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15 Ridiculously Simple Lifehacks That Totally Work

There are a lot of lifehacks out there that really just don't work. But, there are a lot that actually do work! And sometimes they're just so simple that you have to give them a chance, just in case they are totally life-changing.

I have a growing list of hacks that I'm trying at home, and a lot of them actually work. I'm pretty impressed with how much easier, tidier, or downright better some hacks make my life. So, why not give them a try?

1. Pill bottles are great for upcycling, but getting those stickers off is a pain!

Reddit | brokenchemicalbonds

If you freeze the container, it makes the stickers so much easier to rip off the plastic.

2. Attach a magnet to your hammer so you don't have to balance a nail between your teeth.

Reddit | Ruki_iz_zho

This idea is so genius that hammer manufacturers should probably just make hammers with magnets attached.

3. Don't give up on the dream of crispy leftovers because you have to heat them up in the microwave!

Reddit | Reddit

You can use the toaster to crisp up your favorite snacks! I do this with leftover pancakes and waffles all the time.

4. I mean, if it works, it works?

Reddit | nintendoman11

As long as you don't forget about the carrot, this is actually a half-decent solution to not having a cork. Just don't leave it too long or you'll end up with a strange looking carrot and weird AF wine.

5. Guys, I am so here for this next hack!

Reddit | iAreOhBee

I usually eat anything that falls out of my tacos with a fork and knife, but this idea is honestly so much better. Pass the guac!

6. Chopsticks make eating Doritos (and Cheetos!) a lot less messy.

Reddit | SexyRodentMom5

This way you don't get cheese dust all over your hands. My boyfriend refuses to eat them any other way.

7. This is the ultimate hack to getting evenly buttered popcorn throughout your bag.

Reddit | dillhole73

Use a straw to pump butter down into the middle of the bag. You'll never eat movie popcorn another way again.

8. This is not a problem I often have, but it's one I've seen happen to many others.

Reddit | curmudge_john

Do you have a tendency to walk away from a pot while it boils because you just can't be bothered to wait around? This is the hack for you.

9. Looking for a cheap, yet chic way to host friends?

Reddit | bleuzizou

If you head to the tile section of any hardware store you can get some pretty dope tiles to turn into coasters and charcuterie boards for next to nothing.

10. Are you ever shocked at how hot your computer charger can get?

Reddit | gliese581z

You might as well take advantage of it! Keep that coffee you're always forgetting about warm by using the charger as a hot plate.

11. Toss a couple of dryer sheets into some stinky shoes.

Reddit | kaitfm

If you're a little self-conscious about the smell of your feet, or you have a roommate that needs to up their hygiene game, then this hack is all yours.

12. Utilize that weird piece of plastic from a pizza box as a phone or tablet stand.

Reddit | GowBeyow

Most people just throw these guys in the trash, or use them as tables for their Barbies. But they can actually be useful!

13. This is probably not the greatest long-term solution, but if you need to use your phone, it's good to know this works.

Reddit | K_Tenshi

If you don't have the necessary accessories on hand, this probably ain't that cheap.

14. Never worry about finding the end of a roll of tape again!

Reddit | randomusefulbits

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that finding the end of the roll is always annoying. Using a bread tab to keep tabs on the end is genius!

15. When you get change back from a cashier, wrap it in a receipt so the change doesn't roll around in your pockets.

Reddit | wonderingment

I usually do this out of sheer laziness, but I'll pretend it has a better purpose.

Let us know, are you a fan of these lifehacks?


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