Stay Positive With 20+ Pics Of People Doing Nice Things

It's true, we have photographic evidence that good people exist and are out there, working away at making the world a kinder, gentler place. I know, it's corny, but there's still a place in life for good old-fashioned goodness, right?

Maybe it'll even inspire others to do more goodness too, who knows? Even if these folks only inspire smiles, they're still doing us all a favor, setting an example and reminding us there are good reasons to be positive about the state of the world.

The owners of a gas station like to put bird seed out for the local wildlife, which invariably turns out in force to share in the goodies.

Reddit | ItsMrMojo

I like how it looks like the squirrel is distributing the rations to the birds, like the big sister at a church picnic. Actually, I like that the squirrels and the birds can get along and not fight over the food, which is even better than some of the livelier church picnics I have attended.

This gaggle of happy folks are celebrating because they just finished raising a whole heap of money for a great cause.

Reddit | FRSh4rk110

At ZEvent 2018 — just the second year these gamers have come together for charity —a group of French gamers streamed themselves playing games marathon-style for 50 hours to raise money for Doctors Without Borders, and by the end, they had raised more than one million euros. In their first year, the group raised more than 500,000 euros for the French Red Cross, so they've come a long way already!

This kind restaurant makes paying it forward about as easy as it gets, with a community cork board of good deeds.

Reddit | scoobydrew9

Basically, you can pay for someone else's meal ahead of time, write down what you paid for on a note, and stick it to the board. Someone who can't afford a meal can then take a note off the board and exchange it for the meal that's you've paid for. It's anonymous, it's efficient, and it's kind, which is a recipe for success in my book!

Former Vice-President Joe Biden has been a success at many things in his life, but as a foster for a dog, he was the best kind of failure.

Facebook | Delaware Humane Association

After fostering this photogenic good boy named Major, Joe and his family just couldn't give him up and chose instead to adopt him.

Major was one of six puppies given to the Delaware Humane Association after being exposed to a toxic substance. Their care was costly, but skilled veterinarians and many loving people came together to get them well again, including the Biden family. And now they all have forever homes!

How many people out there would give up their own umbrella on a rainy day to save someone else's car interior?

Reddit | Killbona

Because this person noticed a window down in the parking lot and gave up their brolly. And sure, they took a pic of their handiwork afterward, but why not? Looks like they were trying to notify the driver that they'd find a random blue umbrella sticking out the passenger side window after work. Nothing wrong with a friendly heads-up!

A store owner in Istanbul likes to park his car with the back raised so this stray dog can have a nice, cozy place to curl up for a nap.

Reddit | Sebahattin_aka_sebo

I think it's great that he's cultivated such a personal connection with this stray dog and is willing to just keep the back of his car open for this dog. Can't think of many people who would do that! And to think there are some dog owners who won't even let their good boys up on the couch...

Workers at an auto shop were shocked to find this kitten hidden inside the engine of a car that came in for an oil change.

Reddit | various336

Of course, kitties like warm spots on cold nights, and that can often mean the engine block of a car that has been out on the road recently. It's not a good situation — many cats get injured when the car starts up again, so it's heartening to see this little cutie still in one piece and making friends. In fact, she ended up going home with the cashier!

When the weather turns cold, some kind-hearted person out there is looking out for chilly humans, too.

Reddit | MrsBurk

They spent their time, talent, and yarn knitting these scarves with the intent to just give them away, out in the open, where anyone in need can just grab them. Spreading both literal and figurative warmth is just about the best thing a person can do in the winter. Seen in Minnesota, this just further reinforces the whole "Minnesota nice" stereotype, which is perfectly fine.

A teacher, who must have been well aware of his students' inexperience behind the wheel, listed off some important reminders for the winter's first snowfall.

Reddit | minnivord

I love it when teachers look out for their students' well-being beyond their grades! And hey, I think we could all use a refresher after a long summer when we haven't had to worry about such things. The most important reminder, of course: "I like you, be safe." It always applies, no matter the weather!

You have to know there's one heck of a story behind this truck, with clear scorch marks down the side and a fire raging in the background.

Instagram | @the_pandra

This truck belongs to Allyn Pierce, a nurse in Paradise, California. He had almost made it out of the worst of the fire, then turned around to go back into town, back to the hospital. He and many other emergency workers treated townsfolk injured in the fire in the hospital's parking lot — and then on the helipad after the hospital caught fire — before fully evacuating and getting everyone to safety.

Many incredible stories of kindness have come out of the tragedy of the wildfires in California, like this kitty rescue.

Facebook | Ryan Coleman

Ryan Coleman, a firefighter on the scene of the Camp Fire, made a new best friend while out on the job, rescuing a grateful cat that seemed more than content to just hang out on his shoulder. In fact, it looks like that cat isn't about to leave his side, and can you blame it? That poor kitty probably hasn't felt so safe in a while.

This officer of the California Highway Patrol was in Paradise on the lookout for looters when he heard the faint cluck of a chicken.

