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14 Things From '90s TV Shows That Totally Wouldn't Be Okay Today

'90s television was a lot different than television is today. When you watch old episodes of certain shows, you realize that a lot of the jokes they made definitely wouldn't fly these days.

Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of recent shows can get pretty edgy, but there's a line, and most networks aren't willing to cross it.

1. Friends definitely got a little homophobic from time to time.

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Anytime Chandler was accused of being gay, he acted so offended — like it was the WORST thing to ever happen to him.

2. And then there was that time Ross and Joey took a nap together, and they acted so ashamed.

Like, so what if you want to nap together? Why does two men having physical contact have to be the plot of an entire episode?

3. The gun episode in Pokémon.


Although this episode was banned nearly everywhere outside of Japan, it's still surprising that it was created at all.

I mean, a man literally points the weapon directly at Ash, who's just ten years old. That's pretty messed up.

4. The drinking and driving episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.

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Again, although this was banned, it's pretty shocking that anyone thought an episode about the young characters drinking a beer, driving, and eventually dying after flying off a cliff in the car would be a good idea.

A bit much for children, no?

5. Stephanie calls Kimmy a "whore" on Full House.


I don't know why a wholesome '90s show thought dropping a slut-shaming joke in would be cool, but it definitely wouldn't fly in family shows these days, and especially not from the mouth of a child.

6. Practically anything that Al Bundy did on Married... with Children.

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Some episodes were far worse than others, like that time he started the anti-feminist group NO MA'AM because a women's league took over his bowling night.

Yes, seriously.

7. Oh, boy, would people have something to say about his character if he were to exist today.

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There's also that scene where he basically has sex with Peggy even though she clearly doesn't consent to it. BYE.

8. Every sexist word that came from the mouth of A.C. Slater on Saved by the Bell.

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We get it, his character was supposed to be a misogynist, but that type of comedy wouldn't escape mainstream criticism these days.

9. The suspicious coloring of the Power Ranger suits.


A lot of people take issue with the fact that the pink Power Ranger was a girl, the red Ranger was Native American, and the yellow Ranger was Vietnamese. They can do better.

10. The victim-blaming on Dawson's Creek.

Creek of the Week | Episode 114

In one particular episode, Jen is nearly sexually assaulted, but her grandmother comes home and things stop.

Instead of being supportive, her gran belittles her, telling her she needs to act like a lady and respect herself. It's pretty rough to watch go down.

11. The "Give Your Uncle Arthur a Kiss" episode in Family Ties.


I know, it's a show from the '80s, but still.

The Keaton’s family friend, "Uncle Arthur," comes to visit. He first inappropriately touches and then kisses 15-year-old Mallory against her will.

As it happens, the studio audience bursts into laughter, which is bothersome in itself.

The episode comes so close to turning it into a major learning moment but then fails miserably.


When confronted, Arthur comes up with about a million excuses for his actions and eventually says he'll get some help, but that's pretty much it.

The barely-there slap on the wrist just isn't okay here, and there would be more serious repercussions these days.

12. The episode where Seinfeld drugs his girlfriend.


People seem to laugh this one off because he simply wants to play with her vintage toy collection, but Jerry openly admits that drugging her was "great" and that he had done it more than once.

What's worse in when confronted, Jerry responds with, "What kind of woman drinks an entire box of wine?" Ohhh, no, he didn't.

13. Frasier berating and mansplaning to his own wife on Cheers.

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When Frasier and his wife, Lilith, have a disagreement on psychologists, his immediate response is to call her drunk, right before he begins to loudly declare to the bar that she's "completely smashed," even though she hasn't had one drink.

He then goes on to speak to her like she's not a highly educated psychologist. Boooooo.

14. Ross being a total jerk to the male nanny.

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We're including yet another Friends reference because there's just so many.

When Ross and Rachel want to hire a nanny for Emma, Ross just can't seem to grasp that a male could ever look after a child and even asks if he's gay.

And this is why nobody likes Ross.

Of course, there are plenty of shows out there today that haven't escaped the racist, misogynistic, or totally unacceptable humor that was once okay, but that doesn't mean we need to support them.

Don't forget to chime in and tell us what you think about these shows in the comments!