11+ Everyday Objects With A Hidden Secret

The ordinary, everyday objects in this list looked unassuming to the untrained eye. That was until someone had a look inside and discovered that they were carrying a weird secret.

I'll be honest, a lot of the photos in this article will probably make you feel uncomfortable and might even turn you off certain fruits and vegetables for a while.

Even though I was grossed out writing this article, at the same time I couldn't stop looking at some of these.

Moss in a gutter.

Reddit | r0ndy

Imagine going to clean out your gutters and basically finding a hedge maze growing in there.

One one hand, it's kind of beautiful. On the other hand, now you have to clean out the leaves and all this moss.

This egg without its shell.

Reddit | slasherman

This egg's shell came off in the carton but left the inner membrane intact.

The longer I look at it, the more I just want to poke it for some weird reason.

An onion inside an onion.

Reddit | ladyleliel

Remember that scene in Shrek when he talks about how onions have layers? I don't know why, but this image brought that scene back in vivid detail.

Look! A baby grape!

Reddit | prettycoolguy97

Awww, it's kind of cute, isn't it? Mind you, I would not be thrilled if I bit into a grape and discovered another grape inside. The texture would be all off.

The inside of this snap bracelet.

Reddit | yer_a_wizard_amber

Huh. I always wondered what was inside these bracelets as a kid, and I guess I have my answer now. Seems a little lazy, doesn't it?

Monster carrot

Reddit | Papa_Zit

The fact that this huge carrot contains a bunch of smaller carrots inside it is a little terrifying. I would definitely pass over this carrot if I found it in the produce section.

A mini pill inside a regular pill.

Reddit | helpimacraygf

This photo raises so many questions. Are all pills like this on the inside? How does this even happen? Of all the photos on this list, this one really boggled my mind.

Baby corn

Reddit | AlwaysChangingMind88

When people say "baby corn" this is not what comes to mind. I think of those actual baby corns that you find in a stir-fry. Not this. Although, you have to admit that it's kind of cute.

Melon sprouts

Reddit | bluemoon1993

The seeds inside this melon had already started sprouting before it was cut open. I don't think I've ever seen melon sprouts before, so I guess this is one thing I can cross off my bucket list.

Double beer can

Reddit | gibberoni

If I was getting ready to crack open a beer and found that I had to break through two cans, I would be a little ticked off. How are you even supposed to open the second can?

Two fish for the price of one.

Reddit | Alexninja03

When this fish was caught, it was in the process of eating another fish. Cool, right? No, no it's gross. Let's move on. Nature is so weird sometimes.

A cone within a cone.

Reddit | Fin123

Now, I actually like the crunch of an ice cream cone, so this would be like an extra treat for me.

What I'm really wondering is, does this mean that there was less ice cream in the cone? Because that is not okay.

A bocce ball

Reddit | cbnimble

I'm not going to lie, I had to look up what bocce is and from what I can gather, it's sort of like lawn bowling.

Anyway, when this bocce ball cracked, a bunch of pool balls were discovered inside. Whaaaaaat?

The clementine that keeps on giving.

Reddit | Frankenrogers

I think most people have found a baby clementine inside their clementine before. I have never seen a baby clementine that had a peel, though.

It's like two citrus snacks for the price of one.

Two garden statues for the price of one.

Reddit | sansonmr

When this Reddit user broke their frog garden statue, there was another one inside of a pig playing the guitar. Awesome find!

A... samurai sword?

Reddit | BriCins

"Renovating a 100 year old house, found what looks like a samurai sword under a section of the house that had a dirt floor. The sheath is metal on the outside and wood inside. Still sharp and heavy," said Reddit user BriCins. Wow!

This teeny-tiny crab.

Reddit | bundiganja

The world's smallest crab (not officially, but it is tiny) was found in the shell of this person's dinner.


Reddit | Madrid1214

This poor bug got trapped in this roll of tape during the manufacturing process. Reminds me of Jurassic Park.

A hidden safe.

Reddit | mmartinez42793

Someone's parents were renovating their kitchen floor, when they found this secret safe. I wonder what was inside!

The inside of an Etch-A-Sketch.

Reddit | Professor-54

Apparently, if you fill an entire Etch-A-Sketch screen with your design, you can see what the inner workings look like. Cool!

This tomato's seeds started sprouting from the inside.

Reddit | zafferous

All I can think is, "Kill it! It's alive!" Sorry, maybe that's a bit dramatic but, this creeps me out for some reason.

This egg, which contained another egg inside it.

Reddit | MrBrorito

I don't know why, but this one just freaks me out. It's like the egg swallowed its own twin or something. Ugh. Okay, let's move on.

This papaya with many papayas inside.

Reddit | Tea-Loving_Linguist

Seriously, how does this even happen? It's pretty common to find one fruit growing in another, but to find five? That is some next-level weirdness right there.