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24 People Who Really Need A Lesson In Photoshop

It's no secret that most photos we see these days are retouched. There's a lot of pressure to look perfect, and a lot of people feel the pressure to fit ideal beauty standards.

And with special apps and programs, editing photos is as easy as a tap of a button. But just because it's easy, doesn't mean that everyone is good at it...

If you're going to retouch your photos, be sure to learn from these amateurs' mistakes! And maybe get a second opinion before you's easy to go overboard.

1. This woman who's been working really hard on her summer bod. 

Reddit | battering-ram

This is every girl on Instagram who says her photos are 100% real. The editing is a touch unnatural, but I'm sure she'll do better with the next one.

2. This company that's trying to sell screens for doorways.

Reddit | valerieeesmith

Buy this screen for your doorway, it protects you against almost everything...just not giant babies! Something is definitely fundamentally flawed in this advertisement.

3. The person who was tasked with editing this advertisement.

Twitter | @psdfails

Realistic? We think not. Her waist is literally the same size as her ankle. Whoever Photoshopped this needs a lesson in anatomy...NO ONE looks like this!

4. This person who couldn't afford to pay models.

Reddit | superlazyninja

If the top photo didn't tempt you enough, the seller added a second to show you what they look like IRL. It's not a party until the LED glasses come out.

5. The editor who put this ad layout together. 

Reddit | wiladin

Plot twist! Slenderman is actually a woman. I'm not exactly sure what this advertisement is selling. It might be a waist trainer for your thighs because she sure does have legs for days.

6. The person who thought this looked good enough. 

Reddit | Gussaroo

West Side Mall is giving Mall of America a run for its money with some new updates. Unfortunately, while they do offer internet, it doesn't look like they offer any graphic design services.

7. The person who thought this looked natural. 

Reddit | JustGamble

If you haven't been getting into hot tubs this way, then you're doing it wrong. Once you try it, it's the only way...just know that you might seriously hurt yourself.

8. The friends who just wanted to look cool. 

Reddit | Missingpotato

I'm not sure if friend numero uno wanted more muscles or if the second friend wanted to be thinner. But does it really matter? Either way, the outcome was so not subtle.

9. The designer who was just trying to save a couple of bucks.  

Reddit | Erika_trevino

When a design company says they can save you money by reusing old stock photos, ask them what they mean first because you might get something like this...

10. This innocent man who just wanted to look jacked.

Reddit | MaxDivision

His legs could use a lot more (Photoshop) work. Someone ought to tell this boy that he's got to start working out both arms if he wants a swipe right on Tinder.

11. The person in charge of Dunkin' Donuts' graphic design.

Reddit | normie_ben

Superimposing coffee and donuts into an office and making it look natural can't be easy, but I think a head-on photo of coffee and donuts would have sufficed.

12. The momager of the century, Kris Jenner. 

Imgur | 14344abcdefg

Not only is she a master of plans, she's a master of deception. If I hadn't seen an original of this photo, I would have never known a difference. They're smoother than butter.

13. The person who missed or just didn't care about extra hands. 

Reddit | star_captain_toaster

They put some real truth in the line, "Get noticed for who you are, not what you look like." This guy has four hands and even he found happiness.

14. This guy who was just trying to impress his Instagram followers. 

Reddit | whatwhatwhatwaht

You don't need to pretend to drive a fancy car to impress anyone. If really want to impress, just don't wear socks and sandals! Or in this case, sock and sandals.

15. This woman who is really trying to sell waist trainers. 

Reddit | russianr0ulett3

Props to her editing skills — actually, though! I'm impressed by how subtle the warping in the door and wall is. If she taught classes, I'd take them.

16. This woman who recently became single.

Reddit | cassanaya

Why stop at the sneakers, though?

He might have lied and cheated throughout their entire relationship, but she never had anything against those fly kicks.

17. This is a whole lotta wrong.

Reddit | NEVERxxEVER

Just when you think Hobby Lobby is your local, innocent crafts store, they do this.

Come on, guys! That is not the man she married!

18. This guy, who's just trying to get a right swipe.

Reddit | Dodger101

We've all been there. You take a great body shot, but your face is a little off.

At least he matched his hairline up pretty well.

19. This flying carpet which is supposed to be your average, stationary picnic.

Reddit | cassanaya

It's one thing to try to fabricate a picnic, but it's another thing to entirely cut off people's legs.

20. These people, who definitely don't work at Walmart or Ikea.

Reddit | veganvega

And those boxes, which in all likelihood are not from Bonobos or Task Rabbit.

This photo is just full of lies.

21. Is this ad selling a bagel slicer or two magical floating hands?

Reddit | cassanaya

Because if it's the latter, then this is a wicked ad.

Sheesh, here we were thinking disembodied hands only existed in The Addams Family.

22. Should we have ever been given the blur tool?

Reddit | wonderbooty911

As the human race, do you think we were ready? Or do you think it was too much power, too much temptation for us to handle?

23. These kids have no idea they're eating KFC.

Reddit | SomeoneStopMePlease

Poor photoshopping aside, in what reality would one person have an entire plate of just KFC fries?

For that matter, who would fill their plate with 12 pieces of chicken? KFC's just making them look greedy AF.

24. This photographer who is definitely a professional. 

Reddit | empress_of_pinkskull

It's not what they were expecting when they decided to get their family portraits done...but hey, $250 isn't a bad price for a lifetime of laughs.

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