The 'Perfect' Human Body Was Created By A Biologist, And It's Very Creepy

An evolutionary biologist set out to fix our human flaws and create the perfect body.

There are problems with humans from a design standpoint.


While the development of our much larger brains than our primate cousins and the ability to walk on two legs has taken us to the top of the food chain, humans still have some major flaws.

For example, childbirth can be a difficult process.

Females experience very painful childbirth due to a pelvis that got smaller when our skulls got bigger.

And our hearing and eyesight are likely to fail us as we age.

We also experience back problems because the S-shape spine is not ideal for carrying our weight upright.

Someone came up with a solution.

Professor Alice Roberts decided to explore what humans would look like if they had evolved the perfect body. She explained her process, and it's a doozy.

"Inspired by dogs, cats, cephalopods, fish, swans and chimps, my model has a better heart with more arteries than a human being."

Twitter | @Storm_Post

On top of that, her model has "lungs that are more efficient, eyes with no blindspots, ears that pick up sound better, legs that are more efficient."

The final touch?

Twitter | @Storm_Post

Of course, the model has "reptilian skin which reacts fast to block damaging ultraviolet rays."

It's like she's been reading my wish list to Santa!

Presenting the final results was an interesting experience.

The final perfect human was revealed on BBC4 in front of a live audience. There were laughs and gasps as the superhuman's appearance.

Professor Roberts explains what she's done with this human, but the absolute best part is that it is holding an iPhone.

Twitter Brought The Jokes

I guess we should have seen the fact that even future humans are still addicted to their phones (or whatever equivalent comes next).

One Twitter user pointed out that once the baby outgrows the pouch, it would be a handy phone storage spot.

Now That's What I Call Evolution

Some people on Twitter were more practical in their thinking, taking helpful evolutionary strides into consideration.

Your body adapting to your specific skills and interests sounds like something out of the X-Men, but maybe someday it could be a reality.

Everyday Sexism

Many men on Twitter also took advantage of the moment to try and lecture Prof. Roberts on where she had gone wrong in her assessment.

Despite the fact that she is, you know, an expert, and they are just dudes with a Twitter account and a superiority complex.

Evolution: Perfecting Snacks

Some users had their priorities in line, though, like how the pouch would be a great place for snacks...

A Tail WOULD Be Pretty Cool

... and how cool it would be to have a tail. Who hasn't wished for another appendage on busy days?

Asking The Real Questions

And, of course, in typical Twitter fashion, dragons came up. Always with the dragons.

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