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11 Actors You Definitely Forgot Were in the 'Twilight' Saga

It might not feel like it, but the Twilight series started 10 years ago. That's a decade of films that made Robert Pattinson a mad, rich genius and gave Kristin Stewart unwanted dating advice from the current president.

The film also gave us plenty of cultural touchstones -- are you Team Edward or Team Jacob -- and gave a lot of familiar faces a franchise to get some of that spotlight on them.

There are a few you might have forgotten were in the series, especially now that they've gone on to bigger and better things.

Maggie Grace

She might've broken through with Lost, but Maggie Grace has made her way around plenty of interesting roles since leaving the island. Apart from the Twilight films, she was also the daughter from Taken, One of the main stars of The Hurricane Heist, and is currently battling zombies on Fear The Walking Dead.

Lee Pace

Lee Pace might be more well known for Halt And Catch Fire or Pushing Daisies, he also found himself as part of the Twilight series.

This isn't his only movie work, though. If you're looking for a great Pace film, check out The Fall. You can also see him as Ronan The Accuser in Guardians Of The Galaxy and the upcoming Captain Marvel.

Rami Malek

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Rami Malek has gone on to bigger and better things since his appearance in Twilight. He made his film debut in the Night At The Museum series but has since gone on to critical acclaim with Mr. Robot and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Omar Metwally

The Affair and Mr. Robot actor Omar Metwally was a member of Malek's vampire coven in the Twilight series.

Angela Sarafyan

Clementine from Westworld actually was a vampire before becoming a robot. And before that, she was a medical tech on the Fox police comedy The Good Guys.

Noel Fisher

You better believe that Shameless' hard-edged love interest for Ian Gallagher was in Twilight. And he looked nothing like his real-world counterpart.

Dakota Fanning

The high-ranking member of the Volturi in the Twilight saga, Dakota Fanning might be the biggest star in the series. Her time as a child star made her a household name and she's never really stopped working.

Twilight represents the more adult side of her career, but it might be hard to connect her with the young girl from I Am Sam or War Of The Worlds.

Jamie Campbell Bower

Apparently, Jamie Campbell Bower is the pin holding together several different franchises. He's the constant, appearing in Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter, and Twilight.

Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen has some history with vampire movies. He played the werewolf leader Lucian in the Underworld films but switched sides to lead the Volturi in Twilight.

José Zúñiga

Beuna Vista Pictures

This one is less about Twilight and more about the other movies he has been in before gracing us with his presence in the first Twilight film.

He appeared in Alive, Con Air, Next, Mission: Impossible III, and many more. He's also a constant presence on TV.

Anna Kendrick

Possibly the most well-known actress to come out of the shadow of Twilight is Anna Kendrick. She also starred alongside George Clooney in Up In The Air before taking part in the massive Pitch Perfect series.

She's also pretty good at social media.

Cam Gigandet

A few folks went on to different projects after just an appearance in the first Twilight film. Cam Gigandet is one of them.

You've seen him in The Magnificent Seven remake, Priest with Paul Bettany, and a few others. He did get his Comic-Con moment thanks to Twilight, though.

Ashley Greene

The flipside of being deep in the Twilight franchise is that you're not really elsewhere in the Hollywood landscape. Ashley Greene was a fairly hot property thanks to her role in the vampire series, but has been in the midground since then.

A few TV series that fizzled, a few starring roles. It's expected, but you hope things pep back up or she's getting deeper work elsewhere.

Kellan Lutz

Look, Kellan Lutz could do nothing else outside of Twilight and his cameo on 30 Rock and he'd deserve to be revered. The cameo is perfection.

But he did go to try and kickstart a run as an action star, even appearing as the new generation in The Expendables 3 alongside Ronda Rousey and Sylvester Stallone. He's still out there, though. His latest is an appearance in What Men Want.

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