11+ Genius Hacks We Definitely Should Have Started Using A Long Time Ago

This has been a good week for hacks. I actually think I've said, "That's a hack!" more times this week than I've ever said it before. For some reason, I've just been using a lot of them!

In this article you'll actually find one hack that I "created." It might not go viral, but it certainly helped me out when I needed it. I'm not going to tell you which one it is, either, so you're gonna have to creep me pretty hard or give it a guess.

Enjoy these hacks that you'll definitely wish you started using a long time ago!

Attach two microfiber cloths with binder clips to a pair of tongs.

Hometalk | Alicia W.

You probably have all of these already sitting somewhere at home, so what's the harm in putting together this strange contraption? It'll even help you out with cleaning!

Alicia shared this smart hack over on Hometalk, and as weird as it looks, I think it's pretty smart.

Hometalk | Alicia W.

It'll help you clean both sides of your blinds at the same time! That'll save you a ton of time, and save your lungs from a lot of dust.

Use an over-the-door storage rack to organize all of your cleaning supplies.

Instagram | @mybudgethome

You could put this on the back of your pantry or your supply closet and have super easy access to all your favorite products. You can also use these units for storing things in the bathroom, or even snacks!

I love this hack because I have somehow dropped and shattered all the glass lids for my pots and only have one left.

Reddit | Rev_DC

This is big enough to cover all sizes of pots, and it's super cheap to make!

Who else was super upset when Apple decided to change up their headphone port situation?!

Reddit | nerberku_geru

Well, someone else figured out a trick, and this has been helping me out since 2016! Duct tape all the way.

Have some jewelry that has seen better days, but no time to take them to get cleaned professionally?

Instagram | @valley_greenery_farm

Put those babies in a bowl of hydrogen peroxide and watch all the gunk float to the top.

I am 99% sure they don't make Ziploc bags large enough to fit things like a keyboard.

Reddit | Vega_128

But if you turn two bags inside out, you can still zip them shut and hold all sorts of things.

Anyone else get grossed out by the idea of dunking your hand into your cup of milk when you're eating cookies?

Reddit | Eredhel

If you want to go hands-free, try using a fork to dunk them instead.

This Reddit user figured out that nail clippers are actually really sharp and really strong.

Reddit | nottobeexpected

Meaning they cut through things like zip ties really easily. Plus, they have more mobility than a lot of scissors.

Guys, I was approximately 26 years and three months old when I found out about this.

Reddit | kuzzi5

It definitely makes a lot of sense, but why didn't anyone tell me about it?!

I am really impressed with the father who came up with this clever storage solution.

Reddit | aworden222

They opened one of the bandages and put it on the outside of the bag so you'll never have to guess what kind you're gonna get.

Need to fix your fave pair of flip-flops while at the beach?

Twitter | @RunnerBunny

There may have been a few times where mine broke and I had no other shoe option. A soda tab can do the trick in a pinch.

Aprile put her oven burners into large plastic bags with 1/4 cup of ammonia.

Instagram | @missaprile

After 24 hours, the fumes from the ammonia helped get all the gunk off with ease.

Do you find that your buttons are falling off?

Reddit | GlumConfidence89

It's probably because your threads are fraying! To stop that from happening, add some clear nail polish to the threads.

Are you constantly pulling the wrong notebook out of your backpack?

Reddit | aarnens

Write the name of each subject on its corresponding notebook so you can easily look in your bag and grab the right one.

I still don't understand how bread crumbs seem to get all over my counter.

Reddit | uninsurable

If you want a super easy way to keep your counter clean, put your toaster on some sort of tray instead of directly on the counter!

I am always afraid of putting glass directly in the garbage.

Reddit | W_ORhmeorReason

I'm terrified I'm going to cut myself or it's going to cut through the plastic of the garbage bag. Put it in another bag before tossing it out!

Do you always forget your lunch?

Reddit | Genorune

I'm notoriously bad at forgetting to pack a lunch, or even just forgetting my lunch bag in the fridge. If you put your keys with them, you won't forget!

All of my cords are in a bag, never to be looked at again.

Reddit | vrrroomvrrroom

That is until I actually need a particular cord and I have to dump the bag out to find what I'm looking for. This is a great way to keep things hidden, too!

Usually, I drink my iced beverages black, but sometimes I do want a little bit of sweetness.

