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16 Pictures That Hurt Your Head, Your Mind, And Your Brain

I spend a lot of time looking through funny pics on the internet. I mean, that's pretty much my job, right? But every now and then, I come across something that just breaks my brain.

Whether it's an optical illusion, a perfectly timed photo, or just a cluster-what of ridiculousness, I thought I might need some help with these.

So let's take a look and see if we can't get our brain juices flowin'!

1. Can someone give her a hand, please?

Reddit | AlxRose

Like, honestly — she has a foot for a hand, right? I guess it could just be the angle of the photo, but that's way less interesting.

2. Huston, we have liftoff.

Twitter | @fitmikky

This li'l bud is actually catching some air! Just like that one famous dog, Wishbone. You did get that there's a dog in this cup, right?

3. Oh, look at little Miss Popular over here.

Reddit | Bloodfeastisleman

Wait, which one is it? 'Cause I swear the lady on the left is in a black dress. But nope, wrong again!

4. "I'll take one tree, to go, please!"

Reddit | [deleted]

I know some people like to be extra these days, but legit lugging a luscious fern around with you is over the top.

5. Two cars, one spot.

Reddit | [deleted]

Oh wait, wrong again! You know, as far as ads go, I don't mind this one. It's clever and not nearly as annoying as those five seconds wasted on YouTube.

6. At first I was like, "huh?" but now I'm like "whaaa?!"

Reddit | swimshoe

'Cause that's not a reflective lake! This is a tipped over tree, believe it or not. Camera tilted sideways, smh.

7. Breathe it in, girls! 

Reddit | mister-e-account

When your friend asks you to make sure her hair smells okay, you step up! What are friends for if not to have your back like that?

8. LOL, pee!

Reddit | CptSandbag73

Oh wait, nope. If you look close enough, this is just a reflection of some chairs. I was wondering why he was so happy about this sticky situation.

9. Dude walks into the barber like, "You know the universe?" Barber says, "say no more, fam."

Instagram | @memes

Seriously, I've seen some tight fades in my time, but that's trippy AF, man.

10. Looks like big trouble on the high seas.

Imgur | Guss81

Or, you know, just one of the coolest kites ever made. And I'm a 30-year-old white man, so I know a lot about kites.

11. Looks like something out of a Tom Cruise disaster flick.

Reddit | Isai76

But again, it's just an illusion. The sun is actually creeping out of a cloud crack like a wet fart.

12. Probably the quickest way to get your makeup on point.

Reddit | TeKaeS

Easy, breezy, beautiful, cover girl. Like, literally. Although, maybe she's just using this magazine to block the smoke from her charming companion there.

13. I wonder if this guy owns a pirate kite, too.

Instagram | @thefunnyintrovert

Never mind the guy over his shoulder lookin' like a parrot, I wanna know why he's pinching that fish's mouth.

14. Suuure, I 'membah!

Twitter | @michal97x

I never quite knew what to do with those bead game things, but every doctor had them and we did our best to keep entertained however we could.

15. This doggo has a bright future as a magician's assistant.

Reddit | esquonk

They should name their act "Pen and Old Yeller." That ought to fetch them a spot at a club, but the pay is ruff.

16. And lastly, this one legit took me forever, and now I need to nap and rethink my life.

Twitter | @meanpIastic

This was the pic that started it all. Seriously, I looked at this thing for half an hour before I got it. Good luck.