7+ Weird Coincidences That Had Us Questioning Reality

Have you ever come across a coincidence that seems too weird to be true? These random events can totally catch us off guard and make us question reality itself.

Luckily, a few people captured these strange happenings on camera for us and now we get to witness these glitches in the matrix for ourselves.

This hiking snack was meant to be.

Reddit | AnGabhaDubh

I bet this person is really glad they went with a Clif bar and not trail mix. There aren't many times in life when your snack happens to perfectly match up with your environment.

A fortune cookie that predicted its own fate.

Reddit | Bfishy44

I don't even like fortune cookies that much, but after seeing this, I might start paying attention to them more. Imagine if your fortune cookie came like this. It would definitely be a sign of good luck.

The burn marks on this tortilla.

Reddit | OvinceStPierre

How did this tortilla know that this is the same expression I have when I eat tacos? Or burritos... or really anything that uses a tortilla. I'd take this as a good sign for sure.

These highlighters from two different brands.

Reddit | Derlictfrog

Even though they are different brands, these highlighters clearly came from the same factory. It's not a ground-breaking coincidence, but sometimes the little things can be interesting, too.

This one kind of freaked me out.

Reddit | Dfdudebrozah

On the right is a painting of Paris in New York and on the left is a photo a Reddit user took in Paris. Um, they are almost IDENTICAL. What are the chances, huh?

Okay, this one is eerie.

Reddit | wolfcasey9589

If you put a record sleeve over the cover of Abbey Road, only the faces of the two surviving Beatles are visible. Well, I guess this means the Illuminati is real after all.

A sock made for this shoe.

Reddit | Salutations

Are you one of those people who basically buys the same clothing pieces over and over without realizing it? I think that's what happened in this case. Hey, at least they have good taste!

Wait, what?

Reddit | DramaticGasp

This copy of 1984 costs $19.84. This has to be a joke. It's a joke, right? Guys, someone better tell me the truth soon because at this point, I'm convinced we're just pawns in some sort of sci-fi simulation.

They must have planned this.

Reddit | Saltire_Blue

The town of Dull, Scotland is twinned with Boring, Oregan, USA. You know, this one actually made me kind of happy. I like that they found each other.

These Tetris-shaped hashbrowns.


I actually suck at Tetris, but if there was a chance I'd get to dip the blocks in ketchup and eat them, then I'd be more interested. Plus, you can fit more hashbrowns on your plate this way.

Meet your double.

Reddit | NickTitle

It's pretty common to come across someone wearing the same shirt as you. But, to come across two guys wearing the same thing as you and your friend? I think it means someone is stalking you.

These rice boxes used the same stock photo.

Reddit | Noradonis

I guess the market for stir fry stock photos is limited. The real question is, do you go for the minute rice or the instant rice? Decisions, decisions.

This animal-shaped piece of toilet paper.

Reddit | hotcheetos96

Hmmmm... maybe coincidence isn't the right word to describe this photo, but it is pretty cool, right? It's not every day that you see a piece of toilet paper that looks like a dog.

This library mural.

Reddit | WrittenTwig

I guess it's not really a coincidence if it was planned, but if this happened by accident, that's freaky.

The library's fire extinguisher happens to be on the spine of Fahrenheit 451. You know, the book where they burn all the books?

A true glitch in the matrix.

Reddit | EiusQuod

I feel like Keanu was not even freaked out when this happened. Everyone knows he took the red pill a long, long time ago.

Instant BFFs?

Reddit | vinayaknair45

"My friend met this guy in a bar in San Diego wearing the same T-shirt and drinking the exact same cocktail!!! What are the odds?" said this Reddit user.

Leopard print and pom-poms — it's a thing.

Reddit | Mamagrey

If you're wondering what the latest trend for grandmas is, look no further than these two stylish ladies. It's a fierce look for sure.

Did they plan this?

Reddit | cje9918

Honestly, this is a fairly common occurrence at most high schools and college campuses. At this point, they may as well just wear uniforms.

Same make, same model, same damage.

Reddit | AmericanBornChink

What are the chances of these two cars parking so close to one another? Maybe these two drivers will bond over their shared experiences. Anything could happen!

When you match your snack.

Reddit | sir_ruu

It's not the most exciting coincidence, but if this happened to me, it would definitely bring a smile to my face.

The dog and the carpet become one.

Reddit | lleruarc

I don't know about you, but I actually just want to curl up on the shag carpet with this puppy. This picture screams cozy!

Designers are double-dipping with these patterns.

Reddit | Osirisk

Here's the real question: What came first? The shoe design or the design of this floor? Place your bets now!

When you accidentally match the decor.

Reddit | eleanor43

Imagine spending hours planning an outfit and getting ready, only to realize that you match the decor of the venue exactly.

How does this even happen? Maybe the designer of this building also dabbled in fashion?

The chips on this pipe.

Reddit | LolcatXTREME

Likely, someone carved this image of the world's map into the pipe, but that in itself is really cool. If it did happen on its own, then I would definitely start questioning everything I know about life.

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