."

These included non-functioning back legs, frostbitten ears and only having three teeth. So he adopted Engelbert because he figured nobody else would.

This four-year-old had just started chemotherapy when this picture was taken, so his mom decided to make her haircut match his.

Reddit | babygiraffe178

This beautiful gesture sends a clear message that no matter what happens, she's dedicated to going through he son's struggles alongside him.

This woman comes to this McDonald's every morning for coffee, and it seems she didn't go unnoticed.

Reddit | Joshwilso

On the day she turned 90, the staff threw her a party complete with a tiara and a sash that says "90 & Fabulous." Now, that's just adorable.

This seems like a strange sign in most contexts, but it's a heartfelt celebration in this one.

Reddit | Whatay

This photo came in the wake of a decision by India's Supreme Court to strike down a law criminalizing homosexuality. Finally, this man could freely love whoever inspires him to.

This person lives next to a 90-year-old woman who hasn't been able to walk her dog in years.

Reddit | strikeoutsteph

So, they volunteered to do it for her and the results are as easy to see as they are wonderful.

This photo marks the moment where Justin Gallegos learned he would become Nike's first athlete with cerebral palsey.

Instagram | @zoommagic

As he said on Instagram, there was a time when that dream didn't even seem possible to him so his tearful joy at the amazing surprise speaks for itself.

This is a good reminder that a moment doesn't have to be big and life-changing to stay with us.

Reddit | theraccoonrobot

Any musician with thin walls in their apartment worries about the day their neighbors will complain about them, so this heartwarming flattery was obviously welcome.

It may just look like a before and after shot of a room cleaning, but that achievement can mean a lot more when somebody lives with depression.

Reddit | madding247

This photo was posted with the caption, "Depression. One step at a time! Feeling pretty good about myself right now :)" and it certainly makes that second photo seem like a shining trophy.

Empty rooms can sometimes feel lonely and sad, but this is definitely not one of those occasions.

Reddit | SwingLifeAway93

What we're looking at is part of the aftermath of Tampa's "Clear The Shelters" adoption drive, which resulted in the adoption of 2,358 animals.

This blind Cubs fan was apparently having trouble hailing a cab and this woman wasn't about to leave him in the lurch.

Facebook | Ryan Hamilton

According to a Facebook post from an onlooker, she stood there with him until one pulled up and helped get the driver's attention.

Apparently, the older man here is teaching his new seat buddy origami using a dollar.

Reddit | mayorboogers

As great as a book and some music can be when you're waiting for a flight, nothing makes the time pass like bonding with somebody. It's always nice when that's possible.

Sometimes, it just takes one good idea to put smiles on a lot of faces.

Reddit | yaboimarvin

Even as a kid, I never really saw much value in getting Mickey Mouse's autograph, but you'd have to be made of stone not to see what makes this precious.

Obviously, someone took a nasty spill here and wanted to prevent others from sharing their fate.

Reddit | gurensan

And the fact that they took the time to do that will definitely be appreciated by anyone who comes through here carrying something.

This picture may not seem like a big deal out of context, but it helps to know this took place in Kodaikanal, India.

Reddit | PranavPKS

At the time, this region was both ridiculously hot and experiencing some water scarcity, so this man probably could've really used the water he let this monkey drink.

Most eyes will be drawn to the two men having a drink together, but the bikes in the back are the reason they met.

Reddit | Sincer77

The guy on the left was experiencing motorcycle troubles in Vietnam, so the other man, who is apparently named Mr. Tran, pushed the bike about three miles with his scooter, found a mechanic for him, and even bought him the beer.

That's some amazing generosity.

This teacher gives her kids some options for how they want to greet her in the morning.

Reddit | sezar4321

Depending on which picture they pick, they can either get a high-five, a hug, a little dance, or whatever's on the bottom right.

None of the kids picked that, so I couldn't tell you.

This kid is planning to throw a Star-Wars themed bake sale with a couple of special provisions.

Reddit | ohhelloperson

The first is that any homeless person who shows up to his table can eat for free. The second is that they "might get money" and that presumably hinges on how much is collected.

Not only is this a great response when we encounter racist graffiti, but that cat has the perfect expression.

Reddit | Jopling95

"Trust me, I saw what was here before I showed up and I'm doing you a favor by covering it. Sheesh."

Not everyone online are ruthless bullies.

As this post proves, there are indeed people on sites like Reddit who won't make fun of someone for not knowing how to do someone, but will instead help them without judgement simply because it's the right thing to do.

Believe it or not, these pictures aren't of the same person, but of a father and his son.

It's heartbreaking to think this son grew up without knowing his father but it's also heartwarming to know that he eventually turned into that very man.

Like father, like son.

This cheesin' little doggy just wanted to feel more like his human.

Apparently, he had a penchant for stealing that human's favorite chair, pictured on the right side of that photo. So what did she do? Well, buy him his very own mini version of course.

And judging from his expression, he's quite satisfied with it. Although, perhaps that jealous cat in the background now wants its own too.

Sometimes all you need is a little sign to let you know everything's going to be O.K.

That's exactly what this Reddit user got. You don't have to be spiritual to appreciate a small moment of wonder, like spilling your water in the perfect shape of a heart.

This woman from Korea was excited to experience her very first Halloween in America — that is, until COVID came along and threw a wrench in those plans.

But rather than let herself feel defeated at the prospect of no trick-or-treaters coming to her door, she decided to make individual goodie bags to personally hand out so Halloween can be both fun and safe this year.

Sometimes you find some unusual sights on Google Maps but sometimes you can find something incredible, too.

This person's father died this year and while looking up his house on Google Maps recently, they were treated to this heartwarming, if not slightly comical sight.

"We found [dad] in his natural environment: painting the house, pants falling down."

A small act of kindness from a stranger can mean the world to someone.

This person just got their GED and one of their customers who apparently knew of their education pursuit gave them this unbelievably sweet card, plus a little cash so they could have a celebratory lunch on them.

This user's husband likes to treat them to flowers every single Friday, which he calls "Fresh Flower Friday".

But when his shoulder surgery fell on that very day, he made sure to still give them fresh flowers — or as close to fresh flowers as he could.

As the user noted, "I found this on our whiteboard this morning and he must have wrote it with his non dominant hand. It’s the best bouquet he’s ever given me."

It doesn't take much to make this dog's day — just a little bit of kindness from the mail person.

Look at little Pippa's face. The highlight of her day is clearly the moment when she gets to personally receive her home's mail.

So even when they don't have any mail being delivered to them, this person makes sure little Pippa always has something to proudly bring home.

No, this isn't a story about the "Lord of the Rings" series. It's actually unbelievably sweet.

As this user wrote,

"When I first told my wife I loved her, she replied with 'That's dangerous.' When we married a year ago she snuck this inscription into my ring."

I get the feeling that these two are going to be just fine.

Reddit | thegoatiedoodie

What better way to let someone know how much their sacrifice was truly appreciated?

Here we see two photos taken of the same couple six years apart.

Reddit | servethyneighbor

And it's pretty clear from the second one that a lot more has happened in the time between them than just a haircut. What a lovely way to show how far they've come.

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