15+ Situations That Need No Explanation

These situations need no explanation. This article needs no intro... shall we?

1. This celebratory cake seems like more than enough for the situation...

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2. Gently used you say? OK, no questions asked for sure! 

reddit | Cfx99

3. Sure, there are a lot of questions you could ask here, but let's just allow this tiger to feel his feels for us on the matter...

reddit | TheHighFlyer


reddit | bigpaul15

I used to be a father once, then I took an arrow to the friggin' chest!

5. Not sure if they started with the toilet and are building around it...?

reddit | pagegq

6. Don't know what brought her here, and at this point, I don't care!

reddit | Cutecat42

7. How? Just, HOW?!?!

reddit | blinkooo

Did he start and it melted? Did he hop over? Why? What? Huh? No. No, never mind.

8. Wuddup Gangsta???

reddit | professor_d00m

Look, I highly doubt that she chose the thug life...

9. Told you it'd get weirder and weirder...

Imgur | HarryBa11sach

Honestly, your guess is as good as mine on this one. No words.

10. We've all had those awkward prom photos, but seriously, what the—???

Imgur | Lentic

11. There's some sort of trouble either brewing or fizzling out...

Imgur | ScruffyTheJanitorYouKnowTheOneFromFuturamaYouKnewThatDidntYou

12. Giddy-up!

reddit | DanniMcBoo

At this point the fairy godmother's magic wore off and Cinderella was left with what she originally had...

13. #Hacktivism

reddit | cthulhu_bait

You know Hollywood is running out of ideas when Richard Gere teams up with Poochie.

14. Steven Spielberg was way younger than I thought when he made that movie

Imgur | biodan26

15. Remember when Tim Burton made that Doctor Seuss movie? 

reddit | anastasialeu

16. Apparently, insulation foam isn't just something you can throw in the dumpster.

Reddit | TELME3

It turns out that it just keeps puffing up and absorbing everything else into its blobby mass. At least it only trapped a bunch of trash this time, I guess.

17. Every pizza place has a deluxe option, but what do you do when someone wants literally everything on it?

Reddit | Bakkstory

Well, if you're this shop, you give them exactly that and charge them $46 for this bizarre experiment.

I think the only way to describe how this pizza tastes is "confusing."

18. I guess trying to see how many people can cram together in a narrow alley is just a thing that people do?

Reddit | DrFetusRN

I wouldn't have guessed that an event that seems like it could be described as "organized discomfort" would've attracted many takers, but here we are.

19. I like how this cat seems to be looking at us like it's saying, "What?"

Reddit | masterDE1111

After all, everybody hangs upside down from the unit that holds their curtains in place, right?

20. OK, this guy might be minding his own business too, but it's a little easier to see why this was so noteworthy.

Reddit | raccountusername

The fact that he's sitting on these eggs and the fact that we're not seeing yolk drip everywhere means this guy must have incredible balance and pressure sensitivity.

My respect may make him uncomfortable, but it's real.

21. So my understanding is that this cheese board was already in place before someone did this to it.

Reddit | chr1s344

So I can only assume that somebody attending this event was so inspired by their passion for crocs that they turned this cheese into a guerrilla art piece.

We live in a strange world, folks.

22. This isn't why I would suggest that it's a bad idea to enter an amusement park after closing, but I guess we can add it to the list.

Reddit | ApeCommando

Normally, I'd just assume that we might hurt ourselves on the equipment of something, but as long as keeping people away with the ghosts of mascots works, I don't see a reason to stop.

That is, until a certain group of friends and their talking dog shows up.

23. There are a lot of experiments I can't see myself volunteering for, and this is definitely one of them.

Reddit | therourke

That's especially true because I feel like I already know the results. Surprise, it's loud and super uncomfortable!

24. Of all the movies I expected to secretly be documentaries, this has to make the bottom of the list.

Reddit | ArmokPL

So a master chef rat was secretly planning this chef's creations all the time, too? Does that mean there's also a society of sentient cars somewhere?

Tell me your secrets, Pixar!

25. The black and white framing and the man's expression tell me this is a serious somber shot, but it's a little hard to feel that way.

Reddit | cunninglinguist666

I think you can now see why. You'd think the person in the unicorn suit would take the head off to complete the mood, but I guess they're just that much of a consummate professional.