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24 Genius Inventors Who Walk The World Among Us

Sometimes when you come up with an idea, you just have to throw it at the wall and see if it sticks, even if that idea is on fire and might burn your house down. No matter what, you just have to see it through to its natural, inevitable conclusion.

These folks weren't afraid to bring their ideas to reality. Maybe they should have been, but no, they went ahead without heed to questions like "why?" or "what if someone gets hurt?"

1. This is a mashup nobody asked for: a bike with a scooter replacing the front wheel.

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"If anything got stuck under the front wheel the whole thing would flip," said the inventor. "It took a great deal of finesse to operate. We had no intentions of it actually functioning, but we had to at least see if it was possible."

2. Lamps are pretty basic things usually used to bring light and warmth to a room.

Reddit | RaynieDays

Which is why it's always special when someone manages to give birth to a new nightmare with something so benign in purpose.

3. No mixer? No problem. Just stick your beater in your electric drill and go to town!

Reddit | pxxd

Why would you have a beater for a mixer but not an actual mixer? Don't ask questions, there's a genius at work!

4. Mailbox posts are a pain to put in — you have to dig a hole to drop your post in, put some concrete around it, and put your mailbox on top.

Reddit | Lotso_Packetloss

Who has time for all of that when you have crutches and a few cinder blocks?

5. Not every community is prepared for a snowfall, but the creative mind is prepared for anything.

Reddit | creepass

You might see a lawn mower and a satellite dish, but this guy sees a snowplow.

6. And not every vehicle is prepared for cold weather, so sometimes you have to improvise.

Reddit | codePudding

Not sure a wood stove is the best option, but you have to admit, it's original.

7. A fire extinguisher and rolling chair are for amateurs — leaf blowers and a cart are the next step-up.

Reddit | kivagod

Inquiring minds want to know, how fast and far can this thing go? "Faster than I can run, and about 100 yards, until it hit a fence and sent blowers everywhere. One battery is still missing."

8. Hey, a big job like cutting up a boiler doesn't have to be a tiring job when you have a pole, a saw, and some zip ties.

Reddit | electrickbob

Don't worry guys, he has his safety glasses on. It's all good.

9. When is a lawnmower not a lawnmower? When it's a lawn-chopper.

Reddit | Arctic_Scrap

If you've got a large lot to mow, you might as well do it in style. I hope John Deere is paying attention and launches a new line of Easyriders.

10. You might think these boots will take days to dry out properly, but this guy says, "Hold my sandwich."

Reddit | Reddit

And there's absolutely zero chance that this will burn out that little hair dryer's motor.

11. You have to admire this guy's ingenuity, I guess. Or at least his craftsmanship with his super bike, if nothing else.

Reddit | groundhogsaretheifs

Now he has twice the bike with half the usefulness.

12. Remote controls get lost in the couch cushions too easily, don't they?

Reddit | vande1310

So this guy rigged up an RC car's wheels to turn the knobs on his stereo instead. Won't lose that remote anytime soon!

13. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life takes your bricks, you make new bricks out of wood.

Reddit | dvan94

Yes, they're bricks. They even have "brick" written on them to make it all legit.

14. This one is actually pretty cool: using a mouse to control your touchscreen when it breaks.

Imgur | Studio595

Obviously it's not ideal to carry around a mouse with something that's supposed to be convenient, but at least it still works.

15. Absolutely desperate for space with no other options? Even then, it seems like tempting fate to install a washing machine over a toilet like this.

Reddit | CareerSavingAccount

I really just hope this place has a second bathroom.

16. When you have to get to work but you fear the imminent outbreak of a zombie apocalypse, this is your go-to ride.

Reddit | SuramKale

Until then, you miiiiight get a ticket.

17. We've all dreamed of living in an apartment building with a pool, but rarely is it a reality. 

Reddit | sweepminja

It sucks, but the makeshift balcony pool with a tarp is just asking for trouble.

18. Why didn't anybody notice how similar a hose nozzle was to a showerhead earlier?

Reddit | cementsnowflake

This guy just needs a rubber band to keep the handle down and he's in business.

19. This might not be the most secure car modification we've ever seen, but it sure is different.

Reddit | CNshark

And who knows, maybe it would even end up being a good theft deterrent, because who would want that?

20. Door handles must be all the rage right now if people are adding them to cell phones. 

Reddit | readball

See, the handheld grip of old-school phones is still desirable — desirable enough to ruin a cell phone's ability to slide easily into your pocket, apparently.

21. Child-proofing the house is always a great idea — safety first! — but you have to do it right. 

Reddit | Reddit

Mocking up your own safety devices might not be the best plan. A for effort here, but I'm not convinced it would stand up to the test of determined little fingers.

22. They say necessity is the mother of invention, but I want as few details as possible about what necessitated this invention.

Reddit | ZombieLibrarian

What do I want even less than that? The need to ever use it.

23. You know, assuming you give it a good, thorough scrubbing...

Reddit | Ralph-Hinkley

No, wait, nope. Great concept, using the tank for a cooler and the bowl for the barbecue pit, but I still wouldn't eat a butter-brushed rib-eye off that grill.

24. Now we're talkin'! If I ever have mobility issues, this is definitely how I want to roll: in the lap of reclining luxury.

Reddit | TheContrarian2

In fact, even without mobility problems, I'd still happily show off what a lazy boy I am.