Facebook | CHP - Oroville

Upon further investigation, he found a whole flock of chickens, which quickly surrounded him. He realized that they likely hadn't been fed or watered in some time, so he gave them what water he had and found some oatmeal and cereal nearby to feed them: "These chickens were sooooo happy to be fed and watered," he said in a Facebook post.

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri also showed up to the scene with a whole crew of helpers to feed hungry emergency crews working on the Camp Fire.

Twitter | @ButteSheriff

He takes some heat on social media from time to time, but Guy is all about giving back and supporting both emergency crews and people affected by tragedies. The Camp Fire is only the most recent example — when fires ravaged California's Sonoma County in 2017, he was there to help feed up to 5,000 evacuees every day, along with non-profit organization Operation BBQ Relief.

This garbage truck driver was out on his route when the order to evacuate went out in Magalia, California — which turned out to be a good thing for Margaret Newsum.

Twitter | @WasteManagement

At 93, Margaret needed some help to get to safety. Dane Cumming picked the right moment to pass by and noticed Margaret's predicament, so he helped her out, lifting her into his truck and driving her to a safe place. People like Dane make all the difference in an emergency!

For those who made it out but have little, if anything, to return to, this Home Depot in the area is providing sifters for free.

Reddit | goodlyearth

Which is both a generous gesture and incredibly sad at the same time. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to have to go to my home and literally sift through the rubble and the ashes for any keepsakes and mementos that might have made it through. And yet, I also couldn't imagine not doing that, either.

Okay, if you needed any evidence that parents will do absolutely anything for their kids, look no further than this sign.

Reddit | hass_bass

You'd certainly earn your Supermom cape just for putting it out into the world that you want to borrow an orange cat for an evening just to entertain your kids for a lasagna dinner. Either that's a commitment to happy kids or it's desperation to get them to try (and possibly even consume and enjoy) lasagna for the first time.

Not sure if there were just no seats left for this lady or if she just wanted to be as close to the action as possible, but this man taking a knee for her to sit is a true gentleman.

Reddit | AmieKinz

You have to hope that they found a more proper seat before long, however. That can't be entirely comfortable for either of them. Nevertheless, I'm sure she appreciated the help, and he doesn't look even a little bit unhappy with the arrangement.

This helpful fellow was out for a hike when he noticed a dog limping on its own, seemingly separated from its family.

Reddit | NedoCommando

So, naturally, he did what we all would do, and carried the poor pup on his back all the way to the start of the hiking trail to be reunited with his owners. Apparently, he lives with the caretakers of the land the trail is on and often trots alongside visiting hikers, but he was having a rough day.

That right there is just a portion of a happy Thanksgiving being prepared for 700–800 people in need in Texas.

Reddit | ajallee

Volunteers came together to cook 46 turkeys and all the trimmings ahead of Thanksgiving to make sure that the less fortunate have a hot, hearty meal. The same group is giving away more than 100 turkeys as well, and collecting donations of toys for Christmas, too. Frankly, that has to feel good for everybody involved, on both sides of the serving table.

No, this isn't a shipment for Walmart or Target, nor is any of this recovered stolen property — it's all donations.

Reddit | LitleBeauregard

Those bikes and the sacks filled with toys are all headed to needy kids for Christmas. That's a whole heap of smiles and joy waiting to happen, and it's all because of basic human kindness. Say what you want, but this season has to be the best season because it brings out so much goodness and so many smiles in just about everyone.

Of all the places for your ride to break down, the drive-thru lane isn't the worst, but it sure isn't convenient, either.

Reddit | jesikaway

So a few employees at this Chik-Fil-A helped her out, literally pushing her Jeep through the drive-thru, stopping to let her order, pay, and then receive her meal. Obviously, it's good business to keep your drive-thru lane clear, but at the same time, it was a nice thing to give her some help out of an embarrassing situation.

In Siberia, patrols often go out to make sure people haven't gotten themselves into trouble on the region's many frozen lakes.

Reddit | OMGLMAOWTF_com

This patrol happened upon a poor dog that had gotten itself into a super dangerous position, however, with its hind legs and tail beneath the ice. So the crew chipped the dog free and got him to safety, and word is that he made a full recovery, which is good news considering Siberia's harsh climate. And just look at that handsome face!

In Italy, an Ikea store has opened its heart and its doors to local stray dogs in winter, providing a warm, dry place to sleep.

Reddit | QuietCakeBionics

Apparently, the store's employees are fully on board with the pooches coming in from the cold, and it's quite possible that the strays aren't so stray anymore, with workers feeding and coddling them and even taking them home. They're a hit with shoppers, too — and couldn't we all use a nice doggy break while trying to navigate Ikea?

An absolutely adorable scene brought to you by some stone-cold professionals at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Reddit | MichaellaJane

At the Waterworld attraction, this little girl asked the stunt performers to join her for a tea party for her birthday. Not only did they not say no, but they joined in perfect, pinky raised form. Either these guys are dads, or they'll make good dads one day. Okay, so Waterworld wasn't the greatest movie of all time, but the performers are sure making up for it.

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