14+ Storage Hacks Straight From The Dollar Store

The date is almost here, it's nearly time for me to move! I've only been talking about it for a few weeks (months) now, but it's finally time for me to put my money where my mouth is and actually put some of these hacks I've been talking about in place.

I've spent a pretty penny on new furniture, which means it's now time for me to figure out storage solutions that aren't going to break the budget!

1. Use ice cube trays and plastic baskets to organize the drawers of your bathroom vanity.

Krazy Coupon Lady

If you were to step into my bathroom, you'd be sure to see quite the mess. Living in a condo in the city, my bathroom is teeny tiny and doesn't have a ton of space to begin with. So, I totally love the idea of getting hacky and creative and finding ways to maximize storage in the small space you have.

This sweet hack from Krazy Coupon Lady is definitely one I'll be trying out!

And while that works great in the bathroom, it also works pretty well in the kitchen too.

The Krazy Coupon Lady

I don't know about you, but my parents always had a "junk" drawer in their kitchen, and it's a habit I definitely picked up. Which is kind of sad because a lot of the stuff in the drawers aren't actually junk!

So, I think it's a pretty cool idea to use plastic baskets and other organizing items in the kitchen too. You could totally separate it all by use or type of product.

2. Use shower curtain hooks to hang items in your bedroom.

From The Desk

Like I said, I live in a small condo in a big city. Which means I'm ALWAYS looking for ways to amp up my storage game, especially in the smaller rooms of my place. My closet? It's actually NON-EXISTENT in my new place.

So it's definitely time to get creative with how I organize my clothes and accessories. I love this idea from From The Desk, who uses shower curtain hooks to hang scarves.

And if you don't exactly have a ton of scarves, you can also hang other things from them, too.

Organizing Moms

This photo from Organizing Moms shows that you can really use any type of shower curtain hook, and any type of clothes hanger, and this hack works great.

You can hang the hangers in your closet, or you can hang them off of your door or wall. There's so many ways to use this hack that'll keep things organized and off the ground (which is where my things tend to end up living).

3. Utilize vertical space wherever you can to store things up high.

Build And Create Home

In my opinion, this is particularly useful when you have kids! Because they are still pretty short, you don't have to worry about them standing up and hitting their heads.

This hack uses an old blanket or bedsheet, and suspends it in a corner high above. Then, you can toss lightweight things like stuffed animals to keep them off the floor. This would be perfect in a bedroom, a playroom, or even in the corner of a family room! It's super cute.

4. Use a curtain or shower rod to hold your jewelry.

Krazy Coupon Lady

I have a couple of tension rods that I'm always trying to find uses for in my apartment. Especially as someone who rents, I can't go about putting big holes in the walls.

If you have a curtain or tension rod on hand, you can use it to hang jewelry from it! You'll want to stock up on shower hooks for this one too! Thanks to the Krazy Coupon Lady for the suggestion.

5. Use a toothbrush travel case to store your cords.


First of all, I can NEVER remember to bring my phone charger cord with me, ever. I am always forgetting it, and regretting it as soon as I leave my house.

Maybe if it was stored in a travel case, I'd have a better time remembering to bring it along. Plus, it would be so much harder to lose if it was in a case like this! I'm into this solution from Hip2Save.

6. Turn a cheap laundry basket into a pretty rope basket.

I Heart Organizing

This project has been on my to-do list for about as long as I've worked at Diply (which is a year, today!), so I think it's about time I actually gave it a try.

In order to make this fun project, you're just going to need a laundry basket and some rope from the dollar store, as well as a glue gun. Seems pretty easy, doesn't it? Let's totally get to work and do it!

You would never guess this was straight from the dollar store, would you?

I Heart Organizing

Basically, you're going to want to glue the rope around the basket. Doesn't seem too difficult, does it?

And it's definitely worth it because the results are absolutely stunning. I am definitely impressed with the work I Heart Organizing put into this.

Whether you're planning on putting laundry inside, you want to store blankets, or you need a new home for your plants, this pretty thing is perfect for all!

7. Stack plates and pretty glassware to create a tiered bathroom storage space.

Liz Marie Blog

Honestly, my co-worker and I were just talking about how cute something like this would look in her bathroom! We saw a bunch of cake stands at the store, and she nearly got one. It'd probably be so much easier (and cheaper!) for her to make one herself.

The best part? If you'd rather use this as a cake or cupcake stand, you're totally cool. The world's your oyster! Major props to Liz Marie Blog for this smart hack.

8. Use a utensil organizer to store your bathroom products.

Families That Stick

We've already talked about how you can utilize your bathroom drawers to their advantage with plastic baskets, but what about with a utensil container?

It totally makes sense! I mean, you use one of these to organize your kitchen, so why not your bathroom, too? It's a great way to keep everyone's toothbrushes put away! I love this smart hack from the bloggers over at Families That Stick.

9. Turn a baking sheet into a magnetic note board for your desk.

Diply | Victoria Stacey

I actually use this hack every single day. It's currently hanging out on my desk pretty much exactly as you'll see it in the next photo.

You could use a baking sheet and magnets as your note board, but I wanted to get a bit more creative and added a few little personal touches.

So, I found some cactus themed paper, and a glue gun and got to work on it!

Adding some fun to the note board is actually super simple!

Diply | Victoria Stacey

I used hot glue to get the cactus-themed scrapbooking paper to stick to my baking sheet. This baking sheet was a smaller size meant for toaster ovens, but you could also get the bigger one if you needed more space.

Then I used a variety of my favorite magnets to add photos and notes to my note board! This guy rests perfectly on my desk and I love that I get to use it everyday.