Reddit | FatalErrorOccurred

When it comes to iced drinks, I prefer a little simple syrup over a packet of sugar. If you want to easily make a liquid concoction, add a little hot water to some sugar before pouring it into your drink.

Summer has been hot as heck, and I know I could have used this a few times.

Reddit | lardparty

A spray nozzle fits pretty well on a water bottle, so just twist it on a frozen one and spray as needed for some much-needed refreshment.

Always trying to find that sweet spot on the shower tap that's the perfect temperature?

YouTube | The King Of Random

Next time you've found your perfect water temp, add a little dot of liquid paper or mark it with permanent marker so you know exactly where to turn to!

Want an easy way to keep your floor clean when drilling into your walls?

Reddit | AlexFerire

Add a folded piece of sticky note to the wall so that the dust is caught in the fold. Kind of brilliant, right?

If you don't have a corkscrew on hand but you've got a screw and hammer, you can still get that cork out.

Imgur | imvale

Put a screw into the cork, then use the back of your hammer to pry it out. I swear, this one works!

Anyone with pets knows that they get hair all over the furniture, no matter how hard we try to get it off!

Reddit | nursewords

This rubber jar opener is apparently the trick to cleaning off your couch. Just rub it all over and the hair will cling to it.

Tired of your garbage bags falling back into your garbage cans?

Reddit | randomusefulbits

Use an upside-down adhesive hook to hook the bag onto the side of the can. You won't lose it inside the bin again!

I let my dog play with toilet paper rolls because I love to watch her tear them apart.

Reddit | AsianFrenchie

But someone had a better idea for them. Use them to create seedlings for your herbs so they'll turn to compost as the plants grow.

If you're in a pinch and need to add oil to your car without a funnel, here's an easy hack!

Reddit | thetechhunter

Use a screwdriver to pour the oil into the valve with ease.

Isn't it the worst when you forget to take something out of the freezer in the morning for dinner later that night?

Reddit | randomusefulbits

If you flatten your ground meat, it'll defrost so much quicker.

Time to get rid of those mattress pills once and for all.

Reddit | straightedgepreteen

Use a razor and simply shave all those pills away! How satisfying is this comparison photo? Oh, yeah. That's the stuff.

Never confuse your earbuds again.

Reddit | mankaden

If you have earbuds with rubber tips, you can easily swap the tips or color-code them. That way, you'll always know which one is for your left ear, and which one is for your right ear.

Extend the life of your razors and save money.

Reddit | eventualist

If you use a can of compressed air for dusting on your razor after your shave, you'll get rid of the tiny hairs and build-up that can make your razor dull. Just blow it away.

Have a small kitchen?

Reddit | lightandvariable

Save counter and cabinet space by storing your spices with the help of some magnets on your fridge. What a fun DIY project for the weekend!

This is one hack Marie Kondo would be proud of.

Reddit | Persephone2018

Use hangers and a tension rod to organize your boots and maximize space in your closet. Is there anything better than a well-organized closet?

DIY drink holder to the rescue.

Reddit | kobesnacksssss

Simply use your backpack's top handle to hold your drinks. This is especially handy if you're commuting on a bus or train!

No more messes after shaving.

Reddit | vegan_ANIMAL

Ladies, you might want to share this one with your man (nudge, nudge). If you're tired of cleaning up little hairs off the bathroom counter, simply place a garbage bag over your sink to catch the hairs. Problem solved!

Keep your phone safe and clean at the beach.

Reddit | bustanono

Place your phone in a plastic bag to keep it safe from sand and water. best of all, you can still use the touchscreen through the plastic.

Break in those new shoes with ease.

Reddit | SN2014dt

Wear your new shoes around the house with a pair of thick socks. The socks will protect your feet and stretch out your shoes as you break them in. Now you're ready to strut your stuff.

I honestly have never thought of bubble wrap as useful for anything other than packing breakable items, and for its satisfying popping sound.

Unicorn Love

But Unicorn Love found a whole other use for my favorite distraction!

How cute are these honeycomb chocolate snacks?

Unicorn Love

I wouldn't have thought to use bubble wrap to get this pattern, but it totally makes sense once you think about it. If you're looking for a bee-utiful treat, try this one out!

Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever had a desperate need for a bandage but just didn't have one?

Twitter | @handmadejungle

Let me introduce to you the cotton-pad-and-painter's-tape solution. I'm serious, this works.