20 Weird Discoveries That We'd Love To Get An Explanation For

Have you ever gone sight-seeing? Have you ever gone sight-seeing by accident? You know, stumbling across something wild enough to leave an impression, but it's not an actual landmark or local staple.

That's what the images on this list feel like, just absolutely weird sights that we'd love to get an explanation for.

"Life sized Sully and Mike Wazowski as neighbors."

That's pretty interesting for the two seconds before you realize how terrifying it is.

"A small face hidden on a wall in Colorado."

Now you're fully equipped to scare anyone who comes to check your meters away from your home forever.

"Mailboxes amirite?"

I'm trying to imagine the type of person who would want this, but all I can picture is a monstrous being. I guess that still checks.

"Saw some rings in the sky on my walk."

Is this a natural formation? Probably. Am I going to convince myself it was aliens anyway? Oh, you bet I am.

"My dad found a ~20 year old banana in his coat pocket."

The question of the hour is how did your dad have a banana in his coat pocket for 20 years without noticing?

"This clock put 6 and 7 at basically the same point."

These 'deconstructed' clocks are never worth it! They just look broken and make my brain hurt.

"This bumper sticker I passed walking in my neighborhood."

Life is about finding things to be proud of, even if it's...this.

"Apparently it will be used as a cooler to keep drinks cold."

That sheep does not look stoked about his new job. Chin up, bud, you'll move up in time.

"Found an Escapee."

Chicken aside, you're telling me the first thing your order when you go to McDonald's is a medium water? Who are you?

"Weird reflection makes man look like a ghost."

Do you have any evidence that he wasn't a ghost? Unless you made physical contact and proved he was corporeal, you never know.

"This yearbook, seemingly entitled 'FBUE ZAER', that is the most horrifying thing I have ever seen"

They sold this thing to kids? Well, teenagers presumably, but still, kids?

Twin Guardians.

That basement looks terrifying. Maybe you should heed their warning and spend your day elsewhere.

"[These] are right next to the stairs in my school."

Stairs, the sequel! Now with no handrail and twice the steepness for extra difficulty.

"Every homeowner's dream: rippout carpets and finding wood floors!"

Nothing like some original wood roads to really change the feel of a parking lot.

"I'll just go in the front door ... or not."

If they use that side door as a front door, whatever, but it's the fact that a ghost of a front door is still there. Why did they remove it? What did it do?

"Please leave my ankles alone."

If we all know the magic word then it's not really a problem, is it? Let her do what she wants.

"The Duke boys are at it again."

Either the driver or the snowplow got that car up there, and either way, I'm impressed.

"Ballroom where everyone downstairs can see up your skirt."

Did they ever consider putting a carpet down? Or simply not designing it like this?

"This thing... We got from a gender reveal party."

Good news! I couldn't find a single lead on what this could be. Now we all get to sit with this mystery forever.

"I was driving though the backstreets and saw this in someone’s yard."

A flatbed trailer? Those are usually parked somewhere so I guess it's kind of weird, but it's not like they're uncommon.

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