You Can Send Your Special Someone A Fart In A Jar For Christmas

Christmas isn't Christmas without a few gag gifts, right? They really liven up the office party, at least. And if they're chosen with particular care, they can be part of a Christmas morning tradition with your best buds.

I do really hope that anyone who is willing to send someone a gag gift isn't doing so out of malice.

Here's a thought for those of you still wandering the malls aimlessly, just looking for inspiration to finally finish off your Christmas list: How about a fart in a jar?

Twitter | @sendajart

I mean, nobody's thought of that one before, right? And it's sure to be a surprise! There's even a company out there — Send a Jart — that will do all the work for you, farting into the jar (we assume), sealing it up, packaging it, and delivering it to your intended.

They'll even let you send a message along with some stink!

Facebook | Send a Jart

That way the special someone you send it to has to open the jar and let the raunchy Christmas spirit free, of course.

And you get your choice of flavor to your not-so-passive-aggressive gifting needs.

There's a whole range of scents to pick from, including Vegan Who Tried Meat Again, Hungover Frat Boy, World of Warcrafter, or the seasonal offering of Fat Man in a Red Suit.

Not to worry if you're not in America, Send a Jart has some like-minded friends across the pond.

Yep, there's British version, called Farts Direct, which will send some upper-crust butt thunder to your British mates. Their jars contain more distinctly English flavors, like Curry Napalm or Hanging Out Of Your Arse.

Just for the holidays, however, they're offering the packed punch of Stuffing Shart or Sprout Stench.

You know, for that authentic, post-Christmas dinner experience. And, with the nation currently embroiled in an existential crisis, there are two Brexit themed options: Better Out Than In, or, for Remainers, Stay Still Incase It Slips. How thoughtful.

Here's my question: Is this a sustainable business model? Like, isn't this easy to just DIY?

What's to stop you from just powering up on some roughage and sending off a jar of home brew? Not that I would ever do that, of course. Just saying.

So, there's your holiday shopping done. You're welcome.