10. Make your own lazy susan using marbles and a couple of cheap cake pans.

The Country Chic Cottage

I've always thought lazy susans were cool, but they are often outdated and don't fit in your home quite the way you might want them too.

So, I'm sharing this really cool DIY project that shows how to make your own using materials from the dollar store. This project also doesn't take that long, so you can get back to cooking instead of organizing real quick.

I'm still amazed at how well it worked!

The Country Chic Cottage

It might not look the coolest, but it definitely works for what you need!

If you really didn't love the metal look of the cake pans, you could definitely give them a nice coat of paint. I'm thinking something bright and colorful, or something matte and white. Your options are endless!

I'm pretty excited to give this DIY a try and see how the marbles work with the pans. Thanks to The Country Chic Cottage for sharing all the deets.

11. Turn your shower caddies into the perfect snack station for little ones.

One Crazy House

I am in love with the idea of utilizing shower caddies in unique ways. They're definitely a popular product for storage because they're so darn versatile.

Here, One Crazy House used them as movie night snack containers, which is adorable. They are the perfect copy of the kids meals at the movie theaters! If my parents gave me these as a kid, they would have definitely saved a ton on taking me to the theater.

12. Raid the dollar store storage section and use it in every nook and cranny in your house.


You don't actually have to get THAT creative with your storage hacks in order to find great solutions for keeping things organized.

Just browsing the dollar store storage aisle will give you a ton of great ideas. I probably have a cheap storage product from the dollar store in every room of my house, and I ain't ashamed one bit. I love how this Pinterest user organized their pantry using different items from the store!

13. Turn your spices into magnetics.

Hometalk | Engineer Your Space

You can get really cute spice jars from the dollar store that are perfect for this project! You're also going to need some magnets, but they're really easy to glue onto the backs of the jars.

What I love the most about this from Hometalk Engineer Your Space is that they used a pizza rack to act as a place to stick the magnetic spices! That's such a unique idea that I haven't seen yet!

14. Magazine racks can make a great place to store extra toilet paper rolls in your home.

Making Midlife Matter

I think we've all probably been there, we're visiting a home and the toilet paper runs out, but there's no extra rolls in sight.


Make sure your bathroom is stocked with all sorts of toilet paper. But where do you keep it that's cute, but won't also break the bank? Making Midlife Matter used a magazine holder to get the job done. Such a genius idea!

15. Add a strip of magnetic tape to your wall for metal items.

One Crazy House

I have used this hack in my house, and let me tell ya, it's seriously genius.

My bobby pins tend to end up all over the house, and my fiancé absolutely hates it. I guess I can't really blame them though, they really are ALL over the house.

But, when I added a strip of magnetic tape to my bathroom wall to hold onto metal items like bobby pins, all of a sudden they stopped appearing all over the house. Thanks to One Crazy House for the sweet idea!

16. Cooling racks can be used as organizers in tons of rooms in your house.

Hometalk | Hometalk Highlights

I've actually seen people use cooling racks as memo boards in their house. I have one at home that's perfect for that!

But, I am super into the idea that Hometalk Highlights had for ties in the closet.

You can just hang it on your wall and then hang your ties off of the rack. It's a simple idea that goes a long way when it comes to organizing and storing your accessories in your closet.

17. Turn a pot lid holder into a place to store clutches.

Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style

I'm not sure if you're sensing a theme here, but a lot of kitchen storage items work really well in other rooms in your house, too.

I didn't even know a pot lid storage holder was a thing, but it definitely works really well as a place to hold your clutches.

And not only does it keep them in one place, Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style found a way to display them so you always know your options.

18. Next time your clothes fall off the hanger, add a pipe cleaner to them to stop the clothes from falling off.

Diply | Victoria Stacey

Honestly, this happens to me ALL THE TIME. I've seen a few hacks that claim to stop your clothes from falling off the hanger, so I decided to give this one a try.

I was actually really impressed with the results, and I'll definitely be doing this to every hanger in my closet when I move this weekend. I mean, who's got time to pick up clothes off the floor all the time? Not me.

19. Glasses cases are the perfect size for holding small items, or cords.


Another random storage item that I wouldn't have thought of using in a million years. BUT, it turns out that glasses cases are the perfect places to stash small items you are worried about losing, not just your glasses.

I have owned A LOT of pairs of glasses in my life, so I have a ton of these kicking around. I guess it's worth trying out this hack from Hip2Save!

20. If you don't like what the dollar store has to offer, get crafty.

Instagram | @ourcraftymom

A quick coat of paint can upgrade plastic storage bins to match your decor. I loved this worn paint effect!

21. Storage containers are a pantry's best friend.

Instagram | @tracysimmons84

Get your pantry in tip-top shape with the help of some plastic buckets. You can even dedicate specific buckets for kids' snacks or for lunch prep.

22. Ladies, you're going to want to listen up.

Instagram | @makeup_organization

If you're looking for a great storage solution for your makeup brushes, a dollar store pencil case works like a charm. Plus, with the money you save, you can buy more makeup!

23. Don't be afraid to get creative.

Instagram | @karynhaydenjewelry

Who knew that a lipstick organizer would also be a great tool for drill bits or other tools. This is genius!

24. Here's another well-organized pantry.

Instagram | @aplacewecallhome2017

Store cereal, pasta, and baking supplies in containers from the dollar store. Mason jars and plastic containers work well to keep things organized.

25. Don't forget about storage under the sink.

Instagram | @eoab__

Use even those forgotten areas for some extra storage space. Never underestimate how much a small area can hold.