Quotes About Husbands That Hit Way Too Close To Home

Married life can be quite an adventure, filled with ups and downs and some pretty entertaining stories.

For those of us who have husbands, there are just some...let's say, common trends that hit way too close to home when it comes to being booed up with a man, and we've decided to share some of them. Enjoy!

"They're such amazing listeners," said no wife ever.

While women aren't the only ones with husbands, the ones that do have them, notice they usually have something in common; they have to repeat themselves a lot.

Whether it's just a generic conversation, a set of directions, a request or even gossip, sometimes it all just goes in one ear and out the other.

They try to be good planners.

While no one is perfect, sometimes husbands take a while to get with the program, especially if it's planning out logistics with the kids.

Things seem to start off well but somehow become just a tad counterproductive sometimes.

They even occasionally try to get down to business.

There are the things that some husbands think their wives want and then the things that their wives actually want, and perhaps one day those stars will align.

They seem to have good intentions.

While it sounds wonderful in theory, most wives know that their husbands offering to make dinner will result in more trouble than it's actually worth, because they'll have to do all the work.

It's usually a matter of wives just making dinner anyway or a good idea to suggest ordering something instead.

Let us know in the comments if any or all of these quotes resonated with you or any of the husbands you may know out there.

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