14+ Celebs Who Straight-Up Neville Longbottomed

Brittany Rae
Instagram | @markruffalo, IMDb

Puberty hits everyone differently. For some (like me), you go from a kid with straight across, "my mom cut these" bangs to...a woman who cuts her OWN bangs.

Unlike Matthew Lewis, known best as Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter, I did not get a celeb glo-up. So here's a list of people I'm jealous of who totally did.

1. Matthew Lewis

YouTube | Wizarding World shopping channel

I mean, it's called Neville Longbottom-ing for a reason (plus, that's way better than saying, "Yeah I rocked puberty, lol"). Look at that little baby face! Started from the bottom, amirite?

Now he's here

Instagram | @mattdavelewis

Yeah. If you need a minute, I do not blame you. Somehow that cute little cherub became this smouldering, tattooed dude who rocks a polo like it's his job. Maybe just like go check out his Instagram, if the spirit moves you.

2. Ariana Grande


I could not have guessed that the red-headed little angel on the right was Ariana. Mostly because I never watched Victorious, but also because there's no iconic ponytail in sight.

Thank u, next.

YouTube | extratv

Queen of the glo-up. Ariana not only became a massive global star, but an inspiration to people everywhere. She just can't lose, and that means all we do is win.

3. Mark Ruffalo

Instagram | @markruffalo

Excuse me, what? Are you telling me handsome as hell Mark Ruffalo was a dorky nerd like the rest of us? The brows, the braces — all of this is just a masterpiece of relatability.

Hulk handsome

Instagram | @markruffalo

There's the #Fluffalo we all know and love. It's kinda unfair how well he makes salt and pepper work for him, you know? Also is it obvious that I have a tiny crush on Mark Ruffalo? It's not, right? K cool.

4. Alexa Vega

YouTube | Movieclips Classic Trailers

Did anyone else have a huge obsession with Spy Kids when they were young? That movie was awesome. Alexa Vega is so cute and tiny in that movie, even though she also kicked butt at becoming a spy.

From Spy Kid to Spy Mom

Instagram | @vegaalexa

A freckled goddess! Alexa Vega totally grew up to be a beach babe, complete with a little baby named Ocean and a really cute life. Plus, she married Carlos Pena Jr. from Big Time Rush!

5. Abigail Breslin

Tumblr | abigailbreslinonline

Teeny tiny Abigail Breslin first came onto the scene in Signs, where she stole hearts with her tinfoil hat. Since then, she's become something of a household name — and face.

Effortlessly chic

Instagram | @abbienormal9

Now, she's a cool teenager with a gigantic filmography, an Oscar nomination, and a hit TV show — Scream Queens — behind her. Not bad for a teenager, and definitely more than I'll ever accomplish in life. Go girl.

6. Drake

Imgflip | Won Gotti Jonez

You had to see this coming. Baby Drake got his start on Degrassi, which as a Canadian I had no clue anyone but other Canadians actually watched. The world loves Degrassi. Guys, what's that about?

Champagne Papi

Instagram | @champagnepapi

Anyway, I think we all know how Drake turned out: 50 million Instagram followers, multiple hit albums, sold out tours, and a friendship with Rihanna that's so close that they have matching shark tattoos. Dope.

7. Dylan and Cole Sprouse

YouTube | BieberAndDisney

Now this is a throwback. Back in the golden age of the Disney Channel, Dylan and Cole were some of the most recognizable faces on the planet. You know, except for maybe the Olsen twins.

It takes two

Twitter | @colesprouse

Now, the twins have two totally different career paths. While Cole solves murders on The CW's Riverdale, Dylan owns a meadery (called All-Wise Meadery) in New York and tends to stay away from the spotlight.

8. Alfred Enoch


Dean Thomas! #1 Quidditch fan! Alfred Enoch (known then as "Alfie" in the Harry Potter days) got his start in the wizarding world, jumping from strength to strength after the franchise ended.

How to get away with glo-ing up

Instagram | @whitenblack

Alfred hit the American TV scene in How To Get Away With Murder, alongside the legendary Viola Davis. Now, he's back in London's West End and owning the stage next to Alfred Molina.

9. Hilary Duff

Disney Wikia

My childhood hero, tbh. Hilary Duff and Lizzie McGuire became fashion ICONS that were both untouchable and incredibly hilarious, in retrospect. Who else was doing half straight, half curled hair, complete with bangs and butterfly clips? I mean, really.

A millennial icon

Instagram | @hilaryduff

After her time on the Disney channel (and an album), Hilary stayed in the TV business and can now be found on Younger. She's also the mother of two kids, having just had her second baby. She's still my hero, y'all.

10. Brenda Song

YouTube | Farah Nafie

Idk how this became a The Suite Life of Zack and Cody article, but I'm gonna roll with it. Brenda Song stole the show as the uber-rich London Tipton. Like, fully stole it. And we all know it.

She carries a tune

Instagram | @brendasong

Brenda has been slaying constantly since then, appearing in big-time movies like The Social Network and high-profile TV shows like New Girl and Scandal. Also, she's dating Macaulay Culkin. So that's kinda super cool and random and awesome.

Zac Efron

YouTube | HSMmusicvideosHD

You saw this coming. I saw this coming. We all saw this coming. Zefron is the epitome Neville Longbottom-ing. I mean sure, he was cute with his floppy, dangerously-close-to-Bieber hair, but we all know what he looks like now.

Hi. Hello. Hey.

Instagram | @zacefron

Okay, so, you see what I meant. This is a glo. Up. If you need more proof, just go watch the new Baywatch and then get back to me. Plus, you'll get to see The Rock, and that's also always a good time. You're welcome!

12. Kylie Jenner

YouTube | toptenfamous

Kendall is also here, but her transformation isn't nearly as dramatic as Kylie's. While Kendall became a model, Kylie is almost unrecognizable as a beauty mogul and overall socialite and mom.

Keep up

Instagram | @kyliejenner

As part of the Kardashian clan, Kylie's rise to fame has been absolutely meteoric. She has over 100 million Instagram followers, her own cosmetics company, and a brand new baby. And she's only, like, 21. Humbling.

13. Ryan Seacrest

Men's Journal

This might be my favorite photo floating around on the internet. Ryan Seacrest looked totally different as a kid.

And he grew up to be easy on the eyes!

But if I were Ryan, I'd keep that framed school photo on my bedside table, just to remind myself how far I've come.

14. Megan Fox


Someone tell this little girl that she's going to grow up to star in some pretty major Hollywood blockbusters.

She's doing well for herself!

Instagram | @meganfox

These days, her three kids keep her pretty busy. She even sends them to vegan school!

15. Zooey Deschanel

Yearbook Library

It looks like Zooey has always rocked those doe eyes.

These days she looks the same...but different?

Sometimes it's all about finding the right hairstyle, isn't it?