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19+ Celebs Who Quit Shaving And Aren't Ashamed To Show It

Let's all be honest: shaving is annoying af. It takes time, it's expensive (especially for women, where the prices of our razors are higher than men's razors), and it lasts a short while before the whole thing has to be done all over again.

So what's the solution? What do we do to avoid razor burn, dry skin, itchiness, and all those other unpleasant side effects of removing the hair we're born with? For these celebs, it was an easy choice: just stop shaving.

Miley Cyrus

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Not only does Miley embrace her underarm hair, she has fun with it. She's been spotted dyeing her hair different colors, including pink!

Why not try out different colors? We have body hair for a reason, y'all. We don't have to be ashamed of it.


Instagram | @madonna

The queen of...well, everything, really, wasn't afraid to show off her pits in 2015. Her Instagram will immediately tell you everything you need to know about Madonna's approach to style and life: she does whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

And that includes posting selfies in her underwear with hairy armpits. Deal with it.


Getty Images | Gregg DeGuire

During the 2010 Oscars award season, the public was set abuzz with talk of Mo'Nique's, well...lack of buzzed legs. She said this to Barbara Walters on her experience shaving: "[...] it was uncomfortable and painful. I said never again would I do that to myself."


Drew Barrymore

Instagram | @drewbarrymore

Drew made splashes in the 90s when she appeared in public multiple times with visible armpit hair. In fact, she attended the Charlie's Angels premiere]( in 2005 with armpit hair!

Go girl.

Scout Willis

Instagram | @scoutlaruewillis

Scout Willis has proudly rocked hairy armpits for years, opting to keep her entire look natural and maintenance-free.

There's no reason women have to shave our armpit hair, so why should Scout?

Penelope Cruz

Instagram | @penelopecruzoficial

Mega-star Penelope Cruz isn't afraid of a little armpit hair--or a lot of it. She posed for the cover of AIE Magazine with her underarms on full display, hair and all.

Gigi Hadid

Instagram | @thelovemagazine

Gigi went unshaven for a promo video with The Love Magazine on Instagram. The video champions strength and is all about freedom of movement, which is the perfect platform to show off how unnecessary shaving is. You don't need bare arms to lift like a beast.

Mayim Bialik

Instagram | @missmayim

Mayim Bialik penned an entire op-ed on the topic of visible body hair, focusing on her never having shaven her legs. She framed it from the perspective of a parent, raising kids to understand that hair is completely natural.

Tyra Banks

Instagram | @tyrabanks

Tyra Banks is practically perfect in every way: including her leg hair. She doesn't have to shave, Tyra says, because "The hair is so faint, you don't even see it."

Lady Gaga

Instagram | @ladygaga

Lady Gaga is no stranger to performing with armpit hair. She rocked blue faux-armrpit hair while doing a set at the Much Music Video Awards, and she's posted a selfie with underarm stubble.

Now that's a statement.

Celine Dion

Instagram | @celinedion

Celine drew reams of criticism after she performed with visible leg hair. However, many were on Celine's side, noting that the beauty standards set for women--especially women in entertainment--are absolutely insane.

Bella Thorne

Snapchat | bellathornedab

Bella Thorne made no secret of her procrastination towards shaving. And like, tbh, we all do it. Winter rolls around and there's just no need to shave for a while.

Michelle Rodriguez

Instagram | @mrodofficial

Michelle Rodriguez is a baddie in every sense of the word. Whether she's driving fast cars, shooting guns, or attending award shows, she does all of it with absolute ferocity. So of course posting a selfie with armpit hair wouldn't faze her one bit.

Julia Roberts

Instagram | @juliaroberts

Julia Roberts iconically attended the premiere of Notting Hill with unshaven underarms. She didn't intend for it to be such a statement--she just hadn't shaved her armpits that day. Nonetheless, it became an iconic moment in Hollywood feminist history.

Britney Spears

Instagram | @britneyspears

Britney Spears rocked and shocked audiences alike when she appeared on a red carpet sporting visible armpit hair. The year was 2003, and Britney was at the height of her fame. A statement like that lasts a lifetime.

Kelly Rowland

Instagram | @kellyrowland

It takes a true queen to attend a beauty award show with visible armpit hair, but that's exactly what Kelly Rowland did. She rocked an InStyle red carpet with noticeably unshaven underarms. Yes. God.

Amandla Stenberg

Instagram | @amandlasponsored

Attending the premiere of The Hate U Give turned out to be a bigger statement than Amandla Stenberg anticipated. She posted an Instagram picture the day after the premiere, where she had visible underarm hair, and simply hashtagged it #drama #armpit.

Gaby Hoffman


Actress Gaby Hoffman cleverly paired her unshaven armpits with a fringe-like dress, giving the illusion of hair all over. She told The New York Observer, "People are obsessed with actresses being hairless, fatless Barbie dolls." It angered her that people thought her being her natural self was a statement at all.

Lourdes Leon

Instagram | @madonna

Taking a page from her mother's book, Lourdes posed for a photo with Madonna with her armpit hair out for everyone to see. It's nice to see that Madonna passed her own embracement of natural body hair to her children.

Paris Jackson

Paris not only embraces her body hair, but proudly competes with her brother to see who can grow the longer leg hair. Honestly? My money is on her.

A woman determined can do anything.

Amanda Palmer

Twitter | @amandapalmer

Amanda Palmer has been outspoken on not liking shaving for years. She even accidentally started a movement on Twitter that quickly spread to Tumblr, where women posted themselves with unshaved armpits in support of her. I love them all.

Jemima Kirke

Instagram | @jemimakirkefan

Actress Jemima Kirke has no problem showing off her pits—because she doesn't see what the big deal is with them in the first place.

She and sister Lola have both attended red carpets sporting unshaven underarms.

The world didn't end.


Sarah Silverman

Instagram | @sarahkatesilverman

What's bolder than showing up to a premiere with hairy armpits? Showing them off proudly. Sarah Silverman even spoke out in support of Miley Cyrus' dyed and unshaven pits, tweeting, "Guess what, @mileycyrus , I like ur armpit hair & ur boobz & ur you-ness let that freak flag fly lil ma because you are doing JUST FINE"

Sophia Loren

This classic beauty was unafraid to keep her armpits totally natural. Actress Jemima Kirke posted this picture of Sophia with hairy pits, likely due to her own experience with people criticizing her for her own.