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15 Pictures Of Ordinary Things That Left Us Kind Of Speechless

When I was first getting into photography, I would take photos of literally everything in my house. Seriously, I'd take photos of everything from close-ups of my brother's nose to soup cans in the kitchen.

I'd play with focus and composition, but I'd also be on the lookout for ordinary things that were just a bit different than usual. It's the little differences in perspective that really make things interesting, don't you think?

1. There isn't anything particularly special going on in this photo.

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But for a random alleyway in Seattle, it certainly has a special charm that an alley normally wouldn't have.

2. This aloe plant is like nothing I've seen before.

Reddit | namraka

I love all plants, but the way this one spirals around itself is certainly unique! I'll take one in my house, please!

3. Do you ever see something ordinary shaped like a heart?

Reddit | candles_in_the_dark

Whenever that happens to me, I always feel like it's serendipitous. This world needs a little bit more love, don't ya think?

4. Have you ever seen a two-toned pepper before?!

Reddit | blur_revision

I definitely haven't, and I'm very intrigued. Apparently, it's a chimera ghost pepper of some sort. Not only is the pepper two-toned, so are the leaves!

5. This is actually one of my favorite types of oranges!

Reddit | Gdlk_Abe

Cara Cara oranges have that reddish color you often associate with grapefruit, but are still super sweet. For some reason, this Cara Cara hasn't loaded completely yet!

6. This tree's roots are growing with the curve of the tiles around it.

Reddit | earthmoonsun

I've always found it amazing how nature adapts to its surroundings, and this is definitely no exception.

7. This oil somehow shaped itself into a perfect hexagon.

Reddit | davidob1

The story goes that the guy poured the oil into the pan and walked away. He came back to find it just like this. Pretty fascinating if you ask me!

8. This is certainly a unique way to see a balloon and nail together.

Organic Concrete | Organic Concrete

Idk how they did this, but it's freaking cool! There isn't much explanation behind this photo, so we'll just have to marvel at it instead.

9. What is this, a pineapple for ants?!

Rebrn | Rebrn

Derek Zoolander definitely would not have been impressed with the size of this pineapple, but I think it's totally adorable. Although it probably wouldn't taste too great.

10. This tomato appears to be made up of a bunch of tiny tomatoes!

Pikabu | Pikabu

It kind of looks like a weird alien organism, but I think it's probably okay to eat. I wonder if it tastes any different.

11. Did you know that male kiwis flower?!

Wikimedia | Wikimedia

Omg, I eat these every day! I honestly had no idea that kiwis could flower. It kind of makes me want to plant a kiwi tree on my balcony!

12. This poor little hedgehog has lost all his quills!

Imgur | zamfall

The rescue he is at hoped that he would grow them back, but so far, no such luck. Instead, they rub him daily with almond oil to keep his skin soft. He's still pretty adorable!

13. This is not your typical, everyday chicken's egg.

Reddit | acedece

They're actually hard-boiled penguin eggs! It makes you think about all the different types of eggs in the world. I've never seen anything like this!

14. Omg, it's crazy that I eat one of these every day!

Facebook | Pyanek

Macro shots are pretty freaking incredible. They give you a new perspective on things you see every day. Would you believe this is an apple?! Or more specifically, an apple stem? Amazing!

15. Here's another macro shot that really blew me away!

Macropins | Macropins

While it's just your average, everyday fork, it looks like something much more breathtaking than that! It almost has an eerie look and feel to it.

Isn't it amazing what a little perspective can do?

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