Woman Hacks Her Fridge To Dispense Wine And Becomes Internet Role Model

There are few things better than putting your feet up and sipping on a hefty glass of wine. The only way the experience could be better is if dispensing wine became more convenient in some way.

Well, it's your lucky day because a woman posted a wine hack to Twitter that simply gets it done. You have to check out her viral tweet.

Meet Clare, a Manchester lifestyle blogger who might also be the smartest person alive.

Twitter | @iliketweet

Little did she know that posting two simple pictures would revolutionize fridge technology forever while also making her an internet role model.

"My adult life just peaked," wrote Clare.

Her tweet has amassed over 170,000 likes and 66,000 retweets. Let's break down this simple yet powerful hack that really anyone can do if they put their mind to it.

First, empty out the fridge door compartment that usual holds that boring water.

Twitter | @iliketweet

Next, crack open your favorite bottle of wine and pour the whole thing into this now empty compartment.

Is it me or is Clare's fridge made primarily of wine? Not judging, only respect.

Boom. Clare was dispensing wine from her home fridge in no time.

Twitter | @iliketweet

If you think about it, this technique can be used to fill your fridge with just about any beverage. Iced coffee sounds pretty nice, actually.

As you can imagine, this dead simple hack started spreading like a wildfire through social media and Clare kinda became famous.

@whokickedit got it right.

Twitter | @whokickedit

Some people may never reach the level of guru Clare has reached. It's up to us to accept it and move on.

In no time, Clare was being contacted by news stations requesting permission to use her hack on their platforms.


ABC News, not too shabby.

Clare was even contacted by wine companies directly who wanted to let her know exactly how genius this fridge hack really was.


If they were smart they would endorse Clare as their wine representative and also give her free wine for life, just sayin'.

Congratulations, Clare, you deserve the internet fame, this hack deserves to be retweeted until the end of time.

Let us know if you tried this hack at home!