20 People Who Are Working On Another Level

Practical problem solving skills are highly coveted in all areas of life. In work, personal life, relationships, everywhere! Those capable of coming up with simple, effective solutions are truly at the top of their game.

But what about those who think a little more creatively? In this list, we'll be witnessing some true out-of-the-box thinkers, people who are working on another level.

"Something easy fellas."

Forget fitness gurus this guy's truly using his body to its fullest potential.

"Books-A-Million puts a slip of paper under the stickers on their books to prevent sticker residue being left on the covers."

If this doesn't get implemented everywhere immediately, I just might snap. I'm so tired of scrubbing sticker residue. So tired.

"Chinese restaurant included negative reviews on their flyer."

Reddit | TheMuffinMan347

Keeping themselves humble and letting you make an informed decision. Great business practices here.

"[...] when the mug is perfect but needs a handle."

I...I guess. I guess. It works but I'm mad that it works.

"I’m no MacGyver but I do what needs to be done [...]."

Simple, effective, and can be made with things many people have laying around. This is peak lifehack.

"Zip tie connecting the strap to the neck, a pick made from an old gift card, and a capo made from a pencil and a clamp. I was 14."

A triple whammy and a reminder that we were all more resourceful at fourteen.

"How this cookie monster mug has a built-in cookie holder."

I never knew that this was something I wanted in a mug, but now that I've seen it, it's a necessity.

"This throwing knife passed through another."

Here's hoping you bought lottery tickets too. And called your mom. Not for the luck, just because it's nice to.

"I don't know why someone spent the time on this railing in the basement of the house I rent, but I'm glad they did."

This looks like some kid's dream race track for their mini cars. No need to build a course when your house is the course.

"These particularly well-organized McNuggets I received with my lunch order."

Something about them being organized makes them seem fancy. These aren't chicken nuggets, they're pan-fried, seasoned chicken cutlets.

"3 in 1 sink that I've found on a rest area somewhere in Missouri."

Love the idea, but that sign feels like an infomercial. I didn't even know that was possible.

"The dog on this Mack fire truck is wearing a fire suit."

Well, duh. He's a firefighter, you can't really forgo your uniform in that profession.

"Coffee mug is a miniature [carafe]."

All the carnal pleasure of drinking right from the carafe without the immediate shame.

"I still stub my toe but wrapping the bed frame wheel with a towel to use as a cushion helps alleviate some of the pain."

Another solution that seems so simple yet never thought of. A beacon of hope.

"Redneck first aid."

That probably stays on way better than most band-aids anyway.

"My local grocery store has motion sensors in the elevator for pushing buttons."

A grocery store with multiple floors? My suburban soul can't even begin to imagine what that's like.

"My Lipton tea came with a teacup shaped teabag holder."

More evidence that 'normal thing, but smaller' is always so, so cute cute.

"I stacked 65 jenga blocks on one block."

I refuse to believe that this was done without the aid of super powers or super glue.

"If your laundry basket is too full, use an old shirt you dont wear often as a lid to help keep clothes from falling as your carrying it."

Great idea, but I live in a building with shared laundry, and I don't need to draw more attention to how long I put off doing it this time.

"Bitcoin mining rig being used to heat the house."

Now, this is some high-level multitasking. That system may as well do something of use besides sit there all day.

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